“… new instructions for Americans – lower your expectations.” TC

The Bidonian Dream

 ” … if you don’t like the fact the shelves are bare in your local store, don’t throw a fit. Don’t be an entitled little tool. Lower your expectations. What did you expect in America? Come on. Bread lines, we’ve always had bread lines. It’s sort of charmingly retro, these bread lines. Don’t complain as your life becomes worse and as your country degrades. That’s the message, and not surprisingly, that message is coming directly from the people who are making your life worse and destroying the country. That would, of course, would be the White House. Here’s his grouchy little flack today, almost impossible to believe this person is real and not just some sort of mockup of like a Wesleyan gender study student. Apparently, she is real. And today she was asked about these supply chain problems like our ports are shut down – What do we do? She mocked the reporter’s question. How dare you ask.

REPORTER: Just a question on the timing on the supply chain issue, actions that the president has taken, it was clear in March 2020 when COVID hit that their supply chains across the world had been disrupted, even as the sort of work to fight back against COVID proceeded people. It was crystal clear that things were not improving on supply chain. People couldn’t get dishwashers and furniture and treadmills delivered on time, not to mention all sorts of other things. 

JEN PSAKI: The tragedy of the treadmill that’s delayed.

REPORTER: But the serious point is, why didn’t the president act sooner in a more aggressive way? 

Were you complaining about not having a treadmill? Settle down, Karen.” Tucker Carlson

Comment: C’mon proles! Your selfish abuse of the world’s poor is going to be ended by the Bidenistas and their university dumnified allies. Along the way you will be reduced to a new version of a lumpenproletariat but that will make you more malleable and biddable. Poverty will be good for you. You have had too much, far too much. Of course it will be necessary and desirable that your masters be protected. The new nomenklatura of intelligentsia and leftist rich folks will be well taken care of, dachas, etc.

Remember, suburban moms. You voted us Bidenistas in. pl


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53 Responses to “… new instructions for Americans – lower your expectations.” TC

  1. Oilman2 says:

    My expectations for government have never been lower.
    If the feds continue to tighten the screws, making sure nobody has anything left to lose, many things become not just palatable but preferred. The palpable derision and condescension emanating from the current crop of federal hyenas is not lost on anyone who cares to see.

    Yamamoto knew why invasion was never going to work; subversion seems to be the current menu item, but that ‘…blade of grass..’ quote is still applicable.

  2. Barbara Ann says:

    WaPo’s advice to lower our expectations, Psaki’s mocking of collapsing supply chains and a few days ago the US Treasury deputy sec warns unvaxxed Americans that shortages will continue until EVERYONE is jabbed.

    These, and Tucker could have listed others like them all day, are not vote-winning comments. The Democrats are speaking as if one Party rule is already here, as if elections are a thing of the past. Are they so confident in the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”? Or do they really think Americans will meekly march into their brave new world, where everything is worse, without complaint?

    • Bill Roche says:

      B.A. many years ago on SST I asked, in astonishment, how could anyone expect Americans to accept a reduction of their liberty by the state. Several correspondents helped me understand that a large segment of the human population is content w/a life of slavery. That idea had not occurred to me before. Liberty requires bravery and offers us a life of reward but also challenge. Will Americans meekly march into a brave new world as slaves? Could be.

      • John Credulous says:

        Quick question – what is it like to work in the US today ?


        (All numbers approx)

        80% in service:
        10% retail
        12% health
        9% Hospitality
        16% Govt
        2% Teaching

        Does anyone think “retail” “health care” “restaurants” and “teaching” are easy jobs. And for “retail” “health care” “restaurants” do these jobs allow one to live a life of leisure ?

        What if you had to work two jobs to pay rent / mortgage , student loans, health insurance, child care and food ? How would like to have a “zero hours” job – where every morning you call in to find out if there is any work for you today ?

        Most people are not living well. Is anyone surprised that is deliberately designed precarious existence keeps people “in line” ? That hard working people have to keep their heads down – is this willfully slavery ? Go to a big retailer – Target – every one has a comm device and is always wired in. They are all “on the hop” . Amazon is notorious for physically micro-managing the people who work for them. Is anyone surprised that people who are measured by a machine completely “tune out” ? Is that slave live behavior or survival ?

