Palin, Buchanan and Israel?

Buchanan "Rep. Bob Wexler, D-Florida, took the AP report, and said "John McCain’s decision to select a vice presidential running mate that endorsed Pat Buchanan for president in 2000 is a direct affront to all Jewish Americans. Pat Buchanan is a Nazi sympathizer with a uniquely atrocious record on Israel, even going as far as to denounce bringing former Nazi soldiers to justice and praising Adolf Hitler for his ‘great courage.’ At a time when standing up for Israel’s right to self-defense has never been more critical, John McCain has failed his first test of leadership and judgment by selecting a running mate who has aligned herself with a leading anti-Israel voice in American politics. It is frightening that John McCain would select someone one heartbeat away from the presidency who supported a man who embodies vitriolic anti-Israel sentiments.""  ABC News


Well, I don’t think that Buchanan is a Nazi sympathizer, but it is clear that he thinks Israel has had too much influence on American foreign policy.

The Palin/McCain campaign is now doing its best to minimize the degree of Sarah Palin’s past support for Pat Buchanan’s Quixotic attempts to run for president.  They point to her later (?) support for Forbes as an antidote to the notion that she was a serious Buchanan supporter.  A "pitchfork" mom? 

It will be hard to make that work for a lot of hard core Zionists.  Palin’s support for Buchanan was more than casual.  He is quoted in this piece in such a way that he appears to think she was a serious supporter.  You may not like Buchanan but he is not delusional.  In fact, his lack of delusion on many subjects has caused him a lot of trouble.

The big question about Palin and "foreign" policy ought to be how she can have supported Buchanan’s view that Israel is a small, foreign place, far away that costs the US more than it is worth.  Now she is the running mate ("soul mate" as well?) of John (Ich bin ein Tel Aviver) McCain.

The cynicism of the people running the McCain campaign will allow for an easy amnesia of her earlier position if the Democrats allow that.  The possibility of relentless questioning on this point beckons.

McCain does not deal well with frustration.  He does not deal well with opposition to his judgment calls.  There is a real possibility that he can be provoked into a moment… "You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth.  They stole my strawberries.  They stole my strawberries…."  That would be "The End."

And then, there is Joe (sledgehammer) Biden on the other side… pl

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  1. Duncan Kinder says:

    if the Democrats allow [amnesia of her prior position
    The Democrats will allow it.

  2. Will says:

    pat buchanan did you say?
    from a recent email i sent
    “probably better at playing checkers than chess
    considering another flyboy as Prez
    probably something about the G’s scrambling their thinking organ
    After 9.11, Bush wanted (and did) invade Iraq (which Richard Clarke said would be like invading Mexico as far as having connections to Al-Qaeda) BUT McCain wanted to invade, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, & Syria.
    articles well worth reading
    you may learn something about what passes for McCain’s thinking
    And None Dare Call It Treason
    by Patrick J. Buchanan (08/22/08)
    Who is Randy Scheunemann? He is the principal foreign policy adviser to John McCain. But he has another identity, another role.
    Who Started Cold War II
    by Patrick J. Buchanan (08/19/08)
    The American people should be eternally grateful to Old Europe for having spiked the Bush-McCain plan to bring Georgia into NATO.
    Blowback From Bear-Baiting
    by Patrick J. Buchanan (08/15/08)
    Saakashvili’s decision to use the Olympic Games to cover Georgia’s invasion of its breakaway province must rank in stupidity with Nasser’s decision to close the Straits of Tiran to Israeli ships. ”

  3. “They stole my strawberries. They stole my strawberries….”

  4. meletius says:

    Now, Col Lang, Captain McQueeq’s actual line is: “And then there were the strawberries….(starts playing with ball bearings)..I proved using geometric logic that the messboys made a duplicate key to the storeroom….(trails off)….But just ask me questions, ask me questions, and I’ll do the best I can to answer them…..” No more questions, Captain….courtroom silence.
    The climax of the film, of course. Well chosen, Col.
    I love the association of McCain with Queeq—you’re devilish!

