Open Thread 20 November, 2021

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  1. Fred says:

    Another very sad day in FLA. Todays’ the make-up day for for a postponed kingfish tourny down this way. A friend of mine went out today in crappy weather to fish my favorite spot. Sadly I had other commitments that kept me from joining the team. Needless to say he brought back a 35 pounder. Now he’s off to St. Pete to see if that puts him in the winner’s bracket.

    • Leith says:

      What depth do you catch them in down in FLA? My neighbor in Carolina, now long departed, used to troll for kings with a downrigger. He grilled them like steaks with Old Bay seasoning and threw on some lime wedges. Excellent eating.

      • Fred says:


        It depends on the waters and the bait. This was the gulf coast just South of Tampa. Maybe 5-6 foot deep for this particular one; all the baitfish were working the surface. He won 2nd in the biggest fish catagory. The Atlantic side they probably run deaper.

        I haven’t tried Old Bay on kings yet, I’ll try it on one next time.

  2. akaPatience says:

    A personal gripe has been the policy adopted by my local cultural entertainment venues, who are all requiring proof of vaccination in order to attend. I’ve had 2 Pfizer shots (which before long may not be enough to be considered vaxxed) and I’m willing to wear a mask for the couple of hours of a performance, but showing papers or a f***ing Q code is a BRIDGE TOO FAR for me. While I’d love to see some concerts and shows, I just won’t do it as long as this ridiculous policy continues. Sadly, “Follow The Science” obviously became an impediment for authoritarians.

    There are probably thousands of attendees who’ve gladly complied with this rule, yet, I get emails almost every day from various arts groups and venues, exhorting me to take advantage of deep discounts (as much as half price off) for tickets. I’ve wondered if this means attendance hasn’t been satisfactory (I’ve tried and failed to find out attendance data), although the control freaks may ascribe it to Covid fear, if so. Anyway, vindictive as it may seem, I hope box office takes are suffering! I’ve been chomping at the bit to let all of them know why my patronage has ceased but unlike before, I haven’t gotten a single survey request, which is unusual — I’m usually solicited constantly.

    The good news is I’m reading more, and highly recommend the short stories of John Cheever, the “Ovid of Ossining”.

    • Mal says:

      We call it ‘Boycott’, nothing vindictive about it. Free to choose not to partake in, it’s an art in itself. I do feel some vindictiveness when someone who pushes the vaxx like it’s the only answer goes to their great reward, then I thank God and ask for forgiveness.

      Governments world wide are forcing businesses to enforce mandates they could never get passed as laws…..from vaxx Lotteries enticed with Candy….to suggesting forced confinement of the ‘healthy’ but unvaxxed.
      Makes 1984 a bit of a cuddly bed time story.

      Cheers M

  3. longarch says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, in the short term at least, I think the good guys are winning. I still have hope that the world will collectively admit that Ghislaine Maxwell was a small part of a pervasive human trafficking operation. I still have hope that the US public will collectively agree that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump and that Biden had no legal right to pretend to hold the office. I don’t know how that will be resolved; I strongly hope it will be resolved before 2022 elections. In the long term, I think the US has severe challenges.

    I am too ignorant to explain how the US can amend its legal system to return to the Founding Fathers’ principles. The US had a small government in the 18th century, and the US currently is plagued by a powerful deep state. I hope that people wiser than I am can untangle the degeneration that brought the US to its current peril.
    Some examples of relevant essays regarding history relevant to the US Constitution are:

    For several years, I have been trying to delve into the works on Jon Roland. I have sought to understand how US law has diverged so badly from the Founders’ vision, and how the deep state became so powerful. I believe that Jefferson wrote about the correct philosophy for educating lawyers. I believe Jon Roland has written in the past of how legal education in the USA diverged from Jefferson’s intentions. Unfortunately, I cannot find the correct document to explain these claims. It is perilously easy for me to lose hours browsing sub-index pages such as:

    And incidentally, I thank the owner, contributers, and commenters of the turcopolier site for all the useful and edifying information they have given me for the past several years.

    • Bill Roche says:

      Your optimism over the “good guys” winning is encouraging. Unfortunately I don’t share it. The “long arch” of history suggests to me the the Federalists have won at last. The enlightenment is over, totalitarians are ascendant, and the people are asleep. As another correspondent explained to me years ago on SST, the natural state of humans may just be slavery. Hope I’m wrong and you’re right. Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Barbara Ann says:

        Bill Roche

        I tend to agree with this view and the more I see of the authority worship brought about by the plague, the more I tend to agree that slavery is the natural state of most humans. America was colonized and the USA founded by an unusual subset who felt differently. The good news is that history is not made by compliant slaves.

    • Fred says:


      “how the US can amend its legal system”

      The Obama crowd, the neocons, the Clintonians, etc. aren’t obeying the current laws. They want desperately to ‘amend the system’. Claiming that is what we need to do only plays into their hands. I expect the RINOs will come up with a Quislingesque manuever shortly.

      • longarch says:

        The Obama crowd, the neocons, the Clintonians, etc. aren’t obeying the current laws. They want desperately to ‘amend the system’. Claiming that is what we need to do only plays into their hands.

        I am a big fan of Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Tench Coxe, and the anti-Federalists; I did not mean to suggest deviating from their principles. I think everyone here agrees that the Obama crowd is drastically opposed to Washington, Jefferson, and the other Founders.

        The Internet has many writers who oppose Obama and support Jefferson. Some advocate repealing the vast majority of laws (even more than the partial repeal of laws that Trump promised to do). Some claim that US laws are perfect if they are followed strictly (but they have no practical suggestions for forcing evil-doers such as Strzok to follow US laws). Some advocate ending the Federal Reserve System. Some advocate prosecuting (or entirely dismantling) the FBI. Some advocate hunkering down next to a big shelf of canned beans and waiting for the EBT system to collapse. Some say that Taiwan should be garrisoned with US troops and others say Taiwan should be cut loose to fend for itself. General Flynn says every patriot must get involved in local politics (but omits the obvious problem that politics is naturally difficult and that Federal infiltrators make it even more difficult).