    • JohninMK says:

      Maybe the Democrats are certain that they will be able to ram the Freedom to Vote Act through, after which elections are really irrelevant.

  3. Balint Somkuti, PhD says:

    Excellent analysis, Sir!

    We Eastern Europeans had to learn to smell communism, and the main reason the EU has issues with Poland and Hungary is because we dont want to line up, to participate in yet another communist experiment. Enviromentalists are no better. We have a saying greens are like watermelon. Green outside, red inside.

    Never ever thought I will see it in the US.

  4. Babeltuap says:

    Fair elections use to be our mulligan but we didn’t need a mulligan. The stance, grip and approach were strong. They put a trick ball in our bag. We know it was a trick ball because it defied the laws of physics. We tried to go get the ball but they won’t let us see it.

    Someone once told me how they resolved a very similar problem. It involved emptying the change compartment in their car and putting it in a tube sock. The 15th club.

  5. Aletheia in Athens says:

    Some guys in the resistance are talking about a payement system where your employer will send your wage directly to your government, then the government to your e-wallet, if you behave, and you will have to spend it in its totality in the period of three months, but not in what you want, of course, but in things they allow you to do it, otherwise the balance will be wiped out ….Out of the conclusion you do not need it…

    No idea how these guys, whom I know few time ago, have got this idea….

    • Fred says:


      Only the communist one worlders are talking about electronic currencies.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        Speaking of electronic currencies, my guess is the new powers granted in the Great Reset Build Back Better Act to the IRS over all bank accounts with $600 or more is a prelude to exactly that. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s) is where this is going. Once the digital dollar is introduced sovereignty over your money will be entirely illusory, as everything you ‘own’ will be held on a central register at the Fed. The government will be able to confiscate any or all of it at the click of a mouse. It will be linked to the same digital ID the Vaxx passports use.

        Janet Yellen is pushing hard for the IRS powers and I expect the real aim is to get folk used to the government knowing everything about their financial affairs. From there to the next step, where the government effectively becomes provider of ‘your’ bank account, is a smaller barrier to break down.

        • Fred says:

          Barbara Ann,

          Not only tracking bad thinkers but locking them out of economic transactions in the next government declared health crisis.

  6. TTG says:

    So what if Richy Rich can’t get his Chinese made treadmill. Surely that reporter could have come up with better examples than dishwashers and treadmills. A collapsing supply chain will force us to build and buy locally… if we don’t collapse into chaos in the process. Trump did his best to do that (build and buy local) through negotiations and loosening regulations to bring manufacturing back to our shores. He taxed us with tariffs, too. I think that was his best work. If we can’t kick the habit of cheap foreign goods, we better learn to pay the price for enticing sufficient truck drivers to feed our habit. We can do without armies of lawyers, politicians and investment bankers. Armies of truck drivers… not so much.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Nope. The Lefty’s regulations will not permit home grown businesses to start up or to flourish if they do manage to get going.

      For example, California just passed a law that makes gas powered lawn mowers illegal to sell. All kinds of kooky nonsense coming down the pipe there.

      You can’t start a business with so much legal uncertainty, taxes and hoops to jump through. It’s not like there is a free market with democrat climate change covidian socialists running things. Trump did what he did AND created a business friendly climate INCONUS. That is the difference between his vision and the democrats.

      Well at least no more mean tweets, huh?

      • TTG says:

        That California lawn mower law won’t take effect until 2024 at the earliest. Plenty of time to plan a small business in that time frame. We’ll see if a carve out is made for commercial lawn service and logging industries. Probably will. I’m glad to see all those 2 cycle engine leaf blowers and trimmers bite the dust. I used a 220 volt plug in mower in Germany. Always gave me the willies between the electric cord and the sharp spinning blade. With some of the new battery powered mowers out there, I’ll go for one once my Honda engined push mower dies.

        Trump made a royal mess with the implementation of the PPP. Actually it was his subordinates and the banks that ended up screwing the real small businessmen. Most of that money went to those who shouldn’t have gotten it. There was nothing business friendly about that except for the already well of and well connected swindlers.

