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A troll (deleted) asked why I voted for Biden twice and now find him unacceptable.  I DID NOT.  I voted for Obama twice.  Biden was the same nasty ass then as now but he was Obama's choice and the Republican in each race was unacceptable to me.  I always vote.

As for Sanders in the Democratic primary in 2016, anything was preferable to HC and it was not apparent to me then that he is a communist.  He is that.

I voted for a third party candidate in 2016.  I did not vote for Trump n 2016, but probably will this time, faute de mieux pl


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  1. turcopolier says:

    Elora Danan
    It is my policy that neither I nor any guest author should publish your comments because IMO you are a spoiled, ill informed, nasty teenager whose mind has been warped by leftist school teachers. I do not envy your father.
    I have been an original intent constitutionalist libertarian from my youth. I have been against intervention in the affairs of foreign countries since I experienced the frustrations of the first wave of counterinsurgency fervor in the 60s and 70s. I have always devoted myself lovingly to the US Army, my ancestral village.
    I care nothing for political parties and agree with George Washington that they are a form of disease.
    I am a professional soldier (now retired) and will be that until I die.
    Those are my principles and my ideology.

  2. Danx says:

    “Those are my principles and my ideology.”
    And i respect you for that colonel (plus the fact that you’re part of my family – I’m French Canadian).

  3. rho says:

    are you sure that “Sweet, sweet death” write-in wasn’t counted as a vote for Hillary?

  4. eakens says:

    Elora…have you ever seen this episode?

  5. BillWade says:

    Ron Paul, but the media did him in as they are attempting to do with President Trump. In some respects I find both of them are alike, Trump just has a different way of doings things. Sure, they are different too in some significant ways but alike in the one best way as far as I’m concerned: not being the policeman of the world, trade sure, treaties no. We’ll get there.

  6. Charlie Wilson says:

    Don’t know colonel but I find Elora exceedingly attractive. Any chance of allowing her to post a selfie?

  7. turcopolier says:

    Charlie Wilson
    Yes, “she” has a certain Nabokovian lure. Whose picture do you think she would send us?

  8. Charlie Wilson says:

    Marianne, but with long glossy black hair.

  9. Charlie Wilson says:

    Simmer down Elora! You remind me of my ex: Incredible girl friend, but then twenty years hellish marriage. I get PTSD just writing this.

  10. Upstate NY'er says:

    Doe anyone even know if Elora is a female?
    Could be a 70 year old man with a weird sense of “humor.”
    Anyway, probably someone not playing with a full deck – jokers and an expired Visa card.

  11. different clue says:

    Recently our host wrote us that the ” Danan Entity” is a kind of “troll container” through which various persons write here. I notice the ” Danan Entity” has changed its name back to “Elora”.

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