Mainstream Media Losing Their Minds Over Florida

The New York Times is a disgrace–not worthy to be used to cover the bottom of a bird cage inhabited by a feathered friend suffering from Montezuma’s revenge. Their latest attempt to savage Governor Ron DeSantis and the state of Florida for a supposedly inept response to Covid must contend with this headline from today’s Sarasota Herald Tribune: No COVID-19 deaths reported in Sarasota County since March 10. How do you like them apples? No deaths from Covid in 6 days.

Forgive me this Captain Obvious moment, but the New York Times is out of touch with reality. They are operating in an alternate universe that gives little credence to facts, actual science and perspective. I live in Florida. Great place to live. Imagine my surprise yesterday when this sarcastic headline flashed on my smart phone yesterday (Monday):

I’d Much Rather Be in Florida’

Floridians are out and about and pandemic restrictions have been lifted. There’s just one problem: The virus never went away.

Guess what? The flu never went away. Nor has cancer or heart disease. But the New York Time’s intent with this article is to crap on Florida, specifically Governor DeSantis, and wrongly state that the Covid menace continues to rampage:

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11 Responses to Mainstream Media Losing Their Minds Over Florida

  1. Fred says:


    Larry this post is just outragous. In addition to not pointing out the effectiveness of the state’s vaccination efforts you completely left out the lack of multiple years of #metoo scandals, which the press covered up, that is dooming Emmy award winner, the man who wrote the book on battling Covid, Andrew Cuomo.
    Imagine how many dead Floridians and dead businesses we would have if the left’s favorite diversity drug using candidate had been electioneered into office.

    • exiled off mainstreet says:

      Mr. Johnson can’t cover everything in a few lines. The reality is that the regime’s official press organ is about propaganda rather than reporting reality.

  2. Ghost Ship says:

    “Forgive me this Captain Obvious moment, but the New York Times is out of touch with reality.”
    Sorry to tell you this but the NYT has been out of touch with reality for many years – at least since Judith Miller and Michael R. Gordon’s fake story about aluminium tubes and Iraq published on September 8th, 2002.
    I never understood why if the story was fake enough for Miller to part ways with the NY Times, Michael R. Gordon got to stay. Although mentioning his questionable honesty is a good way to annoy certain Clintonists who get very annoyed when you do it..

  3. BillWade says:

    A lot of people are moving to Florida for many reasons. One reason I never thought of but is being made known now is that parents are very very concerned for their children’s mental health and education. I applaud them!

    • Deap says:

      In my idle lockdown time I peruse real estate ads for more “conservative” locales than living in California.

      Always stunned to see what the dollar can buy outside of California and did spend playfully time looking at various locations around Florida over the past year. (Flat landscape, hurricanes, bugs and humidity being the obvious negatives for this California native.)

      However, even in this idle preoccupation I noticed a huge increase in prices for FLA properties in just the past few month. Florida indeed has become “hot” – and it is not just the humidity. It is the climate. The political climate.

  4. semiconscious says:

    hang in there – tho they may resent it, & tho they may still attempt to weasel word their way around it, reality is becoming so obvious at this point that it finally appears to be basically forcing itself upon the mainstream media:

    beyond their ‘studies’, & beyond their ‘projections’, there’s reality. long overdue…

  5. J says:


    The NYTimes today is nothing more than an outhouse backside wipe. It’s only benefit is its replacement of the Sears & Roebuck Catalogue. Every time that the NYTimes prints, it spreads its feces.

  6. Deap says:

    Democrats quickly demanded zero tolerance for “covid” before the election because they knew it could never be achieved.

    Thus their entire campaign agenda – blame Trump. Post-election with “covid” continuing to lurk, they are falling all over themselves in a mass of conflicted data, contradictions. and meaningless declarations.

    “Covid” was weaponized to take down Trump. Mission accomplished. Now they must rebrand “covid” so their own words do not take down themselves too. Many in California are very reluctant to give up their “covid” hysteria cocoon. It gave their hapless lives meaning and structure. Democrats exploitation of “covid” was pure evil.

    NB: “covid” is an actual pathogen. “Covid hysteria” became the fatal disease.

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  8. TV says:

    A significant number – probably a majority – like being told what to do; beats thinking.
    To these people making a decision beyond what to eat for breakfast is scary and should be avoided.
    Being told to wear a mask and all the rest of the behavior being dictated by the fake “science” is a relief.
    Makes them “fit in” and no thinking required.
    These people elected Biden.

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