    • Aletheia in Athens says:

      But, truck drievers will not be needed if there are no goods to transport…

      Due estratospheric prices of electricity, some factories are stopping their production, not only for lack of supplies, but also since final product is cheaper than the cost of production right now…

      Then there is that farmers are starting feeeling the same way, since fertilizers, nitrate, have experienced an overprice of 200% . …

      This is not a natural happenstance..This is our governmetns trying to overtax everything at hand to squeeze us to the last pennie.

      • TTG says:

        Look at the photos of the ports. The ships are all waiting to unload. The ports are absolutely jammed with shipping containers. What’s missing is enough trucks to move those shipping containers to their destinations. Those ships can’t be unloaded until trucks move the mass of containers already unloaded. There are plenty of goods, just no way to move them to where they should be moved. Everything cascades from there.

        • Pat Lang says:

          Do you think there is any truth in the AinA claim that the Party of Davos has as a goal to “reduce the population” especially of the old?

          • TTG says:

            No. I think it’s total bullshit. The “Party of Davos” is jam packed with old farts who plan on staying around forever.

          • Aletheia in Athens says:


            But, this has not been even invented by the so peyoratively labeled “conspiracy theorists”, this is a plan that is being discussed in the highest elites´saloons since long time ago…

            Have you heard about former advisor to Francois Mitterrand, Jacques Attali?

            He wrote a quite premonitory book in 2006, just before the past great economic crisis, Une breve histoire de l’avenir, where he exposes the serious problems our increasingly longer life expectance poses to our economic system and what is to be done….


            We are not inveting nothing here that is not invented already, decades ago….

            Also, could you, as an intelligence analyst ( well, you may have your sources, if you mind…) find any explanation to the astonishing high numbers of people, compared to other years, dying of all causes, non Covid-19, since the “vaccination campaign” started, including the youngest?

            This is, I fear, the real 100 pound turd in the room….


          • Samantha says:

            Except those old farts have no intention of following the rules they set for others.

        • Joe100 says:

          An article in the current issue of Trains describes how messed up the rail transport system is once they actually get the containers – all kinds of internal system congestion – internal system transfer yards totally overloaded, crew constraints, not enough space to store containers that need to be transferred for final delivery, etc. None of this seems to be showing up in the daily media – not as photogenic as ships waiting outside CA ports.

          • TTG says:

            The Association of American Railroads (AAR) gives a totally different story. They say we have the best and most responsive rail system in the world. Of course, the Air is a trade association tasked to cheerlead for the industry no matter what. I’m sure there’s plenty of truth to that story in “Trains.”

            In the local news this evening, the Port of Baltimore is touting its 50 foot deep port and four new massive container cranes. Ships are beginning to reroute to Baltimore to take advantage of the better situation. Even the trucking situation is better. They are keeping up with the flow, but just barely. There’s still a shortage of long haul drivers.

        • Aletheia in Athens says:

          Yeah, but I am thinking in a longer term, it seems a perfect storm is mounting, and all was provoked by the lockdowns plus the vaccination mandates nad Covid Passports..

          Truck drivers are going to be scarce too, since in countries like Spain, to the skyrocketing rise of fuel price, you now must add that all roads will be under payement, plus add also an increase in circulation permit, which could make this profession quite less profitable, in spite of its hardness, which will end with many abandoning it or retiring in advance.

          If to this you add the huge inconvenience of the Covid Pass, or expensive PCR tests,v being requested any time the truck drivers pass a state or other country´s border, there you get your supply crisis totally provoked by our governments, probably intentionally …I think it is way too much asking a person who passes the whole day driving a huge truck to get jabbed with a vaccine which could provoke him a clot, or a stroke, or charging him with PCRs at $100 each every two days…Now you have not trucker drivers Bojo, cry me a river!
          Governmetns are clearly touching widely the balls to the working class, hence they are obtaining a serial general strikes season..and probably something worst..

          Of course, this comes all in the making since the Suez canal event…I thought at the time that was willingly provoked, lately I have heard some analysts arguing in the same line…

        • Eric Newhill says:

          You and I aren’t in the party of Davos. Apparently you have not noticed that there are two sets of rules. One for you and me and one for those old Davos farts. Being superior, they are exempt from the culling.

