Outcomes of #Metoo / BLM / Antifa / Cancel Culture By Walrus.

I wrote a post on the above-mentioned subject but I deleted it. I will not discuss the demonisation of White heterosexual Males in all its forms for fear of cancellation. I will instead leave you with my conclusions – which are consistent with The Walrus Law; Governments achieve the reverse of their stated objectives.

Conclusion 1. No white male corporate manager is going to risk their career by engaging in any of the following actions:

– Mentoring female subordinates.
– Taking one on one meetings with any female.
– Participating in any but the most innocuous social functions with female subordinates and certainly not where alcohol is present.
– In fact avoiding any one on one situation with a female.
– It also stands to reason that women will not be employed or promoted if sufficient excuse can be found. There wasn’t a glass ceiling. There is now.

Why? Because a female subordinate can now permanently end a males career in a microsecond by the act of alleging any impropriety thanks to #metoo. No proof is required.

Conclusion 2. The British/ European/ American class system is coming back with a vengeance. Young men and their parents will confine their search for partners and social interactions, to females of the same social strata, values, financial resources and background as their own. This is not a guarantee of marital harmony, It does however decrease the likelihood of a male being accused of relationship and career destroying improprieties twenty years after the alleged event. You can forget marrying ‘for love’ outside your social class.

Conclusion 3. Male behaviour in the upper and middle classes is indeed going to change. We will witness the return of the Chaperone for males. We will witness the end of many mixed sex parties and entertainments because of the ever present threat of denouncement. Expect single sex private schools to flourish. Co -education is an invitation for a young males career to be finished before it even starts – all it takes these days is an allegation made perhaps years and years after the alleged “event”. The first a young male will know about it is when he is arrested and handcuffed.

Conclusion 4. The nature of families is going to change. We are going to see the return of stereotyped roles. Case in point? As a Grandfather I have decided I will have nothing more to do with the informal upbringing of grand daughters – there is too much risk that if they go off the rails in puberty or get involved in drugs, mental illness, etc. they will conveniently blame sexual abuse by a relative as the cause. That means I will never allow myself to be alone with them or be responsible for them ever and the rest of the family know it. Period. The personal risk is just too great

I have examples to back up each conclusion but I will not share them with you.

I have not addressed the American race and firearm based issues but I would expect that changes to firearm laws and characterisation of various behaviors as “extremist’ will also have the same opposite effect from what Government intended.

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  1. Peter Williams says:

    If I recall correctly, Walrus, you’re Australian. I’m so sad that you can’t involve yourself with your granddaughters. I’m lucky, my granddaughters live in Russia. I’ve been involved with them since birth. Yeah, I have been bashed on the head occasionally because they shit where they shouldn’t, by daughter no.1 , and I should be a better Дедя. Such is life.

    Twenty five years ago, on the Central Coast, a young girl was being strangled by her long hair wrapped around her throat and caught in the chains of her swing. Nobody was doing anything! I rushed over and lifted her to allow her to breathe. The reaction from the crowd and even my own in-laws was that I’d be charged with sexual assault. E’ff that, I’m Jack, and we don’t watch people die and not help.

    The parents finally turn up and are screaming at me. About the same times the coppers turn up, and the female Police Constable runs to a nearby shop and returns with a pair of scissors. A little bit of hairdressing and the situation is resolve.

    Then the parents want me charged with sexual assault. The Senior Constable suggested that child neglect might be a more appropriate charge.

    I’d hate to think how that would play out in modern Australia. I’d probably be serving time with Brothers 4 Life members.

    • walrus says:

      Pete, it’s a choice I’ve made. They are great little kids, but they have parental issues and no one knows what happens to them later in life, particularly teenage years. One mouth off to a doctor, shrink, teacher or police and thanks to mandatory reporting, you are a felon. .

      I prefer to take myself out of the equation so to speak. If they turn into rational 30 somethings and I’m still alive, well. I have told the parents that the kids are only allowed to visit with them. We cannot and will not provide child sitting services, its too dangerous these days.

