Michael Flynn update with additional court documents


By Robert Willmann

The hearing in federal district court in Washington D.C. on the government's request to dismiss the criminal case against Michael Flynn is underway.  In a comment last night, Jim noted that more documents had been filed with the court clerk yesterday. 

Flynn filed a fourth supplement in support of agreed dismissal.  Attached were five pages of notes, heavily redacted.  The Department of Justice (DOJ) files copies of its cover letters for disclosures made to Flynn's attorneys.  The letter for these notes said they were of "three ODAG attorneys, numbered 23559-23562".  ODAG may mean the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, who is the number two person at the DOJ.  The numbers refer to those stamped at the bottom of each page which is done to keep track of documents that are provided to another party, often when disclosed during a lawsuit or other formal proceeding.  The number stamps on these notes include DOJSCO, which probably means the special counsel's office of the Robert Mueller group.  The pages of notes actually start with number 23558, and so the DOJ may have made an error about the number range in its cover letter.  Fred found a link to that filing–


Another DOJ cover letter released two documents about national security letters (NSL).  One is an e-mail from Kevin Clinesmith, a former FBI attorney who pled guilty to altering a communication from the CIA in connection with an application to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for a surveillance warrant.  The warrant was said to be directed at Carter Page [1].  The e-mail is completely blacked out, except for his name, the date, "crossfire hurricane", "no further NSLs are authorized for Razor", and boilerplate at the bottom.  The second document is a summary of NSLs issued in the Crossfire Razor investigation, which targeted Gen. Michael Flynn.  These documents were filed by Flynn as a fifth supplement in support of agreed dismissal–



Now we come to the letter filed by the attorney for former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who, along with his paramour, former FBI attorney Lisa Page, were up to their eyeballs in this squalid manipulation.

The letter includes two pages of notes written by Strzok that were previously disclosed to Flynn.  Those notes were exhibits 3 and 4 of the five exhibits included with a document Flynn filed entitled "third supplement in support of agreed dismissal".   The document and its exhibit 5 were provided as part of the article here yesterday about Flynn's case.  The letter from Strzok's attorney claims that on each of those pages of notes, someone else wrote a date on the note that was not written by Strzok, and that one of the dates is wrong.  The dates in question on each page are highlighted in yellow–


The number stamp at the bottom of each page includes DOJSCO, which should indicate it came from the special counsel's office (Robert Mueller).  The first page is numbered 23503 and the second page has 23501.  The DOJ disclosed these notes to Flynn's lawyers with a cover letter dated 23 September 2020.  That cover letter also released a page of notes of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, text messages between FBI analysts who "worked on the Flynn matter", and text messages between Strzok and Lisa Page–


The saga continues.

[1]  https://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2020/09/a-transcript-and-court-documents-in-the-criminal-case-against-former-fbi-lawyer-kevin-clinesmith.html


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    The transcript of the 2020-09-29 hearing before Judge Sullivan, involving Sidney Powell, DOJ representatives, and John Gleeson, is now available:

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