          This is like Obama having a mask free birthday party and all of the other maskless surprise candid photos of the biggest Democrat Covidians without masks where everyone else is supposed to be wearing them. You wear the mask/die/lose your job/fight in the war, peon, not us.

        • Claudius says:

          You are correct, but the lack of trucks is a self inflicted wound. Over at Conservative Tree House they say that California banned trucks older than three years, and then forced out the truck owner operators in favor of union drivers in company owned newer trucks. Thus many drivers with this who carried containers out of the port are gone. I have no reason to doubt this reporting.
          I can confirm the economics of this, having worked for a trucking company (customer service) after I left the Navy.
          We had many drivers (owner-operators) who would buy a tractor from Freightliner then drive it under company control for about five years, or until it was paid for.
          Truck drivers are paid by the mile; time spent loading, unloading, in traffic or oversize stopped doesn’t pay. They stayed on the road abt 12 of 14 days. These guys have to keep moving.
          Once the truck was paid off, the equation changes. With no monthly payment to make, a truck driver can afford to sit idle waiting for hours to pick up or drop a container. They are paid a flat fee. Hence the over the road owner operator becomes an at home every weekend and most nights container hauler and does it until his truck is fully worn out.
          I would not send company trucks into the Port of Charleston because the long waits killed an over the road driver’s paycheck. I needed these guys on my side, so I didn’t screw them.
          Although long gone from trucking, I have the greatest respect for these guys. They have a difficult job, which sadly features a good deal of abuse. I do not shop at Wal-Mart because of the miserable way they treated my driver s and me as well.
          PS: In my Merchant Marine days I was never fortunate enjoy to work on a container ship. A Second Mate on one makes big bucks! A good number of those ships are too large for the Panama Canal, so they can’t divert to the better run East Coast ports. Somebody will be paying big bucks to the shipping companies for delays.

    • Fred says:


      If Ford/GM/Toyota can’t get those ball joints, stearning gears, or fuel injectors from China, just shut down the assembly plants and lay off the staff!

      “If we can’t kick the habit of cheap foreign goods”
      William Clay Ford was FORCED by the consumer to outsource all that manufacturing. Sure he was. Did you see the huge, I mean huge, demand for electric cars? Neither did I. Better raise fuel taxes, fleet mileage limits, lower emissions limits and otherwise tax the hell out of fossil fuel vehicles to make sure the consumer knows what they are supposed to demand.

      • TTG says:

        Ford, GM and all the others once made those parts locally. We should be fully capable of doing so again and do so quickly if we would only try.

        EVs are still a novelty in the US and an expensive one at that. Norway leads the world with 78% of auto sales being EVs. China’s up to 5.7%. Still the industry is selling all they produce.

        • Claudius says:

          Wish it were that simple!
          Once a US supplier is gone, it’s for good. The building is stripped, equipment sold off, employees dispersed to the dole or for a lucky few, to another plant. I speak from experience here.
          So to start up again, it is from a clean slate. Full compliance with latest and greatest EPA, OSHA and equivalent state agency dictats, planning commissions and local pols (they need a cut). Figure 10 years; cutting that down requires rice bowl smashing! No bureaucrat on this earth is going to make a decision quickly or move quickly just so somebody else can earn a living. Moving quickly lessens importance and stature.
          Closures are always blamed on labor costs, however admin overhead is a major unaddressed factor. At my plant it was a significant percent of product cost. Add to that home country political directives imposed on multi nationals.
          Full disclosure: I escaped from trucking to freight traffic management at a medium size plant making a well known, high quality motor vehicle. Best job I ever had! Didn’t last.
          Did one more plant briefly, got laid off then went back to sea.

  7. BillWade says:

    A smart young person ought to learn appliance repair.

    Commodity traders are predicting $200 a barrel for oil, $7-8 a gallon anyone?

    A neighbor of mine, who voted for Biden, bought a nice motor home back when gas was $1.70, ha ha ha.

    Might be smart to get solar panels soon, rolling blackouts anyone?

    At least the price of fish you catch isn’t going up. I’ll be doing more of that going forward.

    I’m in the process of getting a new roof. The contractor used to live in San Diego, moved here 4 years ago, tells me the area I live in will soon be unaffordable for most, I don’t feel rich though.

