Typepad was back down today under attack.  pl

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  1. johnf says:

    SST went down and two other dissident websites I use – “Blood and Treasure” and “Moon of Alabama” – also went down. Is this a pattern?
    Does Typepad have a record of hosting “difficult” sites?

  2. confusedponderer says:

    These DDoS attacks, are they targeted against specific blogs, against the company as a whole. Are they political or just criminal blackmail?

  3. turcopolier says:

    So far, it appears that the whole company was under attack, not specific blogs. This appears to be simple criminal extortion. pl

  4. Dubhaltach says:

    confusedponderer: All of Typepad was under attack – and all of it went down. The addition of Cloudflare doesn’t seem to have helped.
    Colonel: I vaguely remember a posting by you exploring the possibility of moving blogging platform to WordPress. At the time (this was a few years ago) moving from Typepad to WordPress was a major operation fraught with the possibility of losing data. I’m told that these days it’s a very easy process and that the entire blog moves over smoothly without loss of any of the data such as comments, attachments, etc.
    Perhaps it’s time to move – WordPress has far more facilities, is free and I mean ‘free’ both in the ‘costs nothing’ and ‘open source’ senses of the word and has a huge community both of users and developers.
    Perhaps it’s time to consider migrating the blogs you run here?
    I realise this could be seen as my urging you to cave in to extortion but in fact it’s simply that WordPress is a better product, the fact that you’d no longer be affected by Typepad’s travails would be a bonus.
    Two links:
    Umm three links here’s the Google search:

  5. I was collateral damage after the first major outage of SST!

  6. Joe100 says:

    Col Lang –
    In my view you are correct that Webb would never be a VP. He has demonstrated that he is his own man by walking away from a Senate seat. He is definitely a leader. I think he would make a much better president than any of late (not much of a stretch) and would certainly establish a far more sensible and coherent foreign policy.
    He raised serious concerns about inequality way back in his Senate primary campaign, but I found his reasoning somewhat naive. His heart has been and would be in addressing this issue, but it was not evident to me in his primary that he had any real depth of understanding of the problem and realistic solutions.
    I would be surprised if he made a serious run at the Presidency, but agree that would have a better shot as a Republican. My personal view, based on some (far) past acquaintance with Webb, is that he would only run if he felt our country was in very bad shape (we can check that box) and that he might could potentially put us back in a sensible track.
    I think this was his rationale in running for the Senate during Bush’s second term. Today being a Senator offers very little potential to change the direction this administration has us on, which may in part be why he choose not to stick around.
    You may remember that there was a move within the Democratic party to try to recruit Webb as Obama’s VP. Not sure how real or serious that was.

  7. Ryan says:

    I like James Webb in a number of issues. I can’t see him as VP either. His temperament goes against this.
    He’s probably best known for his book “Fields of Fire”. This is a good read. For me, I think his best book I read some years ago was “Something to Die For”. If I have the correct book in mind Colonel “Wild Bill” Fogarty was a MAU commander who died in Eritrea while repelling the attack of either a Cuban MRD or TD, I don’t remember which. Webb through his characters explore the damaged done to the economy through so-called “free trade” agreements.
    To all of this august blog, a commemorative and reflective Memorial Day to you.

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