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Juneteenth – TTG

For the Christian Recorder LETTER FROM RICHMOND City Point, Va., April 12th, 1865. Mr. Editor:- I have just returned from the city of Richmond; my regiment was among the first that entered the city. I marched at the head of … Continue reading

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Way Back When – TTG

Yesterday my sister sent me a thumb drive with a lot of old family photos. Among them were several from what I believe was a Flag Day celebration on our town green when I was in grammar school. This would … Continue reading

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Today is the US Army’s Birthday

“The United States Army (USA) is the landservice branch of the United States Armed Forces. It is one of the eight U.S. uniformed services, and is designated as the Army of the United States in the U.S. Constitution.[12] The oldest and most senior branch of the U.S. military … Continue reading

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“Biden’s Israel, Saudi Arabia Trips Postponed Until July”

“President Joe Biden’s trips to Saudi Arabia and Israel that had been planned for later this month have been postponed until at least July, but dates have not yet been confirmed, according to administration officials. “We are working on a trip to … Continue reading

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The Human Factor: The Phenomenon of Espionage

by W. Patrick Lang ­­June 2022 — The just released second edition of Col. Lang’s classic work on the art of human intelligence is now available to order from Amazon or iUniverse.  Publisher’s Weekly’s Booklife calls The Human Factor, “A … Continue reading

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Which does Comrade Joe think he is? Lenin or Trotsky?

Reagan thought it was “morning in America” or some such rubbish. Scranton Joe is revealed as the dimwitted front man for a group swept up in revolutionary dreams. I won’t bother to name the people, but the policies of the … Continue reading

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OK Joe, where is the war? Show me the war.

“…  a National Security Council meeting on Ukraine on Sunday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement on Saturday.“President Biden continues to monitor the evolving situation in Ukraine, and is being updated regularly about events on the ground by his … Continue reading

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“Like in 1914 or 1939, we may be sleepwalking towards a global war that nothing can stop”

” Russia is still powerful, but in decline. China until recently appeared to be in unstoppable ascent. But now its economy is stalling, its population ageing, and (like Germany before 1914) it has alarmed its rivals. Its rulers may be starting … Continue reading

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The “Daughter of Time” redux

Researchers claim to have found evidence that the older boy Edward may not have been murdered, but instead secretly allowed to live on his half-brother’s land under a false name. They have followed a trail of medieval documents to a … Continue reading

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“La Grande Fete de Merci Donnant” Buchwald – reposted 2021

“They landed at a place called Plymouth (once a famous voiture Americaine ) in a wooden sailing ship called the Mayflower (or Fleur de Mai ) in 1620. But while the Pelerins were killing the dindes, the Peaux-Rouges were killing … Continue reading

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