    • TTG says:

      Things like small appliance repair, plumbing and electrical work are definitely worth considering. One of my brothers apprenticed as a tool maker and then started a machine repair business working all along the east coast. He’s the rich one in the family, even though it cost him parts of three fingers. My logger brother has all his digits, but his broken bone count rivals mine.

      Stick with that fishing. It’s healthy in more ways than one. I’ve recently read about catching snakeheads with a fly rod. I still have my Fenwick 7 1/2 foot pack rod. I just have to start tying the right streamers or frog flies. Them snakeheads are damned good eating.

    • Deap says:

      Neighbor just put in solar and several Tesla Wall energy storage units – $35,000. They want to to be free from the failing energy grid in California.

  8. Fred says:

    I for one would like to praise Joe Biden for his pick as Secretary of Transportation. He’s GAY! Hooray! And he’s been on vacation for two full months, because nothing says qualified and capable leader quite like taking two months off when you only just started into the job. Thank you Joe.

    • Aletheia in Athens says:

      Buttigieg is just where he should be, since, as part of WEF “Young Global Leaders”, he must do nothing, just leave the shortage crisis unleash…


    • Ed Lindgren says:

      James Howard Kunstler began his Monday post to his blog this week with the following observation regarding our SecTrans:

      “What America really wants to know is: after those months of ‘family leave,’ did Pete Buttigieg get the hang of lactating? Hey, if sexuality is just a ‘social construct,’ then the functions of sexuality must be teachable. So now Pete can move on to ovulation lessons and become the ‘birthing person’ of his dreams. Pete’s dreams are America’s dreams, you see.”


  9. walrus says:

    The Walrus law at work again – Governments achieve the reverse of their stated objectives. Biden will create poverty.

    Businesses are drowning in green tape. Unions are running rampant. I think I read that Californian ports are trying a new “innovation” – working 24/7!!!! Are you for real?

    …..,are all Californians completely crazy?

    • Deap says:

      No not all Californians are crazy. 30% did vote for Trump. 40% still voted to recall Newsom. Please move to California and help us increased the odd sanity will yet again prevail.

      I suggest the year round temperate climate and no bugs makes Californians soft. We don’t suffer enough out here to understand what consequences for bad decisions can entail.

    • Fred says:


      Wrong again. Biden is importing poverty to the tune of a million or so unemployed illegals every year. “Unions are running rampant.” No, the leadership is in lockstep with the Democratic leadership, regardless of the opinion or interests of the rank and file. In addition union membership, outside of the government sectors, is at its lowest point in decades. Then there’s the business leadership who enriched themselves by outsourcing manufacturing for decades. Speaking of which how’s Australia’s industrial sector doing?

      • jim ticehurst says:

        You are corect on those points in My Opinion…However..My Evaluations of Biden..Pelosi..and others .Including those who have met with The Pope In the Capitol.(just prior to the Obama/Romney Election).or gone to Rome for Council.and.Direction..are caught up in The Popes deep Interest in The Affairs of the Church All Across The Catholic Americas…and Haiti..Where the Population is 70 percent Catholic..30 Percent Protestant and 100 percent VooDoo….with a Combined Interest with Barack Obama and his Mentors…In Marxist..Liberation Theology.. You Get them (Migrants)to the United States..any Way You Can..with any Operators you can use…Political and Criminal..and Then Maybe Joe can Buy his way out of Purgatory..Thats the Ball game I am Watching..

        • Fred says:


          “… and 100 percent VooDoo”
          You don’t know what you are talking about.

        • jim ticehurst says:

          Regarding the Religious and Population Data I used here…I gathered from various sources on the Internet…I quoted One that said a Common Saying is that Haiti is…70 percent Catholic..30 Percent Protestant and 100 Percent VooDoo,,” Since Fred questioned the Voodoo Data..I went did further research on Wiki..under Heading..”Haitan Vodou” scrolled to Demographics…in Haiti,,,where Data Indicates that Up to 80 percent of Haitans are Catholic..6 million People..who mix Catholic religion with Vodou Syncritism…and according to the World Atlas..It supports that Data..with the Add on that Catholicism is the Official Religion..But Vodou is the National Religion…so its closer to 80 percent ..Not 100 percent…The Protestant Churchs there Condemn the Use of Vodou..Thanks Fred..