  2. Tess says:

    While refusing to meet and educate your grandaughters because of the alleged increasing risks, you refuse to pass on them whatever knowledge and survival skills you could have learnt and thus accept leaving them unprotected and totally vulnerable to face the incoming dictatorship, which equates selling them to slavery…

    Of course, if you never gave a damn about women, totally understandable…


    • TV says:

      Did you READ his essay?
      Thanks to WOKE airhead millennials and crazed feminists, normal and harmless interaction is severely prohibited between just about all people.
      Someone else pointed out how the glass ceiling is stronger than ever.
      What male executive in his right mind has ANY less than a formal arms-length relationship with a female at work?
      Women have railed for years about being excluded from out-of-office events.
      They were prophets.
      Who, in his right mind, hires potentially litigious females (I know all about this) ?

      • Tess says:

        Agree in the current hysteric wave by woke airhead millennials, but, anyway, what´s wrong with arms-length realtionship at work?
        Arms-length distance has always been considered the security distance..
        I find it difficult to feel comfortable if anyone, male or female, comes in front of me at shorter distance…I normally prefer to have a complete view of my interlocutor…to have more data…body language and all that and whether it fits face expression and discourse…very useful whatever the situation…

        I was meaning walrus loses a precious opportunity to transmit his grandaughters what of valuable he has learnt through his life, something which then they could find of value in the world they will have to face…My granfather died prematurely, well, it happens that he could well be the most likeminded person to me in my whole family, yet i lost the opportunity to acced his wisdom, his taughts, his advisory…I have regreted my whole life…

    • walrus says:

      Tess, a casual comment from a child about how “Grandpa picked me up and sat me on his knee” let alone teaching them “knowledge and survival skills” can and has been turned into sexual assault and grooming allegations during divorce and custody battles between vindictive parents. I will not participate.

      The mother of one of the seven year old grand daughters has recently moved in with her new boyfriend, taking my grand daughter with her, he happens to also have a seventeen year old son living with him. They are apparently all recreational drug users (which was the reason for my sons divorce from her).

      My son is beside himself with fear of what may happen next. Do you now understand why I need to distance myself from this approaching disaster? The child protection authorities are a bunch of useless politically correct ninnies.

      • Tess says:

        Sorry to hear, yes, in that scenario, everything could turn messy.
        Moreover with drugs involved.
        May be you and your son will have the opportunity to recover them after some time passes, mayy be when they are adults…In the end they will decide…

        Good luck!

  3. Bill H. says:

    Indeed. I suspect that if I were of dating age (and single) today I would go on to die celibate. A minority of women have made engaging with the entire gender entirely too dangerous.

  4. Oilman2 says:

    I brought this up on another blog I read.

    The law of unintended consequences…

    We are an adaptive bunch; witness how successful Prohibition was, or the alleged ‘War on Drugs’. Look at how Trumps border wall was rapidly shot to hell with a few acetylene torches and some hinges – making really nice gates for the coyotes to run people through.

    It’s interesting that there is no actual, physical way that the number of guns out here ‘in the wild’ is even known, much less can be seized. Guns can be seized by the ATF/FBI/etc. making a huge raid on a single family and killing them all as examples – but once that card is played, the ante will be upped and things will not be as easy for them. The gun grabbers are literally about 200 years too late, as the gun cow is long out of the barn.

    The Covidian Cult is waning finally – in spite of the push by the globalist CDC, WHO, Big Pharma, MSM and many others. It’s hard to push fear of dying when there is nothing to base it on any longer.

    So now we are back to Ukraine, where Biden is both well known and well connected. Russia will swat anything approaching her borders, and may swat hard. I would not be surprised to see our puny couple of ships in their sea crippled electronically, again. But Russia doesn’t want what NATO and Biden are serving for dinner.

    It’s the same old SSDD of world ending disasters to keep everyone afraid of everyone else while the big wheels in government are sending contracts out to their family members and their various foundations using money leveraged against our grandkids.