  5. Maureen Lang says:

    The debates might provide that provocation moment. Quick thinking, erudite Obama debate skills & subtle (or not so) sniping using same frustrates the hell out of John McTeleprompter, who then goes off like a bottle rocket.
    I can dream that Debating Obama will somewhat put decorum aside & go for the gusto, can’t I?

  6. The Jewish vote is still undecided in this one and story could be of importance.

  7. David W. says:

    While I hold no love for Buchanan, the fact that he aroused the ire of the Zionist choir brings him up a notch in my eyes. Since he’s a well-known conservative, it won’t be so easy to, ahem, deny him. Let’s hope that Buchanan draws into the debate; I think he’d make mincemeat of McCain’s foreign policy, and call needed attention to the work of unreconstructed neocon/war profiteer cum foreign policy advisor Randy Scheunemann.
    btw, Buchanan made a cardinal error of the conservative/fascist wing: never publicly admit your inner admiration for Hitler–save it for private time in your bunker;>

  8. lina says:

    Gov. Palin is a Buchanan supporting creationist who boarded an aiplane following the commencement of labor in her 5th pregnancy.
    She is, in a word, nuts.
    Only in America.

  9. zanzibar says:

    I have noticed several Democratic party elected representatives bring up McCain’s temperament and his hot headed nature over the past couple weeks. Followed up by Obama’s convention challenge to debate temperament and judgment.
    I guess the next step would be to provoke an outburst that could then be sent out on YouTube to substantiate that meme.
    Palin’s got several issues that are percolating in the “tubes” waiting for an intrepid corporate media reporter to latch on. From Troopergate to membership in the Alaskan Independence Party that wants to secede to being a Buchanan supporter. All its going to take is one of these issues to get interesting enough for the piranas and it could quickly devolve into questions about McCain’s judgment and his response could lead to the temperament moment. The good news for McCain is that the elections are just 2 months away.

  10. J says:

    it appears that the palin choice was to avert a disaffection of the republican base over mccain picking lieberman. had mccain committed the cardinal sin of having lieberman as his number 2, the republican base would have bolted mccain ‘for sure’. ergo mccain would have lost any chances he had for a seat in the oval office. lieberman was leprosy for mccain’s presidential aspirations.
    to the israel first crowd (i.e. the israeli govt. through their various ‘store-fronts’) lieberman was their ‘hope for’ as given mccain’s rather fragile health and possiblity he could not last his four year term in office, the israel firster crowd would have a fellow israel firster a heartbeat away from the presidency. ergo israel would have its first unelected in the u.s. presidental position. and with the israeli govt. having bought and sold the congress through their various store-fronts, would then have had the necessaries to commit to their full steam quest for their total, TOTAL hegemony over the entire middle east and in a position for possible global conquest through their ‘second state’ as they see the u.s..
    israel was up to no good in georgia, and thankfully the russian military machine put a stop to israel’s plans for another very unnecessary mideast war.
    with mccain picking palin as his ‘second’, it has put the israel first crowd to nashing their teeth, and has given the u.s. a breather (for a while anyway) from an israel firster take-over of the u.s. white house.

  11. Cieran says:

    Gov. Palin is a Buchanan supporting creationist who boarded an aiplane following the commencement of labor in her 5th pregnancy.
    And from the news report you cite, she’s apparently satisfied with risking the health of her unborn child if her professional schedule benefits.
    So that’s perhaps one of the reasons McCain sees her as a soulmate: they are both adamantly against compromising the health of the unborn, unless said fetus is a member of their family, in which case their resolute opposition morphs into “well, it all depends…”
    (my oldest son was born under similar circumstances, with his mom’s water breaking a month early… we had excellent medical care, and our doctors made it completely clear that nobody was going anyplace save for “straight to the hospital” to deliver our now-thankfully-healthy son. Rupture of the amniotic sac involves substantial risks of infection for the fetus. The strategy of heading to the airport simply boggles the mind…)

  12. Tim says:

    We Democrats mock Governor Sarah Palin at our peril. She is a social conservative, a populist, and a women. She connects with three important demographics and if you want to talk energy she will eat your lunch.