    • TV says:

      I have been to California several times and the last time I drove from Oregon to Calexico.
      From the first visit, I always felt that I was dealing with a state of children.
      Children in adult bodies, but children nevertheless.
      Even “tough” guys came across as fake tough.

  10. TV says:

    The vast majority of people (uninformed, badly educated and immature) will accept lower expectations and standard of living.
    After all, they panicked like masked lemmings over a contagion with less than 1 in 100 chance of death and that’s primarily in people with concomitant conditions.
    They are subjects, not citizens.
    Went for cremees this afternoon and saw people standing outside wearing masks, alone in a car wearing a mask.
    You know wht’s contagious?
    BUT, there are no more mean tweets and that’s what’s important to those whiny, wine-drinking white women.

  11. jim ticehurst says:

    The Most Powerful..and Logical,, . Source of Information on How a One World Government is Fully and Finally Formed .,Is The Bible.,Because Commoditys..Food…Oil..and other Items .become so Scarce..and World Governments become so Unstable.. That A Cartel of World Economic..Political…Military ..and Religious Leaders Are Formed…They are Referred to in The Bible as…”THE Beast ”
    They Control ALL the Worlds Wealth..All Produce..All Commoditys… They create some Digital Mark..Everyone on Earth must Have on their Hand…To Be Able to Buy or Sell Anything..If You Dont take the Mark…You are Exterminated…Beheaded In Fact..The World Religious System Supports The Beast..The Great Harlot..The Beast is the Anti Christ..Empowered by Lucifer…For The Last Days..Battle..Between Good and Evil..The Only Hope for People during these times…is That God will Transfer People Off earth..Before The Tribulation..Which Sounds Pretty Much Like A..Nuclear War…..A serious Review of all Geo /Political..Enviromental…Technical..Military ..and Space Events…And Pending International Reactions n By Nations..and.Religious Leaders..Indicate STRONGLY to Me…All of Those Events are Developing..Rapidly and Likely in Our Lifetimes…

  12. Harlan Easley says:

    The shipping price of a container of LVP floorcovering from China has gone from $2500 to over $15,000 a container. Roughly 10 cents a sq.ft. to .50 cents a sq.ft. We have added some Made in America products here recently to our product line.

    • Deap says:

      Only reason we kept buying Chinese junk is because it was cheap – certainly not for quality like the Japanese once produced.

      Shipping costs plus turning a blind eye to Chinese labor practices “built” China – cheap, easily sourced junk that we threw away when it broke..

      Let me know when they notice we are no longer buying their newly expensively shipped cheap stuff. They can just recirculate their stashed money among themselves, and hope it lasts. Which it never does in socialism.

      Unions made our products uncompetitive. Shipping costs will now make their stuff uncompetative.

  13. RE says:

    JEN PSAKI:” The tragedy of the treadmill that’s delayed.”

    It’s not about “the treadmill”, it’s about steel, pipe, wire and other functional necessities to our physical infrastructure. We have outsourced to our competitors our manufacturing base. We literally gave away, the intellectual capital needed to create and manufacture the functional necessities. Our warehouses are months behind on steel inventory.These supplies are what municipalities depend for infrastucture maintenance and any new construction. the same with private manufacturing.
    This snarky, simple minded reply, is either a disingenuous deflection or ignorance. This lack of essential materials is creating a ripple effect that further drags down our economy.

    • Oilman2 says:

      RE, the unavailability of steel pipe from China (largest market share even with 30% mfg reject rate) is slowing oil drilling globally. We are rewriting plans to use non-standard pipe as I type this, because that is what we can find on the ground. That off-size pipe will take months to ship, pushing drilling plans back even in the face of great oil prices. American steel mills no longer produce pipe due to inability to compete with Chinese economics. Assuming Chinese are having electricity generating issues, steel requires that in immense quantities. Assuming they ceased importing iron ore, there you have another issue.

      There are ZERO people in Congress, much less the executive branch, that understand consequences. Most Americans do not understand them either. We are currently eating at our globalism consequence buffet, and every country is at table. The crows coming in to roost were birthed by the Covid shutdowns globally. All my Central Asia business disappeared due to lockdowns, dropping my income by 60%.