    57 genders; women cannot be approached without opening yourself to legal actions and yet they are all in the military and government positions in far larger percentages than people realize. Our local school principal was recently accused of “inappropriate conduct” with a female teacher who is so obese she requires an electric scooter to move her bulk about. Having actually seen this female, it was obvious to me, as a man with normal appetites, that approaching her would have resulted in disgorgement of the previous meal and not engorgement of anything.

    It’s human nature that when you forbid something unilaterally, it becomes more attractive to many, just for the sake of flouting convention. Perhaps that is what the morbidly obese teacher is striving for?

    We are entering the Land of Unintended Consequences, and there is no way but through.

  5. Sam says:

    Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Receives Backlash for Buying a $1.5 Million House in a Predominately White Neighborhood


    The whole BLM/Metoo movement is “political” and primarily driven by media/academia/think-tank elites. Yes, mostly white males and females along with the token members of the “aggrieved” class. I don’t get the psychology but denouncing their own race/ethnicity/gender/identity through virtue signaling to achieve political ends is the game. Cancellation and destruction of careers are all part and parcel of techniques to suppress dissent and breed compliance to the overlords.

    This trend has not occurred overnight. It is many decades in the making with creeping fascism – the melding of Big Business and Big Authoritarian Government. This is not just Democrats but Republicans too. The division and fracturing of society on the basis of identity is deliberate. Gullibility is no excuse. The vast majority of Americans have fallen for identity politics across many generations.

    • Carey says:

      I am in full agreement with your comment, Sam; except perhaps for the last sentence. Woke-ism is an *elite project*, serving primarily to get the little
      people to fight each other, rather than the vastly-wealthy Very Few..

      • Sam says:


        Charles Barkley speaks it out on sports TV. Fascists always gain and cement power through fear and division. It is our fault for allowing them to do that. As Pogo said…. and Ben Franklin reportedly said – a republic if you can keep it. Blaming the elites is a cop out. That’s what they do. It is for the average American as a group to prevent that. If we keep voting Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum what should we expect?

        • Carey says:

          > Blaming the elites is a cop out. That’s what they do. It is for the average American as a group to prevent that. <

          Your final sentence makes no sense. Americans are being
          pummeled into not seeing themselves as Americans first,
          and in so many different ways:

          -Identity Politics: LGBTQIA-LRXYZ..
          -Differences of opinion on Da Covid™ blown up to maximum level
          – Sensationalized, Corporatist "News" maximizing every
          petty difference they can find..

          That's a start. Yeah, maybe your mcVote *will* potentially
          make a Difference at a local level, but that's all; anything
          above that in the food chain is utterly gotten-to.

          Charles Barkley has it right, and I'm and impressed that he was willing to speak up. The dude always did have a pair..

      • bwilli123 says:

        If the ‘woke’ movement were actually a revolution that threatened ‘the powers that be,’ it would never have been allowed to get this far.

        • Carey says:

          > If the ‘woke’ movement were actually a revolution that threatened ‘the powers that be,’ it would never have been allowed to get this far. <

          The latter *run* it. At a plausibly-deniable distance, and through PMC lackeys, of course.

          Divide et Impera is not exactly new..

  6. Erich Newhill says:

    I don’t know about all of that. As much as I despise “woke” culture, I think these concerns are little overblown; or at least they are in *my* experience as a corporate manager for a major US company. A caveat being the since the Covid panic/woke control of the world, we’ve all been working virtually and all business trips are cancelled. So there is little to no opportunity for situations to arise.

    I have a couple of relevant rules from which I never deviate; 1. Never discuss politics at work unless it is in a purely analytical way that is related to impact on our business. 2. Do not meet with female employees – whether they be higher-ups, peers or staff – one on one, outside of the office (e.g. not at a happy hour). The former I implemented from day 1 in my corporate career and the latter I developed based on early experience, but not the experience you may think.

