Joe Biden faded before our eyes.

“Start with the utterly bizarre “mask theater.” All the politicians in the room have been fully vaccinated, and Biden’s own CDC says that’s enough. So why the universal masking, and the social distancing? The message, cutting across the president’s occasional optimism, was that this nightmare will never end — which simply isn’t true.”

“Equally, obviously false was Biden’s now-routine effort to claim all the credit for successful vaccinations: All that was set in motion before he took office.

Then he moved into a series of disjointed claims about his “American Families Plan” that barely tracked, even though he was reading a prepared text.”

It seemed like he was just skipping whole paragraphs and even pages. You could see even Democrats wincing above their masks.

He tossed in a few blatant whoppers, like his repeated claims that economists “left, right and center” agree his program will work just as he says.”

“Then, bizarrely, he wandered into something like a State of the Union speech, ticking off mostly vacuous sales pitches for a host of bills he’d like Congress to pass.

Mixed in were lies about how he’d solved the border crisis as vice president, plus vague waves at a foreign policy (and trade: He talks “buy American” as much as the guy he replaced) and some noise about being tough militarily when the Defense Department is about the only federal agency he doesn’t want to spend more on.” NY Post

Comment: Joe faded away before our eyes. Heavily rehearsed and pumped up on whatever it is, he began after a while to stumble over words and wander about in his teleprompterized script. Yes, even the Democrats looked distracted by all the drivel, drivel that promises a sugar high of pseudo-money followed by strangulation of the economy through confiscatory taxation. Do these people who through some strange process gained control of the country, know no economics at all?

IMO the Bidenistas are going to eventually have problems with the military. Even the collaborationists, Milley and SECDEF looked profoundly uneasy. It was clear to me that CJCS just wanted to get in his staff car, and go home to Ft. Myer.

A purge of conservatives from the military is underway. A similar process is being undertaken in France. Good luck lefties! Good luck! pl

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  1. Le Comte says:

    Jean-Marie Le Pen has been totally correct on many issues in France.

  2. J says:


    Seems that the Biden personas now have us Rural American Trump supporters in their sights.

    There have been some IMO disturbing things taking place out of the limelight and out of the MSM press, regarding the supposed withdrawals from Afghanistan. DoD had two portable incinerators designed to dispose of both trash as well as human remains if needed in the Afghan-Iraq theater, were shipped out of Afghanistan and parked next to Joint-Base San Antonio, and Ft. Bliss. Here’s a backgrounder on the incinerator in question, and will be expounded on this shortly:

    Two of the States that the Biden group has in its sights as a threat to them are Oklahoma and Texas.

    Biden’s new Marxist Attorney General Merrick Garland is actively working on a law under the guise of domestic terrorism that they’ll eventually use against Rural Americans and other Trump ‘Deplorables’ who DOJ can easily carve out a new label for under their Unconstitutional ‘laws’.

    Now back to the two portable incinerators parked next to Joint-Base San Antonio (JBSA) and Ft. Bliss, the incinerator system fits in two shipping containers for easy deployment. These two bases were set up to house new immigrant children back in March by DHS, but sat imaging have shown no children housed there. Most were fast tracked out as quickly as possible.

    Both bases JBSA and Ft. Bliss can easily be turned into internment camps to house Americans who Biden and Merrick have declared war on. Some would refer to them as ‘concentration camps’, where internment camps is the PC term. In cattle country I grew up as child a few miles away from a former Army Air-Force Base that was used as a German POW internment camp thorough out WWII. Armed Military Guard patrols, constant monitoring by Guard towers with machine guns, barbed wire, etc.. One way in, no way out.

    Biden and his go-along-to-get-along CJCS and OSD droids, their actions now begin to make sense their ‘urgency’ to get rid of all of those independent thinking/Constitution loving/Trump supporting members of the Armed Forces. So that all that’s remaining will be those who will blindly do their orders and turn the sword of war inwards on Civilian Americans. And that’s where the incinerators use will come in.

    • Tess says:

      The same kind of lwas is being passed throughout the whole West…

      In Germany against pandemic negationists or critics of vaccines it has been invented a new terrorist charge…

      That there seem to be nazis proper amongst those opposed to unconstitutional measures tried to be made permanat, does not imply everybody who disssents is a nazi or an enemy of the state or the constitution.

      That in name of defending the Constitution are those who just jumped over it, by their intent on creation a two tier society with citizens previously compliant with their obligations being demonized and soon to be declared outlaw, just for asking for their basic rights back, is a bad sign which we should preview when the same governments supported the nazi coup in the Ukraine.