      Why do you listen or pay attention to Psaki? Her job is to obfuscate and punt everything on to another pitch – any pitch – save the current one. Move away from her talking points and be scolded or ignored. Return the favor – ignore the lies. Many wish they had done that with Covid at this point.

      Just returned from a quick biz trip to Mexico. No grocery shortages, gas prices up a bit and toy aisles stuffed for Xmas. We grilled thick ribeyes from HEB – cost was $4.50 each across the Rio Grande. That is something to take into account, witnessed first hand. And no – I did not fly to get there due to the craziness and lack of reliable air schedules…

      • Aletheia in Athens says:

        Indeed, even giants like Arcelor Mittal are stopping production in Europe due estratospheric prices of electricity…

  14. TV says:

    Paraphrase Lenin (some Russian scholar here please correct/validate this):
    “When it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will vie with each other for the rope contract.”

  15. Deap says:

    Haven’t had a good laugh in a long time, but this did it – just for fun. And thanks to whomever recommended “Off Guardian”:


  16. Deap says:

    Our Calif city just defaulted everyone into buying power only from a “”green energy” production company.

    You could opt out, but if you missed the big public information campaign you are now automatically enrolled to get your power only from wind and solar power – though it still comes through on the legacy energy company transmission wires.

    They did disclose there will be a “small surcharge” for this privilege of participating in automatic default green energy sourcing.

    Just went into effect so time will tell if there are cost savings or increases. We already have solar, sell it back to Southern Calif Edison, pay for what more we use, and opted out of this latest “progressive” command from on high.

    Why didn’t they chose to opt in to this new service if it is so good, instead of mandating we the people must opt out? That is how insidious the marriage between life and progressive ideology becomes in California.

    Putting their thumb yet again on market forces.

  17. Aletheia in Athens says:

    Writting our own “Brief History of the Future”…

    According to Dr. David Spiegel, Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, approximately 25% of people cannot be easily hypnotized. Being conservative, he tells us, let’s say it’s 20%. Based on this 80:20 ratio of awake people versus people who believe TV, he calculates how many of us there are in developed countries:

    1. U.S.A. 331.002.651
    Awake 66,200,530
    2. JAPAN 126,476,461
    Awakened 25,295,292
    3. GERMANY 83,783,942
    Awake 16,756,788
    4. UNITED KINGDOM 67,886,011
    Awakened 13,577,202
    5. FRANCE 65.273.511
    Awakened 13,054,702
    6. ITALY 60,461,826
    Awake 12,092,365
    7. SOUTH KOREA 51,269,185
    Awakened 10,253,837
    8. SPAIN 46,754,778
    Awakened 9,350,955
    9. CANADA 37,742,154
    Awakened 7,548,430
    10. AUSTRALIA 25,499,884
    Awakened 5,099,976
    11. NETHERLANDS 17,134,872
    Awake 3,426,974
    12. BELGIUM 11,589,623
    Awakened 2,317,924
    13. CZECH REPUBLIC 10,708,981
    Awake 2,141,796
    14. GREECE 10,423,054
    Awake 2,084,610
    15. PORTUGAL 10,196,709
    Awake 2,039,341
    16. SWEDEN 10,099,265
    Awake 2,019,853
    17. AUSTRIA 9,006,398
    Awakened 1,801,279
    19. DENMARK 5,792,202
    Awake 1,158,440
    20. FINLAND 5,540,720
    Awakened 1,108,144
    21. NORWAY 5,421,241
    Awake 1,084,248
    22. IRELAND 4,937,786
    Awake 987,557
    23. NEW ZEALAND 4,822,233
    Awakened 964,446
    24. CYPRUS 1,207,359
    Awake 241,471
    25. LUXEMBOURG 625,978
    Awake 125,195
    26. MALTA 441,543
    Awakened 88,308

    Adding up all of us we leave approximately 197 million awakened people in the Western world.
    Almost 200 million human beings constitute the largest minority of all humanity, with immense power if we unite and are active.
    And that without taking into account many more millions in other countries that we have not counted….

    You are not alone…We could even constitute an independent country which could compete with all the current heavy weights at play…

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