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The UN International Court of Justice will issue its order January 26 on South Africa’s complaint against Israel about genocide in Gaza, Palestine

By Robert Willmann The International Court of Justice (ICJ), part of the United Nations organization, is going to make public a decision and opinion on Friday, 26 January 2024, at 1:00 p.m. Netherlands time (6:00 a.m. central time). The case … Continue reading

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Mearsheimer On Gaza by Walrus.

Just so we are clear about this, Israel is engaged in genocide in Gaza. True friends of israel cannot let this pass without acknowledgement. I class John Mearsheimer as a true friend of Israel for speaking out. To paraphrase Noel … Continue reading

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We (NPR) were interviewing a Palestinian farmer. Then the drone and soldiers appeared.

WEST BANK – There are days when you head out to report a story, and you think you know where it’s going. And then it spins in an entirely different direction. This is the story of one such day last … Continue reading

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Nasrallah Is Angry by Walrus.

Just listened to the Al Jazeera live translation of Nasrallahs speech. My take ,- not necessarily accurate: Message to Israel and the U.S: 1. End it, right now. Or else, This battle is different. 2. Any attacks on Lebanon will … Continue reading

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Bibi must go

Joe Biden and top aides have discussed the likelihood that Benjamin Netanyahu’s political days are numbered — and the president has conveyed that sentiment to the Israeli prime minister in a recent conversation. The topic of Netanyahu’s short political shelf … Continue reading

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Continuing provocations in Jerusalem

” … a fragile ceasefire holds in the besieged Gaza Strip, days after the end of a brutal 11-day Israeli bombing campaign that killed at least 248 people, including 66 children. An Israeli police crackdown on worshippers at the Al-Aqsa … Continue reading

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Sheikh Jarrah

“The Israeli foreign ministry has described what is happening in Sheikh Jarrah as a real estate dispute. Four Palestinian households are facing immediate eviction (there are at least 27 families in similar battles) to make way for the right-wing settler … Continue reading

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The “dogs” have teeth.

Comment: I have worked on the Palestinian/Zionist issue for about 45 years. I was head of US MI/IDF General Staff liaison for seven long, long years. I long ago gave up any hope that the two groups could live together … Continue reading

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And now, Hizbullah will have even better weapons

“Iran has recently made significant advances in the development of its weapons industry, including precision-guided rockets and missiles, cruise missiles and drones. Israeli intelligence has observed a leap in Iranian capabilities, which are now being extensively distributed to other parts … Continue reading

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Gulfies on the Temple Mount? Haaretz

"When Israel and Bahrain announced the normalization of relations, their joint statement included the affirmation by Israel affirmed that "all Muslims who come in peace may visit and pray at the Al-Asqa Mosque."  The Old City of Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa … Continue reading

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