Lamb Shoulder Chop



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12 Responses to Lamb Shoulder Chop

  1. turcopolier says:

    4 minutes on each side at high heat

  2. Martin Hanley says:

    Looks Great sir.

  3. wtofd says:

    Looks great. Lots of pepper? Anything else?

  4. Escarlata says:

    Two minutes each side could be enough…
    Why so much pepper? It will not get its taste to the meat?

  5. turcopolier says:

    Spanish troll group (escarlata) You evidently think it is Eurotrash sophistication to eat very undercooked meat and fish. Two minutes on a side would produce something between raw and rare.

  6. NancyK says:

    I hope you are eating a few vegetables with all that meat. It does look good however.

  7. turcopolier says:

    Thank you. I decided long ago that vegetables (especially broccoli) are bad for carnivores and after many years of striving I have converted swmbo to the same view. You really remind me of the old skits called “the Californians” on SNL.

  8. Bill H says:

    I put carrots and potatoes in my pot roast. And I grill eggplant from time to time. Other than that I think that vegetables are eaten by the animals that I eat.

  9. fakebot says:

    I tend to use oregano, olive oil, lemon and maybe butter as well as salt and pepper for a more herby, zesty flavor. Do the same with the potatoes in the oven.

  10. NancyK says:

    Col Lang, even though I lived in Southern CA most of my life, I think I am more like a character from Portlandia. I watched very few SNL episodes as I was working evening or night shifts on week-ends as it paid more.
    I am not a meat eater but when I was, I liked it so rare it almost mooed.

  11. Philip Warren says:

    Try this for seasoning next time:
    Italian Herb Salt
    1 cup sea salt
    1TBS fresh thyme
    1TBS fresh oregano
    1TBS fresh rosemary
    1 head of garlic, peeled
    Blend in a food processor, dry overnight in a bowl, store in an airtight container

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