    I entered the corporate world in my late 30s and well into my 40s I was a very fit handsome devil (I’m getting fairly long in tooth now, in my late 50s). I have been told by my superiors that I exude a quiet, calm confidence and it seems that people perceive me as being intelligent and polite. Apparently women find that mix attractive. As recently as ten years ago, I had all kinds of women, from work, coming onto me. I know the difference between some harmless flirting and the real thing, though, IMO, as inevitable as it may be, even the harmless flirting should stay out of the work place. An attractive female employee is in a boring meeting with me, I catch her looking at me, she smile coyly, bats her eyes, flips her hair back a little and looks at me again with a sultry smile. That’s harmless flirting. Used to happen all of the time. Debriefing over a cocktail on a business trip with a female employee, in the hotel bar, and she starts running her foot up my leg, that’s crossing the line. That kind of scenario used to happen frequently too. Married women, single, older, younger, peers, bosses, staff – and, especially, when they were engaged to be married. Are they going to be ticked off and vengeful if I turn them down? Would they destroy me later if I take them up on their offer? I didn’t want to find out. Best to avoid the situation.

    Anyhow, it seems to me that hiring high quality people in the first place diminishes the risk significantly. No one with talent and ambition wants to sacrifice a rewarding corporate career by starting trouble over “me too” nonsense. That goes for both the alleged perpetrator and the alleged victim in scenario. So far, I haven’t become aware of any accusations or legal issues at work.

    As for the grandfather/woke grand daughter thing, I hadn’t thought about that, but, sadly, you have a good point there. Idiot school counselors and poorly raised scatter brained friends can sway a forming young mind to say all kinds of damaging things.

  7. Peter Moritz says:

    Pray tell – what is wrong with single sex schools? I grew up in Germany when all schools were either for male or female students, and I maintain I had a more respectful attitude towards females because of that.

    But I forget – sex does not mean anything, as anyone can freely choose Zir, Hir, Eir, Vis, Tem, Eir preferred possessive pronoun for Zir, Hir, Eir, Vis, Tem, Eir preferred gender..which makes establishing schools for about 63 genders (http://www.hoschl.cz/files/6035_cz_Genders.pdf) rather improbable….

  8. Deap says:

    Time to explore the prevailing wisdom that led to some of those “stuffy, old-fashioned codes of conduct” that maybe were not to silly after all.

    Perhaps they offered more freedom, than our modern version of freedom has afforded.

    Freedom from STDs; freedom from false accusations; freedom of movement in public settings; freedom from drunken harassment and freedom morning after remorse; freedom from solo parent impoverishment — though the story of the “plucky orphan” was long fodder for coming of age literature classics …….

    Just re-watched the Shirley Temple “Heidi” – plucky orphan on steroids, matched only by Anne of Green Gables as female empowerment role models who did thrive in a world of code of conduct restrictions..

  9. Jose says:

    Walrus, unfortunately I have to agree with you. We are approaching the point where husband and wife need to sign a consent agreement to have sex. Young adults’ are simply avoiding the subject due to social pressures.

    Our experts are deflecting “Liberal” ideas with other factors:


  10. TV says:

    Interesting about the school principal being accused by a small elephant.
    Ever look at a lot of these women claiming sexual harassment.
    In their wildest dreams.
    But hey, it can turn into a payday.

  11. Seward says:

    Would that it were so, that we could somehow return to the world Downton Abbey, were gentlemen stood whenever ladies entered or left a room. (Which really wows them, incidentally, if they realize what you’re doing: only actual ladies of course.) But IMHO things must need get much, much worse before there’s a turn for the better. After the horrors of transgenderism, which few of us could have foreseen even 10 years ago, we’ll likely have to plumb the depths of polygamy, maybe beastiality, and other things to fierce to mention, beyond our contemplation, before this bottoms out. Only some major disaster, like another great depression, or our defeat in war, will likely shock us back to sensibility.

    • Deap says:

      Future shock: Invasion of the US by 1.5 billion Chinese……. looking for Lebensraum……… and a demographically disproportionate number of uncoupled Chinese males looking for wives?

