Looks like the 2020 election is not really over.

They tried.

“A new Morning Consult-Politico survey found that 35% of registered voters believe the 2020 presidential election should be overturned.

President Joe Biden defeated former President Donald Trump, who attributed the outcome to election fraud in several battleground states.

The Morning Consult-Politico poll found that 22% of registered voters said the results of the November election “definitely” should be overturned, and another 13% said the results “probably” should be overturned.

The poll conducted Oct. 22-24 found that 43% of voters believe the results should “definitely not” be overturned, and another 12% said they should “probably not” be overturned. A total of 11% was unsure.

In a breakdown of major parties, 60% of Republicans said the election results definitely or probably should be overturned. Only 16% of Democrats and 27% of independents said they think the election results should be overturned.

Only 19% of registered voters believe it is very or somewhat likely the election results will be overturned based on what they have seen, read, or heard. A total of 71% said it is very unlikely or somewhat unlikely.

Asked whether the 2020 presidential elections was “free and fair,” 56% of registered voters said yes, “definitely” or “probably;” 37% said definitely not or probably not. A total of 7% didn’t know or had no opinion.” Newsmax

Comment: The problem that the 35% have with the 2020 election is that many of the rulings made by judges, legislative bodies or state governors, etc. on the validity of the results were made after these ruling bodies simply refused to hear the evidence presented by Trump partisans and ruled against him anyway.

I voted for Trump in 2020, but did not in 2016. I do not want to see him run again as I think that mindless hatred of him on the left would increase chance of election of another leftist administration. pl


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12 Responses to Looks like the 2020 election is not really over.

  1. Babeltuap says:

    The breaking of Federal election laws alone Trump won. Most of the votes after election nights should have been tossed out. Unless this is fixed we will never have anything close to a fair election. Judges do not make election laws. Legislators should have gone in the building with swat teams and kicked out everyone and arrested the judges who broke the law.

  2. Christian J. Chuba says:

    35% ‘2020 Election should definitely or probably be overturned.’
    56% ‘2020 election was definitely or probably free and fair.’

    56% is bigger than 35%, no? Looks over to me.

  3. Fred says:

    Regarding 2022 the poll says 32% of independents think it will not be free and fair, along with 13% of democrats. Those are bad signs for the democrats. Given all the rape coverup fall out in Virginia I think it will only get worse for them.

  4. jerseycityjoan says:

    It is certainly not good that so many people are not happy with our system and are distrustful of the people they disagree with.

    I am not happy about a lot of things and am very fearful about a lot of things, too. I think there may be pressing issues in 2022 and 2024 that were not important in 2020 that may affect how people vote a lot such as inflation, energy costs and housing costs.

    I see an America which is not mentally prepared for further bad times that may be coming. I see a lack of leadership but also many people who are resistant to being led. I do not see how we can function as a First World democracy without being a high trust country but that does seem to be changing.

    My faith in and love for America and Americans is essentially unchanged since I was young but others are not the same. How many would say I am not just wrong but a fool?

  5. longarch says:

    Quote :

    The interviews were conducted online and the data were weighted to approximate a target
    of Registered Voters based on gender by age, educational attainment, race, marital status,
    home ownership, race by educational attainment, 2020 presidential vote, and region.

    I don’t understand the “weighting” process. If the data are complete, what sort of “weighting” would be done? Is the definition of “target sample” written down somewhere, or are the pollsters free to fiddle with the data until it reports whatever they like?

    If I am reading this correctly, Table POL4_13 seems to claim that 1049 respondents trust US elections and 860 respondents distrust US Elections. 1049+860=1909 ; other parts of the report claim that 1999 people were questioned. Who decided which 90 people were not to be discussed in Table POL4_13?

  6. Schmuckatelli says:

    “Unsure” means more than the respondents think it does.

  7. blue peacock says:

    The response to the distrust is rather simple.

    – Verified voter rolls. No last minute additions.
    – Paper ballots. No electronic voting.
    – Verification of person casting ballot. Biometrics/fingerprint.
    – Counting done in the open by humans.

    Of course there’s also gerrymandering and unlimited spend by candidates and lobbyists. A reform that I would support is that no 3rd party spend 90 days before election that includes all PACs and even parties. Only candidates can spend within 90 days of election day. Candidates can only raise money from their constituents with a cap on how much each constituent can contribute to a candidate..

  8. Deap says:

    Trump’s WSJ letter to the editor today listing all the Pennsylvania unresolved major voting questions pulls no punches, just leave the facts hanging out there.

    Police are required to justify probable cause before pulling anyone over. This clear list of documented election complaints looks like probable cause to me, to justify distrust the Pennsylvania 2020 election outcomes.

    Enough with this mockingbird media mantra: “no proof of widespread election fraud” or “without any evidence”Trump continues to make claims of widespread election fraud. Take your pick.

    • Deap says:

      Today WSJ followed up Trump’s point by point election fraud accusations with a less than point by point rebuttal in an editorial piece – claimed the “AZ audit was a dud”, but offered no specifics nor AZ progress report which is very much moving forward. Along with revelations in other key states from their own inside investigation almost daily: WI, MI, PA And that folks, is the rest of the story.

  9. jean clink says:

    The number of people who believe the 2020 election was fraudulent is GROWING.

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      Yes, this is true; I knew early on that it had been a pervasive fraud. But I think what is now occurring is that more and more people are having their eyes opened through the nature of the mendacious, indeed actively criminal, behavior of the cabal that calls itself “Joe Biden”. Those who may have been on the fence now perceive that, in order to put this malicious agenda into place, any and all means necessary were clearly employed to install this shambling farago of a pResident as front man.

      The courts have been fully complicit in the hoax, playing games with “standing” and such to advance some pitiful rationales for their transparent complicity, and their failure to honor their oaths to defend the Constitution.

      The so called intelligence community has been subverting the Republic, and by extension, the will and best interests of the citizens for decades. Their latest dirty tricks, willfully illegal surveillance counter to law, and collaboration with antifa, blm, and foreign actors are being flaunted in our faces, with little care as to whether these actions are seen for what they are.

      The military and law enforcement are being deliberately weakened and undermined in the functions for which they are charged.

      So, all these things are being made impossible not to see, and the fraudulent electoral process foremost among them, the enabling criminality that forwards the subversion.

      Is it too late for any possible restoration of integrity? I keep my own counsel.

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