Israel, Like the Nazis, Values “Postenpflicht” by Publius Tacitus


While you might be inclined to think that my title is a cheap shot, it is not. It is a disgusting reality. Postenpflicht was part of a written order for the SS guards in German concentration camps during World War II:

It required SS guards to shoot prisoners who tried to escape or engage in resistance and to do so without verbal warning or a warning shot. This was relevant for example regarding the so-called "death strip" next to camp fences. The area next to these fences was off-limits and anyone getting too close to it was, in accordance with the Postenpflicht, killed without warning.

73 years since the Nazis were defeated we are witnessing the Israelis shooting largely unarmed protestors for having the audacity to approach a border fence:


Israel's use of live fire (ball ammunition) has drawn international criticism but the Israeli government says it is protecting its borders and takes such action when protesters come too close to the border fence.

The Israeli military said that around 3,000 Palestinians were involved in the latest protest, and that its troops responded "with riot dispersal means and are firing in accordance with the rules of engagement."

The UN had a different take on the events:

“Shocking killing of dozens, injury of hundreds by Israeli live fire in must stop now. The right to life must be respected. Those responsible for outrageous human rights violations must be held to account. The int'l community needs to ensure justice for victims” – .

Israeli propaganda is the order of the day. Netanyahu and his thugs (the IDF) insist they are an innocent party being attacked by wild terrorists intent on raping Jewish babies. But the facts on the ground are otherwise. It is not Hamas who is shooting unarmed children. That is the Israeli military. If Israeli citizens embrace this outrage then they are trampling on the memory of those who died in the Holocaust. Instead of two SS guards tossing an inmate's cap into the death zone along an electrified fence and ordering him to retrieve it, Israeli teenagers, wearing uniforms and carrying assault rifles, joke and laugh as they pick up an unsuspecting target to shoot. When Israel began  to act like the Nazis its soul was lost.

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