  13. rjj says:

    It will be hard to make that work for a lot of hard core Zionists.

    What about generic voters who outnumber hardcore Zionists?
    It will certainly affect media coverage. But these generic voters do not have much regard for CorpsMedia embalmed-head mouthpieces.

  14. Marcus says:

    The neo-cons will get word back to the fold how pliable Ms. Palin is, and we can bet the answer is an open slate.
    Everybody would know about these Randy Scheunemann associations if we still had a responsible media:
    “During the 2002 and early 2003 campaign by the George W. Bush administration to generate public support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Scheunemann had a close association with Iraq exile Ahmad Chalabi.”
    “While the foreign affairs advisor to Republican presidential candidate John McCain, Scheunemann was also a registered foreign agent (lobbyist) for the Republic of Georgia”

  15. fnord says:

    Again channeling H.S. Thompson, he noted that Pat Buchanan was one of the few people surrounding Nixon that had a open perspective and was intelectualy able to communicate with wildly different opinions. (He seemed to like Thompsons rock n roll/anarchist approach to “the game”.) “Fear and loathing on the Campaign Trail 72” stands for me as the one book to understand us politics…
    But, as earlier mentioned, it seems to me that the repubs are throwing this election. Palin seems like a sure no-winner. Seen in the light of mr. Kiracofes comments, it seems more like the loonatic right consolidating.

  16. Canuck says:

    I’m lost…what does this article have to do with Palin’s qualifications as Vice President?
    From what I’ve read, she has an undergraduate degree in Journalism, was elected major of a small town and later voted Governor of a state with a population smaller than the smallest state in the Union (2006 Population Estimates: Rhode Island 1,067,610 compared to Alaska’s 670,053.
    With such a small resume, she’s not qualified to take on the role of President of the lone superpower in the world. I didn’t see gardening among her accomplishments, but if she adds that to her curriculum vitae; she could perhaps help the Head Gardener look after the Rose Garden?

  17. David Bernstein says:

    Palin supported Steve Forbes, not Pat Buchanan, so your entire premise is mistaken.

  18. Arun says:

    Anybody know anything about the Council for National Policy? Apparently they vetted and picked Palin.

  19. Steve says:

    While I disagree with Pat Buchanan on many things, I have always found him to speak with candor and intelligence regarding the influence of the neo-conservatives, the influence of the Israeli lobby, and the plight of the American economy.
    I have no idea if Palin is an antisemite–I doubt it–but her support for Buchanan should in no way indicate that.
    And neither should “vitriolic anti-Israel sentiments”, whatever Wexler meant by that.

  20. Paul says:

    Hope the Democracts find the gonads to pursue Palin on the Buchanan angle.
    The Palin show is just days old and we are getting new information about her weirdness every hour. She could not have been vetted, at all.
    Just “shows to go you” how impetuous McCain is. His “soulmate”; it’s a farce. Imagine him with his finger on the trigger!
    I have a feeling that she will be dropped from the ticket before the elections a-la-Eagleton. AIPAC will raise so much hell Joe Lieberman will be installed as co-pilot.

  21. Patrick Lang says:

    Obama struck exactly the right note in re the wretched rumot mongering about Governor Palin and her family.
    That does not mean that Palin is not fair game with regard to her political positions, background, etc. pl

  22. DH says:

    ” Rupture of the amniotic sac involves substantial risks of infection for the fetus. The strategy of heading to the airport simply boggles the mind…)”
    Add to that, without the cusioning of the fluid, the infant’s head can compress the umbilical cord. One also assumes that a fifth delivery can go rather quickly.

  23. rc thweatt says:

    Sun Tzu said(as quoted by Tony Soprano), “Your enemy is of a choleric temper-irritate him.”

