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“Goodbye, Eastern Europe: An Intimate History of a Divided Land”

In light of Russia’s aggressive 2022 invasion of Ukraine, Goodbye, Eastern Europe is a crucial, elucidative read, a sweeping epic chronicling a thousand years of strife, war, and bloodshed, from pre-Christianity to the fall of Communism—illuminating the remarkable cultural significance … Continue reading

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“La Grande Fete de Merci Donnant” Buchwald – reposted 2023

“They landed at a place called Plymouth (once a famous voiture Americaine ) in a wooden sailing ship called the Mayflower (or Fleur de Mai ) in 1620. But while the Pelerins were killing the dindes, the Peaux-Rouges were killing … Continue reading

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Veterans Day 2023

On November 7th, 1920, in strictest secrecy, four unidentified British bodies were exhumed from temporary battlefield cemeteries at Ypres, Arras, the Asine and the Somme. None of the soldiers who did the digging were told why. The bodies were taken … Continue reading

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Alan Farrell on Soldiering

Ladies and Gentlemens: Thanks for having me here to honor those who’ve served. I was a soldier. Then I was a teacher. Now I’m just a… well, a citizen, I guess. A teacher. One day I’m dozing through a meeting of the English Composition … Continue reading

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 Ap Bu Nho – A Remembrance for Veteran’s Day 

Garryowen in Glory, the 7th Cavalry Regiment at Ap Bu Nho  By a quirk of fate, “D” 2/7 Cavalry, was given the chance to demonstrate the plausibility of Spinoza’s despair several weeks later.  A Montagnard agent reported that the 141st NVA Regiment … Continue reading

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“Sacrifice, the future has its price”

A question in many minds is what the hell did Hamas expect to accomplish with the  execution of al-Aqsa Flood? Why go far beyond a successful and shocking military raid to widespread commissions of atrocities upon innocents? Is Hamas no … Continue reading

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The capture of the CSS Florida – 7 October 1864 

Comment: This is the work of Matt Palmquist, a writer, editor Civil War enthusiast and unabashed Unionist. His CivilWar Humor Twitter account was a great source of amusement and history. I’ve been holding onto this Twitter thread of his for … Continue reading

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A bloodsucking parasite

“I think the problem that we’ve had is that people decided they didn’t really want to work so much anymore through COVID and that has had a massive issue on productivity. Tradies have definitely pulled back on productivity. They have … Continue reading

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Our memories of 9/11

We all have them, memories of the big moments in our shared lives. I remember the moment I learned of JFK’s death.  I was in Alaska at Ft. Greely in the midst of a course at the Northern Warfare School. I … Continue reading

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Robert Carter III and his deed of gift

It was 232 years ago Sunday that Robert Carter III, the patriarch of one of the wealthiest families in Virginia, quietly walked into a Northumberland County courthouse and delivered an airtight legal document announcing his intention to free, or manumit, … Continue reading

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