“one people, one government, one leader” – Biden and “you are all racists, you have always been racists…” – Kamala


After his falls on the stairs of AF-1, Joe and Kamala made several speaking stops in Atlanta in which Joe made it clear that he shares many of the sentiments heard in the last century in places like Germany, Italy, Spain. “One people! One government! One leader!” was his message. Unity! Unity! Unity! Dissent and difference of opinion are clearly not to be accepted in the Democrat/Marxist future envisioned for what is now still the US.

Kamala for her part stated baldly that this is a racist country, a country that has always been racist, and that was conceived in racism, a country filled with xenophobia, that has always been filled with xenophobia. This woman is going to be President of the United States? pl

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25 Responses to “one people, one government, one leader” – Biden and “you are all racists, you have always been racists…” – Kamala

  1. mcohen says:

    March 23 not looking good.hope that volcano does not explode

    • Pat Lang says:


      If you are referring to the presser by grandpa, they will pump him up on drugs, rehearse him heavily and try to learn the questions in advance. He will probably get through it OK.

      • PRC90 says:

        Col. Lang, I played the Falling Joe clip a few times. His age-related loss of motor skills led him to miss the step treads entirely, he did not ‘trip’, etc. I have no doubt that timely medication will correct this to some extent, however nothing will stop the clock.

        This will also begin to affect his hands, so I suggest that despite the meds and physical practice of critical skills (eg., walking and passing documents) we will see less and less of Joe actually doing anything.
        For how long ?

      • mcohen says:

        forget biden.thats already a done deed. icelands volcano is IMHO at 66% chance.

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    Smokin’ Joe back to his old hobby of plagiarising speeches of foreign politicians.

    It’s a diversity ticket, Colonel. Prez as the old kraut Führer, VP as Californian Angela Davis.

  3. BillWade says:

    How long can this fake reality go on for?

    whites and Asians don’t get along, so be it. (the NY Times approves my grammar)

    State of Oregon health officials are recommending the workplace mask requirements be changed from temporary to permanent. This includes high school sports activities. I guess they won’t be setting any records there in Oregon, But, wait, perhaps some records will be broken in women’s sports, ya’ know, those new kind of womens.

    • Fred says:

      Bill Wade,

      You don’t get it. The NYT race baiting is no better than their Russia Collusion stories, their Trump – GA phone call stories (repeating the WAPO setup) and lots before it. Most of the actual anti-Asian violence in this country is perpetrated by young black criminals. The search for the great guilty whitey to keep everyone loyal to the D has been going on for years.

      “…gunman who killed eight people at three Georgia massage parlors on Tuesday targeted the locations because he’d visited them before and blamed them for his sex addiction, cops revealed on Wednesday morning.”

      • Pat Lang says:


        I remember the hunt for the DC sniper. They were widely believed to have been two crazed white supremacist men in a white panel van. They were not.

        • SAC Brat says:

          A few years ago a nearby town had a White Power rally that ended up being about ten people in a park who couldn’t handle sunlight exposure well. There were several times more counter protesters but everything was kept civil by local deputies. While the whole event disappointed the news media I always felt bad for the deputies as they all seemed to be holding in laughing a la the Biggus Dickus scene from the Monty Python film Life of Brian.

          Last September one of my sons and his friend were telling me of driving past a field a few towns south of us here in Georgia and seeing a Klan rally. Both of these kids are mutts and the friend says the rallies happen every once in a while in the area but are getting smaller. We joked that soon the rallies will need to be held in a parking lot so the walkers and motorized scooters don’t get stuck in the dirt.

          So what I am getting at is I doubt the supply of white supremacists can keep up with media demand. Yes the supremacists exist, but their numbers seem to be lower that media portrayal. What cracks me up around here is how we get told we are all racists when I look around and see that a lot of grandkids don’t look like their grandparents. How does that work? Most people have all moved on from categorizing people and just deal with people as they meet them. I often wonder if inter-racial marriage is the biggest fear of the anti-racist crowd.

        • Fred says:

          Yes, just like the Duke lacrosse hoax and more recently the Asian lady attacked in San Francisco by a 19 black man. Jorge Ramos, good thinker, blames white America, right on the front page of the NYT. Bad thinker Steve Sailor, banned by Zuckerberg, has a summary:

          • JerseyJeffersonian says:


            Yes, a good takedown by Steve Sailer, and the comments in the thread add much to the post.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Sure, but it’s such an obviously stupid meme that even liberals like Bill Maher are speaking against it.

        Now that Bad Orange Man is out of office, it looks like centrist Democrats are trying to get the stupid train – engineered by the media and Pelosi/Schumer/DNC – back on the tracks.

        “Maher also said, “I really feel like if it was Armenians who were manning the massage parlors, he would have killed Armenians. We don’t know.”

        He concluded, “Is it that hard to keep two thoughts in our minds at the same time? That this epidemic of violence against Asians is horrible and we have to do something about it, and this probably isn’t part of it.” – Maher

        I’m pretty sure that influencers like Maher don’t appreciate being discriminated against based on their skin color, nor being taxed to death. They’re probably sick and tired of covid restrictions too. Furthermore, speech restrictions and cancel culture represent a serious threat to them.

        IMO, the democrats have a problem with their relationship with their radical wing that is going to fracture the party.


  4. Eric Newhill says:

    No surprises. To anyone who was paying even a little attention, Biden/Harris were up-front about who they are and what they represent before they were elected. This is what something like half of The People want, apparently. The election may have been rigged, but a hell of a lot of people really did vote for the Democrat ticket.