  24. alnval says:

    Col. Lang:
    The Palin/McCain campaign is now doing its best to minimize [fill in the blank] pl
    In hashing this Palin thing around with Valerie she said: “The McCain campaign didn’t even have the good sense to be embarrassed.” What a topic sentence.
    A denial of embarrassment has clearly been the subtext motivating all the McCain responses to the negatives that have been brought up about the choice of Governor Palin to be his running mate. Since her selection, the campaign has been doing everything it could to minimize the importance of allegations of abuse of power, that Governor Palin had been a supporter of Pat Buchanan, and now the fact that her daughter is five months pregnant.
    This last situation was described today as a ‘bombshell’ by Chris Cillizza in WaPo and as a “new element of (GOP) tumult” by Kit Seelye in the NYT. The McCain campaign’s only response to this was not in the context of “bombshell’ or “new element of tumult”, but, as with all the others, that this issue and how it might reflect on Governor Palin’s policy decisions on matters important to the votor, are really not important to Senator McCain as he had known about it prior to his selecting Governor Palin.
    Obviously we are stuck with asking: If these things are not important to Senator McCain then what things are?
    If what the campaign says is true, that Senator McCain knew about these and other things but went ahead anyway, one is forced to conclude that Senator McCain is either some kind of libertarian anarchist who doesn’t really give a fig about what potential vice-presidents of the United States do with their lives, or else he thinks that what matters to him about the candidate he selects is not nearly as important as how the candidate is viewed by selected conservatives in the Republican party. So far, of course, he seems to be doing well on that score.
    Given that the press genuinely appears to be nonplussed by this continuous minimizing by McCain’s campaign of potentially important issues related to his choice of Governor Palin, I have to believe that the press is not going to give up but instead will become even more vigorous in their pursuit of the potentially embarrassing negatives in Governor Palin’s history. You then have to wonder how long it will take this chorus of negatives to reach critical mass before someone decides to shoot the piano player.

  25. Kelly says:

    On Troopergate, regardless of whether Palin intervened or not while she was governor I believe selecting her as his VP running mate is a step back in time for women. Many women, including Republican women, have worked hard to obtain creditable positions in government and have a long list credentials. Selecting Palin is like a slap in the face to these individuals and to any educated woman or being. Whether she returned the money on the bridge to nowhere doesn’t even began to equal whether she has any foreign policy experience.

  26. robt willmann says:

    This is ABC News and Congressman Wexler (D-Florida) trying to help Barack Obama (D-Illinois) and minimize Jewish votes and campaign contributions to John McCain.
    “The Forward” newspaper is probably the oldest Jewish-oriented paper in the U.S. It describes itself here, and was run by its founder, Abraham Cahan–a Russian-Jewish immigrant–from 1897 until he died in 1950–
    The online version of the newspaper has a candid article entitled “The
    Jewish Crew that Helped to Pave the Way to John McCain’s Nomination”, looking at the Republican National Convention.
    The article begins by saying that–
    “If pre-convention polls are to be believed, John McCain enters the convention poised to pull in a greater percentage of the Jewish vote than any Republican candidate in the past two decades”.
    Then it names “the crew”, with a (subheading) after each name.
    1. Mark Broxmeyer (The Israel Hawk). He is the national chairman of JINSA (the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs). “McCain was also honored with an award by Jinsa in 2006, with Joe Lieberman as the night’s warm-up act.”
    2. Joe Lieberman (the Democratic Apostate). That’s putting it mildly.
    3. Marshall Wittmann (Maverick Wordsmith). “A former self-confessed Trotskyite, radical Zionist and labor organizer, Wittmann served in the elder George Bush’s administration, then went to work in the mid-1990s for the Christian Coalition of America, despite being Jewish. His family, Wittmann has reported, was not pleased.”
    “He has worked in think tanks on both sides of the aisle: He became a spokesman for John McCain in 2002, then quit in 2004 to endorse John Kerry and work for the center-left Democratic Leadership Council. After Lieberman won his Senate race as an independent in 2006, Wittmann signed on to be Lieberman’s press secretary — a move that shook Congressional Democrats wary of a potential mole in their caucus.”
    The Democrats were worried that Wittmann was a mole? They should have been more worried that Lieberman was.
    4. Fred Zeidman (the Ex-Bush Backer). ” ‘Fred’s top-tier in Republican Jewish circles,’ said Jeff Ballabon, a Republican consultant who worked with Zeidman on Jewish outreach for George W. Bush’s 2004 campaign.”
    “But by mid-2007, the McCain campaign ran out of money and had to fire much of its staff — including Zeidman’s son, Jay, who had been hired in late 2006. Despite this, the elder Zeidman says his loyalty never wavered.”
    ” ‘In Texas — it’s not a famous Yiddish saying — they teach you to dance with the one that brung you,’ Zeidman said. ‘I had made a decision that John McCain was the one I was going to back, and until John McCain dropped out of the race, I would continue to back him’.”
    “Zeidman has not always been so staunch a McCain backer. In the 2000 Republican primaries, he backed George W. Bush over McCain. Zeidman, who grew up in a small Texas town, met Bush in the early 1970s when both were young and single in Houston. Zeidman backed Bush in his first run for governor of Texas and in every race since.”
    Zeidman is also a board member of JINSA, and in 2004 joined Greenberg Traurig as Senior Director of Governmental Affairs (a/k/a lobbyist). He apparently also backed the now-disgraced former Texas Congressman Tom DeLay.
    5. Eric Cantor (The Rising Star?). “Cantor, the only Jewish Republican in the House, has spent the week of the Democratic convention in Denver taking shots at the Democrats on behalf of McCain — the sign of a trusted accomplice.”
    “In a curious twist, though, Cantor was not named one of the speakers at the Republican convention in Minneapolis. In lieu of hard information at press time, this likely means one of two things — Cantor is either being snubbed or promoted”.
    Cantor is also mentioned in the article as being on the board of advisers of JINSA.
    It might be added that also on the JINSA “board of advisers” is one Richard Perle.
    As is often the case, after the founder passes on, a newspaper is not the same. So it apparently has been with The Forward, both in editorial leaning and content. But sometimes, a few revealing nuggets can be found.
    Unless McCain bucked all of the above people, they are not too worried about Sarah Palin. Her enthusiastic support for the Iraq War, even now, means that on issues of foreign policy and war, she is probably easy to persuade, or, as we may candidly say, easy to con or manipulate.