      We should get nervous if the Chinese start buying up abandoned cruise ships, after the CDC shuts down the entire industry, and turns them into male troop transports.

      (File under Off the Wall; but that same file is bulging now with accurate prognostications deemed fanciful at the time.)

    • walrus says:


      That is where we are going – Downton Abbey. Only this time the pleasantries are going to be to protect male reputations, not female honor.

  12. Carey says:

    Those who in fact Rule Us in the West are very pointedly creating a world that no sane
    person (other than the ultra-rich, to whom their own rules do not apply) would want to live in.. is this not now obvious enough?

  13. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Regarding “the demonisation of White heterosexual Males in all its forms”,
    I would like to add some evidence, and some historical background.
    The two links below, of articles written by an anonymous American professor, give some vivid evidence.
    Each link is followed by a quote from the linked page.


    “In the midst of all of this “inclusion,” one can look in vain for anything positive for Whites, Europeans, etc.
    The only mention of Whites, as a group, is always in a purely negative sense.”


    “The curriculum of my institution is to be changed to prioritize “social justice” over all else; indeed, we have been told that we need to de-emphasize actual scholarship, the teaching of objective facts, and providing a truly enlightened liberal arts education in favor of politicized far-left talking points. The entire curriculum is to be subordinated to radical anti-White propaganda. Please note that this trend in American academia is not restricted only to undergraduate education, but also extends into post-graduate education of all sorts: graduate school, law school, medical school, etc. With respect to the latter, the scientifically illiterate and hyper-politicized hysterics of the AMA are used to justify curriculum changes at the level of medical education; one set of political hacks justifies the lies and distortions of another group, and vice versa. All of these academic and professional organizations are completely dominated by the Left.”

    I first encountered the demonization of my value system during my stint at Brandeis Univ. from 1967 to 1973.
    There, much to my amazement and shock,
    the soldiers of the U.S. Army were called “babykillers”.
    Of course, there may have been isolated instances where Vietnamese children were wrongly killed,
    but it was commonplace to generalize this to the whole U.S. Army in VN.
    Likewise, police were called, for no evident reason, “pigs”.

    It wasn’t just the U.S. Army and the police that were trashed.
    “Smash the establishment” (sometimes more specifically “Smash the WASP establishment”)
    was a commonly expressed demand.
    Also, “the bourgeoisie”, or “bourgeoisie values”, were to be despised and scorned.
    I am sure there were many at Brandeis who did not support such radical ideas, but they were certainly more common there than in my previous environments.

    As to hatred of whites and the then-mainstream white culture, there were three prominent (non-Brandeis) examples;
    1. Susan Sontag: “The white race is the cancer of human history”
    2. (Somewhat later) Tim Wise
    3. Weatherman John Jacobs, quoted in Mark Rudd’s Underground: “We’re against everything that’s good and decent in honky America. We will burn and loot and destroy. We are the incubation of your mother’s nightmare.”

    For further documentation, see the excellent article:

    • Keith Harbaugh says:

      The claims and asserted experiences of the anonymous American academic cited above are seconded by a named American academic, Lama Abu-Odeh, here:

      National Review: Georgetown Law Professor Decries ‘Maoist Takeover’ of Academia.

      “Terror and dread fill academic workers, professors and staff alike, and it is everywhere.

      A new ruling elite has taken over academic institutions, and it is using its ‘minority status’ to exercise a ‘soft coup’ …

      She goes on to talk about what she calls
      “the all-powerful members of the victim minority faculty”
      (her words!).

  14. irf520 says:

    There’s another possible outcome. That is one where the bottom 80% of men (the ones that the average woman thinks are ‘below average’ in attractiveness) can’t get a middle-class job at all. They are limited to jobs which are dangerous (e.g. police officer, firefighter, construction), dirty (refuse collector, sewage worker) or unglamorous (e.g. bicycle-based delivery operative – jobs which the women don’t want. The ‘top jobs’ are all held by women and the small number of men they are interested in.