    The other half of The People are going to have to make some tough decisions soon, IMO, or accept that they will just go quietly into that good night.

  5. Balint Somkuti, PhD says:

    There is a sinister counterpart to this saying. From a guy named Schicklgruber.

    “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!”

    Don’t SJW warriors learn history?

    • PRC90 says:

      Balint: Don’t SJW warriors learn history ?

      Good God no, they despise it. To them it’s always time for Year Zero, when they can rebuild the world in a way totally contrary to human nature, and if it all falls apart then it’s your fault not theirs.

    • Fred says:

      Dr. Somkuti,

      But they’ll be in charge this time!

    • Fourth and Long says:

      I think it closed with: “Ein Deutschland.”

  6. PRC90 says:

    ” This woman is going to be President of the United States? ”

    Yes, for at least two years after the mid terms, because the DNC will want to give her some track record before 2024 as opposed to them being blamed for Joe being POTUS from a sickbed. I can’t see any advantage in them taking Joe to a retirement election. The voices in her head will already be saying that she deserves two terms after that.

    Or possibly Tuesday this coming week, if instead of going up, Joe next falls over walking down the stairs and finishes up in a crumpled heap on the tarmac.

    Still, it’s not all bad news. She does not appear to have any real power base of her own. Rather than design and plan her own progressive Californiaista agenda in the Woke House, she’ll be a good mouthpiece and rubber stamp for the various competing factions and PAC owners who need her. God knows to what blend of special interest utopia that will take you – the Great Reset, possibly.

    Due to the scale of the forces at play, I think it’s all gone too far. You lack any form of pro-American leadership but do have a large mass of people who think that is actually a good idea, proudly waving their meager payslips or secure government jobs and moral superiority in the face of the seventy million of their fellow citizens who regard them as dangerous fools.

    You are not going to vote your way out of this, even if you can find a credible electoral process. You may get an Abe Lincoln from somewhere but even he will have to cope with the terrabytes/second of the opposing force’s information warfare capability prior to any election.

    The question will be which States decide they don’t want to play along anymore with the pro-Globalist gun-free minority-led trans-friendly welfare state, and either ignore Washington or actively start dismantling Fed infrastructure that they regard as incompatible with their local priorities.
    Two questions are when this happens, and how long and messy it will be before it develops momentum to the extent that you can get the important enemy locked up, and some semblance of an actual productive economy working again.

    Pres Kamala? She would be just a painting on a wall, the real deal would be happening elsewhere.

  7. BillWade says:

    Looking in our front garden early this afternoon we spotted a swallow tailed kite. Done with bird watching we decided to go out for lunch and do a little people watching, we spotted a few baizuos but no white supremacists. We’ll keep looking.

  8. jerseycityjoan says:

    I can’t say that Harris is wrong in what she says but I would like her to tell us how many places in the world do not have a history of racism and xenophobia.

    The US has been transformed from a mostly white country to one that already has more nonwhite children than white due to immigrants. Our history was known yet recent immigrants moved heaven and earth to come here and live and that includes her own parents.

    Can it be surprising that many Americans are not happy about this transformation? I would say no.

    It is worth pointing out that only about 1/4 of hate crimes against Asians are committed by whites. It is also worth pointing out that the Atlanta shooter denies he targeted Asians.

    Based on what we know today all the exclusively anti-white rhetoric over this terrible incident is misplaced. As for unity, well it seems to me that too many new people and too much diversity overwhelms our ability to assimilate new people into the mainstream of our nation. Diversity may be a strength but it is also a strain.

    • Deap says:

      Interesting ..is it “our ability” to assimilate the numbers of new people that needs more work; or newcomer’s inability to assimilate into our culture that is currently causing fracture lines?

      Demanding we honor and defer to their values (language, culture, religion etc) over nativist values in existence when they arrive is where tensions arise.

      I was an American expat for four years total in two different countries – never once did I expect my new countries to accommodate me. I was their guest and was there on their terms only. Never crossed my mind to game their system or make demands that were not part of my agreement with them prior to my arrival.

      Big weakness today – there feels like there is no longer a shared sense of “American values” or shared history any longer, even among native-born Americans. Hope these subsequent new generations don’t ruin a good thing whatever those key success elements are, that caused so many people to “move heaven and earth” to come here.

      You are right -Kamala Harris has enjoyed the quintessential American success story. Too bad she is such a phony, unlikable and annoying personality.

      But certainly no worse than many other craven ogres in our storied past. Many of us have spent the past four years having to ignore Trump’s personality, while touting and defending his accomplishments. Missing in Ms Harris are the genuine accomplishments, besides sleeping her way to the top and pandering to the California public sector unions. Anyone can do that.

      • Fred says:

        These immigrants are no longer coming to become Americans. There is more incentive to be ‘a victim’ of America so the leftists can reap the rewards of wealth and power redistribution.

  9. sbin says:

    Harris is a reprehensible creature.
    I remember when Tulsi Gabbard destroyed he in the presidential debate and DNC promptly changed the rules and disappeared Ms. Gabbard.
    Truly shameful display.

  10. Peter VE says:

    Every so often I like to point out to the Awakened Ones that KH has no public support. Evidence? She got a total of 129 votes in the Democrat primaries. I got 282, running as a delegate for the Modi/Assad apologist, in a primary 2 months after the Obama slaughter. My half Indian has far more integrity and guts than their half Indian, (plus she’s way better looking, and her laugh isn’t fake).

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