      All the people opposing lockdowns and unending jabs, as well as the coming requisition through so called Great Reset ( go preparing for the year of the cyberattacks pandemic, next cyber blackout exercise planned for July, Schwab dixit…) will be labeled as nazis, while the real nazis walk free in the Ukraine, the same way AQ and IS walk free in the whole Middle East and half of Africa..all under their funding and training…

      I have the hunch that on the alibi of a pandemic cyberattack, all the banking records will be deleted, erasing this way all the unpayable debt…but also all the assets…Those found in a fifty-fifty situation, will not mind, unless for the little detail that the next dollar they will receive, it will com from the government, and thus will come with pre-conditions, that is unending jabs, lockdowns, no opinion, critic or complain, eat what and when they order, and so on…

      All who now obey thinking that that way they will recover normality do not know what kind of dictatorship they are legitimazing.

      Go booking a room with good views in the Gulag…

  3. J says:

    Scott Ritter has an interesting write-up

    US’ new Foreign Malign Influence Center is just official cover for American intelligence interference in domestic politics

    This overuse of the term ‘interference’ and the NEW Foreign-Malign-Influence-Center has John Brennan’s fingerprints all over it through his quisling Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines.

    • Donbass Lives Matter says:

      First they came for the Russians, then they came for the people marginally associated with the Russians, then they came for the people who said things similar to what the Russians said…

      Something tells me that AIPAC will not be monitored by this center at all.

  4. Tess says:

    Asked why Biden was the only one wearing a mask during the past Climate Summit, which was a telematic meeting, Jen Psaki, the new cookie woman, answered it was for “sending a message to the world”…

    Well, as you catch sooner a liar than a crippled man/woman, if that is so, why is that Biden is not wearing a mask in the photo above…to send a message to America..?

    Photo, btw, which reminds of the “Hunger Games” aesthetic

  5. Tess says:

    Wondering when the memorial to the Scholls will be desecrated…

  6. English Outsider says:

    Colonel – that was an astoundingly ungenerous speech. Not merely towards the previous administration, but towards the thousand upon thousands of men and women who worked flat out to accomplish Operation Warp Speed.

    Outside America at least I come across the recognition in many quarters that that feat of development and scaling up to production was pretty special. But no such recognition in that speech. Merely because a hack politician who has become your President wishes to claim the credit for himself. There is, there must be, an automatic sympathy when one watches a man driving his failing powers to the limit in order to fulfil the duties of his high office. That sympathy evaporates when the most those failing powers are capable of is demonstrating such littleness of spirit.

  7. Seward says:

    “… sugar high of pseudo-money followed by strangulation of the economy through confiscatory taxation …” — seems unlikely to make it through Congress, given the Majority lead of only a three seats in the House, and one in the Senate (including the Vice President to break ties). Also, Senate rules still permit filibusters for ordinary legislation, requiring 60 votes for action. (The filibuster rule could be easily changed by the so-called “nuclear option,” as it was for judicial confirmations; but the Majority is reluctant to do so, because they might need it when they’re a minority again; also some of their members might not support the change — the Senator from West Virginia, for instance.)

    • Fred says:

      You have not been paying attention to all the ‘reconciliation’ talk the left has been gaslighting us all with for weeks.

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:


        Excellent point. Gaslighting is a major form of maskarova with the democrats; leave you waiting for the followthrough which never comes while they plow full steam ahead toward their objectives.

  8. J says:

    This is happening in Texas, the assault against those who are opposed, in fear of, and question the Covid jabs, are stuck between keeping their jobs and not being fired by their employer, or the potential loss of their lives as a result of the Covid jabs.

    “Angie Chen Button Refusing To Ban Vaccination Requirement By Employers
    Apr 26

    Texas House Bill 1687, which would ban discrimination by employers based on their covid-19 vaccination status, is currently stuck in International Relations & Economic Development committee. This committee is chaired by Rep. Angie Chen Button.
    HB 1687 would prohibit employers from discriminating against employees based on their covid-19 vaccination status. If you’re reading, this we don’t need to tell you how important this bill is. We also don’t need to tell you the mortality rate of covid and the current issues with the vaccinations that many are facing.

    Houston Methodist is saying it will fire workers who refuse covid vaccinations. This will become commonplace if this bill does not pass.”

  9. J says:

    The Texas website current revolt has some disturbing turns about it, but their write-up on the covid jabs discrimination by employers was too much to pass up.

  10. mathias alexander says:

    “confiscatory taxation.”
    Surely a tautology. What would non-confiscatory taxation be?

