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This is an interesting piece on Iran which appeared in US News and World Report and which the author forwarded.  Pat Lang


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  1. b says:

    That is “US News & World Report”, November 2004 – not Newsweek.
    And this choice sentence:
    “Iran is trying to ensure it has … influence in Iraq ”
    analyst,U.S.Central Command
    How bad – now what is the US trying to ensure …

  2. ismoot says:

    Presumably, you favor the US over Iran?

  3. ismoot says:

    Thanks for the correction.
    Pat Lang

  4. angela says:

    I agree that Iran and other distaseful regimes should have voices and that even while criticizing we need to recognize this
    The methods Iran seems to be using and the kind of power it’s setting up are evil.

  5. b says:

    angela – The methods Iran seems to be using and the kind of power it’s setting up are evil.
    Where exactly is the difference between Iranian and American methods?
    And what kind of power is it setting compared to the power the US did and does set up?
    And what is evil? Unprovoked wars of aggressions or maybe systematic torture.
    I don´t like the Iranian regime but that shining city on a hill is long gone too.

  6. ismoot says:

    I agree on the “evil” front.
    I know you are concerned with ultimate questions and so am I. Although I am a “constitutionalist” by inclination and conviction I am concerned that the scribblings of political science doctoral candidates who worked and played at the CPA are going to be determinative in Iraq, and will leave the coutry a “shambles” in the true sense of the word. pat lang

  7. angela says:

    I think the United States is a “lesser evil” and in this imperfect world that makes it a difference. And while I will not deny countries like Iran can accomplish useful things, I think we represent a greater good.
    I contrast N and S Korea as a proof.
    Even our abuse of prisoners is an example, our system publicized and not just the press, but elements within government. I consider responses inadequete and less than ideal, but these partial corections have resulted over time in reforms. In Iran they don’t admit these things.
    Hundreds are murdered every month in Basra, Iranian agents play a part. As a woman I am distinctly sensitive to this terror.
    I agree with you on most basics in Iran. I think e’ve been “punked.” We are tied down fighting a Sunni based insurgency, the Shiites can blow everything to pieces and this administration has never been one for admitting unpleasant facts so they will ignore them.
    I am confident that it’s supporters will come up with “proof” that an Iranian/Iraqi axis possibly combined with civiil ar was exactly what was planned and constututes victory.

  8. ismoot says:

    I think you are right on Iraq and what kind of spin will be put on it. pl

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