  27. zanzibar says:

    Is this the McCain judgment moment?

  28. Dumass says:

    It’s part of the game which always happens i.e. accuse X of being insufficiently supportive of Israel, whereupon they have to shift in that direction to “prove” their bona fides.
    So, on the Republican side ‘Palin supported (anti-Semitic) Buchanan’; on the Democratic side ‘Biden is “wobbly” on Iran.’

  29. Curious says:

    Palin is lawyering up (for the trooper firing case) This can’t be good.

  30. Cieran says:

    I believe that your framing of the Palin VP choice via the Captain Queeg analogy provides an excellent strategy for defeating McCain.
    What the Obama campaign needs is for someone to reprise the role of Lt. Barney Greenwald, i.e., the attorney whose respectful questions cause Queeg to break down on the stand. I do believe that Joe Biden is completely up to that task, and after watching several Youtube videos of Sarah Palin in action, I would suspect there’s a good supply of political topics that would cause her to start muttering about strawberries.
    Global warming would probably do it…
    If Palin folds under the strain of her new role, then the McCain campaign is in an especially tough spot if they have to pull an Eagleton. If McCain’s people cave to their right-wing religious base and select another VP via a religious litmus test, then their pandering (and disrespect for the Constitution) will be verified in full public view.
    And if they don’t select a new veep that is acceptable to the right-wing religiosos, that community will sit on its hands during the election, as they have already threatened to do.
    So who is up to imitating Jose Ferrer for the Democrats?