  15. peter says:

    oha, thx for that change of perspective and sorry for copyright infringement, as a lazy person,
    I will use your arguments without remorse ;O

  16. Fred says:


    You left out race. Having had to fire a couple of protected class employees over the years was only marginally better- in regards to the negative blowback on the manager – than the problems you describe. In addition to the grandfathers you should realize father’s have faced such false allegations since at least the ’80s. Try giving your 2 year old a bath today and see what accusation you might have to defend yourself from in a decade. Thank feminists and the lgbt+ movements for that.

    • walrus says:

      Fred, I’ve never fired a member of a minority. What works better is to declare them “redundant’ (ie: their job just disappeared) so its no fault and a tax free $30k – $50k compensation payment on top of their legal entitlements to make it a little sweeter.

      • Fred says:


        These employees committed theft. The last one pre-commited company funds then provided false documentation multiple times to the general auditors office. I didn’t fire that one, I had to do the retraining route. He decided to leave on his own accord .

  17. PRC90 says:

    Do these things happen by mass hysteria, or by intent ? The former tends to burn itself out when the promised rewards do not arrive. It would be interesting to work up the chain to the source of the money and intellectual force required to power all this and to co-opt government acquiescence.

    Walrus, may I add two more:

    5. An attempted capture of the new power center, that being instant access to the minds of the public, created by social media in the last fifteen years, in a way proven successful by the lodgement of ‘progressive’ forces within education systems decades earlier. Nature, and ‘progressives’ abhor a vacuum, and it’s well underway now.
    Nothing decisive would result, merely the capture of newly available ground. Note that existing ground held by established powers are left untouched.

    6. In the US, a division between ‘woke’ States and the deplorable States, characterized by deliberate legislative differences and measured by the movement of people to States that reflect their ideological preferences. Will the ‘woke’ States offer full employment economies, and would that even matter to the woke refugees ?
    The key word of point 6. is ‘division’, and the US cannot maintain it’s place in the world in that condition. All of this will not be reversed except by force and with the backing of the majority, even a bare one, of the US population. That force will need to be headed by a non-conforming leader with the credibility to muster it and to administer what comes after, and that ain’t Karmala.

  18. optimax says:

    A friend of mine’s sister went to a therapist who convinced the sister her parents had messed with her mind by performing satanic rituals on her when she was young and and had suppressed the memories. Supposedly, the therapist had helped her recover these traumatic events when, in fact, the therapist had implanted them. This took place in the 80s when many innocent people were accused of performing satanist rituals, sometimes including human sacrifice. There were some real devil worshiping killings but it turned into an out of control witch hunt.

    The sister eventually recovered her sanity after tormenting her family for a couple of years and made up with her parents. Therapists track most of their patients problems back to the parents, based on Freudian theory, even when the problem is drug and alcohol abuse, as it was with this woman. The father was a Methodist minister.

    Today sexism and racism are as over blown as satanism was in the 80s. I wonder what the next media implanted Big Trauma will be?

    • Sam says:

      I’m not sure how widespread therapeutic malpractice is but at times I wonder how rigorous is the field of psychology? I think it is important to study human behavior but I question if it can be generalized and whether it is capable of capturing nuance. The one problem that I have with the practice is the incentive structure. It is $/billable hour not $/outcome. The incentive is clearly to increase billable hours.

      In any case I recall well the McMartin case and the surrounding media hysteria and witch-hunts. Reminiscent of the current woke and cancel culture hysteria.


    • Carey says:

      > Today sexism and racism are as over blown as satanism was in the 80s. I wonder what the next media implanted Big Trauma will be? <

      So does this mean I'm not the only one who remembers the McMartin mcScandal?

      It's disappointing but not really surprising to see how easily swayed and led
      the Polity can be.. those very few who rule us depend on that.

      • Pat Lang says:


        Did those people ever get out of jail?

        • Carey says:

          I don’t know, but will try to find out and post here.
          That witch-hunt felt *very fishy* even at the time..
          almost like there was a subtext-in-the-making.

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