New York, Washington? Send them to …

C’mon man! They need to go to Wilmington, Delaware (70,000 inhabitants) and Rehoboth Beach (1100 permanent residents) where Joe and Dr. Jill have their beach house. pl

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  1. JK/AR says:

    And don’t forget Scranton Colonel!

    That is, isn’t it, the place Joe is always on about being from?

    By now ol’ Corn Pop has likely matured into a fine upstanding citizen and taken his rightful place in the Federal workforce – given that ol’ Joe hisself put the fear of G-d into him these many years ago. ‘Cause as we all know by now that, whatever Joe touches always turns out right.

    Er. We do know that don’t we?

  2. TTG says:

    Why stop at those cities? Share the wealth. Bus and train migrants throughout the country and force the entire nation to face and share in the dilemma created by the flow of immigrants. Maybe then enough public pressure can be put on Congress to finally address the issue of immigration. Hell, employers are crying about the lack of workers to fill positions. There might be a solution in all those bussed in immigrants.

    • ked says:

      not a bad approach at all.
      kinda how the US grew when young & needy. now, it is old & needy.

    • Fred says:


      ” employers are crying about the lack of workers to fill positions. There might be a solution in all those bussed in immigrants.”

      Yeah, rather than rasie wages just open the borders. It’s a tried and true method.

  3. Fred says:

    Martha’s Vinyard! And let’s not forget North Hero, Vermont. Bernie would just love some low cost labor to help care for his summer home.

  4. Lefty665 says:

    August is the time to send bus loads of immigrants to Rehoboth. They will get a lot of attention in the “Nation’s Summer Capital” as it identifies itself. There will also be employment opportunities as much of the construction workforce is Hispanic. It’s a twofer.

  5. Condottiere says:

    Send them to charming New England small towns.

  6. jim ticehurst says:

    My Impression..That China is Not the Greatest Threat to the United States of America..
    The Threat is Within The United States..From The Partner China has here..Bringing in All These Farm Labors..Factory Labors..Cartels..Mercinarys..And Any Other Purpose
    They Will Serve In The New American Revolutionary Government..The One of The Democrat (eze) By The Democrat (Eze) and For the Democrat Eze..
    There is Nothing Left for Them to Do..Except Confiscate Land,,Property..Corporations.. Herd The Sheep..and Create Communes..

    Its Obvious..Strategic..and Being Efficiently Carried Out.. Collusion..Indeed,,!

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