  31. Cieran says:

    Re: Kelly’s comment:
    Whether she returned the money on the bridge to nowhere doesn’t even began to equal whether she has any foreign policy experience.
    The funding for the bridge to nowhere wouldn’t be “returned” if the bridge wasn’t built: it would be given to other state of Alaska transportation projects.
    When Congress stripped funding for this project (and another equally-silly bridge), the hundreds of millions involved were given to the state of Alaska with remarkably few strings attached. So not building these bridges does not constitute fiscal austerity on Palin’s part — in fact, it indicates nearly the exact opposite, i.e., the ability to spend nearly a half-billion dollars without even the minimal guidance to be found in an earmark.
    Funding for this project was found in the Omnibus Transportation Bill (SAFETEA-LU), which is supposed to return federal gas taxes to states in some semblance of the proportions in which they are generated. However, the state of Alaska receives about $7 in SAFETEA-LU funding for every dollar of federal gas taxes generated there, so Alaska is clearly not contributing anything like its fair share of national infrastructure funding.
    In short, the other states in the U.S. are propping up Governor Palin’s infrastructure spending, and it’s not like we can afford to do so. No other state even comes close to Alaska in terms of transportation pork, so this is just one more area where the selection of Palin for VP steps all over McCain’s campaign strategies.

  32. Ingolf says:

    I did like this dry little sentence, PL:
    “In fact, his lack of delusion on many subjects has caused him a lot of trouble.”

  33. Curious says:

    ST. PAUL, Minn. — Has anyone noticed that Sarah Palin’s central claim to political fame is a fraud? She represents herself as a fiscal conservative who abhors pork-barrel projects and said no thanks to the “Bridge to Nowhere” — a $398 million span that would have linked Ketchikan, Alaska, to its airport across the Tongass Narrows. But as mayor of Wasilla (pop. 9,780), she hired a Washington lobbyist to bring home the bacon. And as a candidate for governor just two years ago, she supported both the Ketchikan bridge and the congressional earmark that would have paid most of its cost.

  34. Curious says:

    gahh… McCain campaign is in deeper trouble than I thought. Is she SERIOUS about this?
    Cindy McCain said Sunday that Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin understands what’s at stake in national security issues in part because she is governor of Alaska, whose borders nearly touch Russia’s.
    Asked about Palin’s credentials, Cindy McCain told ABC-TV’s “This Week:” “The experience that she comes from is with what she’s done in the government. And also, remember: Alaska is the closest part of our continent to Russia. So, it’s not as if she doesn’t understand what’s at stake here.”

  35. Curious says:

    wait, there is more…! (oboy. McCain is in serious trouble)
    He picked a small town prom Queen with penchant of drama.
    It turns out she had a somewhat different approach. If a small-town mayor ever ruled with an iron fist — it was Palin. Eleven days after taking office in 1996, she mailed letters to each of the city’s top managers requesting that they resign as a test of loyalty.
    The Anchorage Daily News at the time reported the strange events: (via Nexis)
    Mayor Sarah Palin sent the resignation requests Thursday to Police Chief Irl Stambaugh, public works director Jack Felton, finance director Duane Dvorak and Mary Ellen Emmons, the head of libraries. A fifth director — John Cooper, who oversaw the city museum — resigned earlier this month after Palin eliminated his position.
    Cooper initially resisted resigning, but to no avail. Palin also later fired the police chief, saying she knew in her “heart” that he did not support her. She left the head of libraries a letter saying she was out — though Palin later decided to spare the librarian after being convinced that she would tow the line.
    — 1996 Mayor Palin wanted the librarian to BAN BOOKS Palin deemed inappropriate. That’s why she wanted to fire the librarian.. (she fits right in with Bush/McCain doctrine)
    — 1996 Fired Police Chief because she had a “gut feeling” he wouldn”t support her because he voted for her opponent. (she fits right in with Bush/McCain doctrine.)
    — 1996 Gag-order-gate: 1996 Mayor Palin told the department heads they needed HER permission to talk to reporters. She put a gag order on those people. (she fits right in with Bush/McCain doctrine.)
    — 2008 Trooper-gate: Fired Monegan because he won”t fire her ex-brother in law. (Bush/McCain doctrine)
    — 2008 John Bitney-gate: Palin fired Bitney because Bitney was dating the ex-wife of Palin”s husband”s good friend. (Bush/McCain doctrine) Bitney WAS Issues Coordinator during her successful gubernatorial campaign in 2006, later spokesman for her transition team after the election and on December 1, 2006 he was named her Legislative Liaison. – HE WAS FIRED THOUGH for dating her hubby’s friend’s ex-wife.