    “A purge of conservatives from the military is underway. A similar process is being undertaken in France. Good luck lefties! Good luck!”
    Nobody involved on either side is left wing.

    • Pat Lang says:

      mathias alexander

      That would be taxation which is not designed merely to impoverish those with money but rather is intended to fund the government/

    • Deap says:

      Fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals think all money earned belongs to them, and they alone decide if they will let you keep some of it. They dispense other people’s money for their own benefit.

      Conservatives believe all money earned belongs to themselves and grant the government use of some of it only with mutual permission and for specifically targeted needs.

  11. Deap says:

    Two other major Democrat fades of late, that I find most curious:

    1. Nancy Pelosi saying no covid passports will be required, because of “privacy” issues.
    2. Kamala Harris agrees with Tim Scott – America is not a racist nation.

    Why are major Democrats suddenly agreeing with GOP positions. I don’t smell unity; I smell they know something that we don’t know. Like the AZ audit? Like covid data will now replace their covid agenda?

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      Yes, Deap, the AZ audit has them crapping their pants, as they sent 100, yes 100, lawyers to try their lawfare tricks to derail the audit by whatever means necessary. And the democrat party in GA is watching this process with trepidations as well.

      As to why the softening of democrat positions, maybe they are laying the groundwork for some sort of “let’s make a deal” ploy if the election were to be revealed as stolen, namely Biden still gets his term, The Cackler gets to finish the term when he falls over, and they will dial back the persecutions and show trials in return. Okee dokee…

      No, if the fraud is revealed, Joe, The Cackler, and his entire administration need to go forthwith. Messy? Why, yes; but who made the mess, after all? It was only forwarded by subverting the Constitution. Any such “let’s make a deal” posturing would be like the old saw about the child who murders their parents and then throws themselves on the mercy of the court because they are a poor, poor orphan.

      Nuh-uh, they have amply demonstrated their lawlessness already, and now they should be left in charge of the levers of power for 3 more years? NO. Our mamas didn’t raise no fools.

      • Deap says:

        In the interests of intellectual honesty, are we ready to accept the finding of no fraud? Or no material fraud, no wide-spread fraud?

        • JerseyJeffersonian says:


          I find that not credible; not only because of all of the documented irregularities, but because of the extravagent measures deployed to keep any audits from happening. That kind of effort would not have been expended unless the fraud was indeed material and widespread, and along several axes; i.e., there was mail-in ballot fraud, computer fraud, and probably other forms as well. If the election was aboveboard, I should think that democrats would be falling over themselves to prove that, but instead, the polar opposite is happening.

          For me personally, the thing that sticks in my craw the most was the utter depravity of the Supreme Court in refusing to hear the suit against Pennsylvania for violating the crystal clear language in the Constitution that placed authority/responsibility on the legislatures of the States for establishing the rules of federal elections in the various states, something that the democrat executive of Pennsylvania consciously ignored in order to obtain a corrupt result. The States can establish varying rules, but these must be given explicit approval by the State legislatures. Subsequent to this abrogation of their duty, I have ZERO respect for that court, which seems to me to be yet another element in advancing the fraud, and oh so ironically a fraud upon the Republic by that very Supreme Court, the body charged with responsibility for prevention of such hostile acts against the Republic and its fundamental laws.

      • Fred says:

        You mean they’ll end Reconstruction in trade of prosecution for their election rigging? Sounds familiar…..

  12. Eliot says:

    Col. Lang,

    If every other tradition is dying, it seem probable that civilian control over the armed forces will go too. Especially with mediocre people like Biden in charge. Pride and ego will push the leadership at the Pentagon into domestic politics. And perhaps that’s already happened? We’ve seen the public displays about domestic politics on official Twitter accounts?

    – Eliot

  13. Terence Reeves-Smyth says:

    I saw the transcript of this speech (which incidentally was published by the White House before he actually gave it) and was struck by all the short sentences – some only a single word and few more than ten words. Clearly drafted to avoid complex language and complex ideas – so he could deliver it easily. The fact that there were only 200 people there was I think all part of the agenda to help him get though the ordeal. As for the speech – so low energy it would send one to sleep. It was full of plans for this and plans for that and not a single thing was costed. He was projecting a sort of fantasy world where Father Christmas gives out presents for everyone – money for this, money for that, all to paid for by the bad rich people and by printing lots of money. Completely unrealistic and going absolutely nowhere. A very sad state of affairs, especially as the US so badly needs strong and focussed leadership at this difficult time in its history.

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