        I don’t think I will make the world any better by simply sitting back and doing nothing. However, I also think that if I take stupid actions, I will harm other Jeffersonians and weaken public support for Jeffersonian principles. So ideally I would hope to identify some practical, achievable actions that are not so stupid that they will immediately weaken the Jeffersonian cause.

        It may be that each Jeffersonian must take a slightly different path. But I hope that a broad group of people who respect the Founding Fathers of the USA can agree on some basic principles of practical action.

  4. Aletheia in Athens says:

    What has started in Austria by the alumni of the College of Europe after he was given the callsign by Soros´junior?
    Is this not the revival of the old order?
    Build back better?
    Coincidentally, in the College of Europe, there was a discussion on The Future of Europe, Perspectives and Contributions from the Western Balcans….

  5. Babeltuap says:

    Chinese palace staff chose easily to manipulate child emperors for centuries. Biden is worse than a child. At least a child can mature and possibly break from the handlers. Biden is mentally de-evolving faster than Benjamin Button. He is a 5 year old right now. In a year he will be 2.

  6. jim ticehurst says:

    Interesting that there seems to be Two or More Joe Bidens…The One who speaks his opinions in Public…Talks to Himself..Asking What He sould Do..Say or Speak to Next… My Opinion..Thats The Old Real Joe Biden…Perhaps He Does Those Things on Purpose…Perhaps He is Desperate..>Sending Signals..That He is Being Manipulated…Maybe Held Hostage…The Question then Is…Who ARE those Other Joe Bidens He refers too…Who Sends Out Those White House Memos..Correcting Him..Explaining What He “REALLY” ..Meant…What His “REAL” Policys Are..Who Ever..They are So Powerful..That The Current President..Nor the DNC..Cabal Will Nor Wants to Expose or Stand Up to Them…Its either SUPREME Fear..Or Black Mail and REAL…Communist Collusion Dossiers..They were sleeping With The Dragons…and Thier FANG FANGS for Many Years..How Many Computers of Thiers Hacked..Stolen Data..Meetings..Pay Offs..Bribes…Maybe very Compromising VIDEOs..That Outfit Could even Make it Look Like a Certain Drugged Out Politician or one of thier Family Members..Had been Recorded in a SNUFF Film.. or something made to look like a snuff Film.. Biden knows..The Chinese have sent enough Opiods into The USA..To Kill Everyone..To Me…More Proof Of INTENT..and Pre Staging..and Thats My Twist in the Thread…

    • Mal says:

      I didn’t know Jeffery and Ghislaine where working for the Chinese although I’m sure they threw their share of Blow parties. From the West Bank to the Great Wall, fine line? Same line? No shortage of compromised Governments and politicians to go around.
      Cheers M

    • Fred says:

      Isreal conveniently erased from the discussion.

  7. Deap says:

    Big Game today: Cal beat Stanford. Really beat them. UCLA really, really beat USC. Power to the people. Down with the elites.

    • akaPatience says:

      Another big game, one of possible consequence in NCAA football championship consideration: Oregon got TROUNCED by Utah. Ohio State vs. Michigan will be a big game to watch next Saturday.

      • Deap says:

        The entrenched and might are falling. However, who is not entrenched and mighty when it comes to both Ohio vs Michigan?

        Never forget the local funeral of a rabid Ohio fan whose pre-demise request was to play the Ohio State fight song as mourners departed from the service. Plus his demand to be buried in his school colors tie.

  8. Aletheia in Athens says:

    Corporations Uber like taking over the usual jobs for the Howeitat tribe to make a living…A shame, this tribe are those living in the next village from Petra and have always been the guides and righteous profiteers from their ancient land, Wadi Rum, touristic exploitation….

  9. Barbara Ann says:


    I have been thinking more about your intriguing comment a while back; “I don’t function on the basis of hope”, which you related to the motto of the Von Senger family; “Neither fear nor hope”.

    The ability to function in spite of the former emotion is commonly understood to be desirable, particularly in a martial context, but hope? Is not a total absence of hope a state of despair – a state in which motivation and thus action, are impossible? So to my main question:

    Might we understand the motto as equivalent to “Neither pessimism nor optimism”? This sentiment I can understand as the Stoic’s call to function on the basis of an acceptance of the present reality. Hope and fear themselves are nor expunged, but neither are permitted to drive one’s behavior. BTW, did you learn of the motto from Gen. Frido von Senger’s eponymous memoir?

  10. Sam says:

    AUSTRALIA – The army is now transferring positive Covid cases and contacts in the Northern Territories to ‘Quarantine Camps’ by army truck.

    So it wasn’t a conspiracy theory then.

    Apparently, you can now be regarded as an anti-vaxxer even if you’re vaccinated.

    This dude’s giving Jacinda a run for her money. Who can be more authoritarian while speaking in tongues.

  11. Sam says:

    Dear Australia, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, and Canada…

    This was supposed to be a joke.

    There’s no irony that Austria has locked down the unvaccinated and will force everyone to have the jab and the endless boosters under penalty of law. Germany now considering forcible vaxx. Is there a new Axis where apparently democratic government’s now claim they can force you to inject a chemical over your opposition? What is fascinating how few believe we’ve crossed the Rubicon.

  12. Sam says:

    After the enormous protest yesterday in Vienna, there are thousands and thousands of people on the streets again today in Austria. This is Linz.

    Would the people continue to vote for politicians who push the envelope on removing personal freedoms under the guise of public health and security?

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