  36. Jesus Reyes says:

    Here’s how completely screwed up this world is. I am a hard core left wing libertarian and probably an anarcho-syndicalist to boot. I consider Pat Buchanan an ally in the principal task that faces America, that being, to unload the dual loyalist and wind down the Military-industrial complex and their world wide empire.

  37. Clifford Kiracofe says:

    1. Wexler and ABC are blowing smoke.
    2. Rbt.Willman has McCain nailed in his post.
    3. More data per Palin’s “End Times/Last Days” Armegeddonist preacher at her Wasilla Assembly of God (Pentecostal) Church:
    “In his sermons, Pastor Kalnins has also expressed beliefs that, while not directly political, lie outside of mainstream Christian thought.
    He preaches repeatedly about the “end times” or “last days,” an apocalyptic prophesy held by a small but vocal group of Christian leaders. During his appearance with Palin in June, he declared, “I believe Alaska is one of the refuge states in the last days, and hundreds of thousands of people are going to come to the state to seek refuge and the church has to be ready to minister to them.”
    4. Such apocalyptic/prophetic preaching from her Pentecostal pastor are consistent with the Christian Zionist ideology expoused by fellow Pentecostal John Hagee.
    To track this line of thought simply visit Hagee’s “Christians United For Israel” (CUFI) website:
    5. Kalnins comes out of the Masters Commission network Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix First Assembly of God church.
    6. Per the Official Core Beliefs of Assembly of God:
    “Fundamental Truth Number 14”:
    14. The Millennial Reign of Christ
    The second coming of Christ includes the rapture of the saints, which is our blessed hope, followed by the visible return of Christ with His saints to reign on earth for one thousand years.
    Zechariah 14:5 [KJV/NIV]
    Matthew 24:27 [KJV/NIV]
    Matthew 24:30 [KJV/NIV]
    Revelation 1:7 [KJV/NIV]
    Revelation 19:11-14 [KJV/NIV]
    Revelation 20:1-6 [KJV/NIV]
    This millennial reign will bring the salvation of national Israel,
    Ezekiel 37:21,22 [KJV/NIV]
    Zephaniah 3:19,20 [KJV/NIV]
    Romans 11:26,27 [KJV/NIV]
    and the establishment of universal peace.
    Isaiah 11:6-9 [KJV/NIV]
    Psalms 72:3-8 [KJV/NIV]
    Micah 4:3,4 [KJV/NIV]
    for which see:
    As Kalnins says in his endorsement of Palin, “she’s the real deal.”

  38. Matthew says:

    Wexler’s comments are silly. It is not “anti-Israel” to think that Israel and its friends have excessive influence on our policies. It think that is called a fact.

  39. CJ says:

    Wexler is a hot head who often shoots off his mouth with his brain disconnected from it.
    I disagree with Pat Buchanan on many things, but, if one were to actually study the methods and policies of the neo-cons, you’ll find they come much closer to admiring Hitler than Buchanan.

  40. WOW! Better to hold our fire until all the facts are out. Abusive former husbands and separated husbands are plentiful and perhaps the trooper involved was one, perhaps not. As to Buchanan he grew up in the conservative Catholic elite of the DC area and for that reason like Gore never made it to the Presidency. But at least he tried. And history has proven many of his substantive positions on policy and issues more right than wrong. And if I remember correctly he also opposed the Iraq incursion/invasion or whatever we will call it 30 years from now. It will not be referred to as a WAR but perhaps like the Korean Police Action?

  41. david says:

    I giggled to myself to see one of the authors of the Volokh Conspiracy comment here that Palin did not support Buchanan.
    It is nice to see the republican jewish coalition jumping to defend the virtue of their goyische gal from any Buchanan taint. I suppose that means they have tired of printing the Obama/Farrakhan 2008 posters.
    As the Colonel likes to say, irony alert!
    As for the other Pat, he is always pugnacious and often repugnant. And in that way, he reminds me of the very best and very worst of the Jesuit tradition, and the joke about Jesuits being … almost Catholic.
    But then again, I am biased as a fellow Hoya.
    It would be nice to hear from M. Steinfels if she still reads this blog about the role of religion in the public square.

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