Who thinks Chris Wallace is a conservative? – republished 24 September 2020


"On October 11, 2006, The Washington Post reported that Wallace had been a registered Democrat for more than two decades. Wallace explained his party affiliation in terms of pragmatism, saying that being a Democrat is the only feasible means of participating in the political process in heavily Democratic Washington, DC."  wiki


I have linked here to Chris Wallace's interview with Kelley Anne Conway yesterday.

Does anyone think this man is either a conservative or a gentleman? Ah, sorry, I had forgot that "gentleman"  is a term of lost meaning, something like "gay."

He attacks this gallant woman by questioning the solidity of her marriage?  He did that because he could not shake her responses or poise on any of his earlier policy questions.

Why would anyone watch this man's Sunday morning puffery?



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6 Responses to Who thinks Chris Wallace is a conservative? – republished 24 September 2020

  1. Rick Merlotti says:

    Worst of the worst. The man stands for nothing, only seeks acceptance of swamp critters. The contemporary landscape is littered with such soulless, grasping creatures.

  2. Diana Croissant says:

    I have never liked the smugness of Chris Wallace. I liked Mike Wallace better.
    It’s been clear to me for a while now that Chris Wallace most definitely does not like Trump. I certainly hope his is not chosen as a questioner for the debates between Trump and Biden. He won’t be happy unless someone answers exactly as he thinks that person should answer.

  3. turcopolier says:

    Diana Croissant
    He is the moderator for the first debate.

  4. Deap says:

    Wallace was honing his skills on Conway, before taking on Trump. Challenge the B-Team first, observe the responses and then use that to set up A-Team.
    I suspect Biden will be nothing but programed generic bombast and push back, but zero substance, which will be very appealing to Biden’s supporters. Hope Trump stays cool, alert and approachable.
    Biden will string together some Reaganesque …..”there you go again” ….moments, leave with his shirt still on and never do another debate. Best Trump goes avuncular first.
    How to get Trump on the defensive will be the goal of any biased moderator. That is why he practiced on the well-known Kelly Ann pivot that worked so well for Trump in 2016.
    But who knows. I also predicted Biden would choose Tulsi Gabbard for VP, and he may well have but she was smart enough to turn him down. Every election ends up as nail-biting theater until the very end. 2020 no different.

  5. fakebot says:

    He moderated the third and final debate in 2016. The way he framed questions on gun rights and abortion rights in that debate suggested to me a healthy respect for conservative views on these issues.
    He was the first person ever from Fox to moderate a general election presidential debate. He’s probably the best moderator a conservative candidate could hope for.
    On the general topic of Fox News, I’ve been struck by shift in their coverage as much as anyone, but it’s likelier they’re trying to become what CNN once was. There is a hole to be filled by a more middle of the road 24/7 cable news channel now the CNN has gone the way of MSNBC. It’s the right move to make. Hopefully OAN pick ups steam and fills the soon-to-be hole left behind by Fox.

  6. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    When Newt Gingrich had the unmitigated gall to point at George Soros as a financier and instigator of antifa and blm while being interviewed the other day, the interviewer at Fox shut him down as that was Not A Topic To Discuss. Is that part of the purported shift to the “center”? Well, okay, if the “center” doesn’t confront reality, I guess.

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