“Poll: Biden’s Job Approval Rating Lowest Yet”

China’s man in Washington?

“President Joe Biden’s approval rating dropped to 31% in a new CIVIQS rolling job approval survey, the poll’s lowest point reflecting Biden’s time in office.

For the overall survey, 57% of American respondents disapprove of Biden’s work over the first 17 months.

Among independents, Biden garnered the approval of only 20%.

Biden’s lowest-rated categories by demogaphics:

Adults, ages 18-34: 23% approve/58% disapprove
Adult white males/females: 25% approve/65% disapprove
Adult men of all ages: 26% approve/65% disapprove
Adults, ages 35-49: 29% approve/58% disapprove
Non-college graduate adults: 29% approve/58% disapprove

Biden’s highest-ranked demographics categories:

Adult black males/females: 57% approve/21% disapprove
Adults, ages 65 and older: 40% approve/54% disapprove
Adult Hispanic/Latino males/females: 39% approve/46% disapprove
Adult women of all ages: 36% approve/50% disapprove
Adults with post-graduate degrees: 38% approve/52% disapprove”

Poll: Biden’s Job Approval Rating Lowest Yet | Newsmax.com

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8 Responses to “Poll: Biden’s Job Approval Rating Lowest Yet”

  1. Fourth and Long says:

    I can’t find my category. Half jewish, one quarter Irish, one quarter English, White, college education, senior citizen, born in the USA. And I strongly disaprove of Biden. In fact I would need to use seriously impolite language to express my opinion of him. But then there’s no one else in the running I approve of either. That’s in large part due to the fact that professional politicians have a proven tendency to be psychopaths. Since I don’t approve of pigeonholing people in the ways approved of by psychiatrists, lets leave off with the suggestion that you think of a two syllable word for condom beginning with s. Make it plural. There you have this Half jewish, one quarter Irish, one quarter English, White, college education, senior citizen, born in the USA individual’s characterization of the profession.

    • morongobill says:

      Do you want the proverbial man on horseback? Or perhaps another Caesar Augustus?

    • TV says:

      Remember, professional politicians are the same obnoxious kids in high school who never got over the thrill of being class secretary,

  2. Babeltuap says:

    There is no other material or substance to fuel America than oil. Make-up, purses, shoes, clothing…everything is oil based. No way around it. Trying to stifle oil will result in nothing but chaos and bitter hatred. There is a price to be paid for braking it and he is paying it in full.

    Cheat in another election and all hell breaks lose. It was a horrible game plan. Time to own this level of stupidity and move on. There is a way forward but this ain’t it. Keep pushing and it will end the same way all global domination efforts have ended. Maybe even worse.

    • different clue says:

      Shoes and purses could be leather, which is animal hide. At least some of them could be.

      Clothes could be plant fiber ( cotton, linen, hemp, etc.) or animal fiber (different sorts of wool). At least some of them could be.

  3. D White says:

    For the first time since I began voting in1972, I did not vote for a presidential candidate in 2020, although I have generally voted Democratic. I thought Joe was too old and too compromised, as well as too much of “feel good” guy with little substance.

  4. Babeltuap says:

    Different clue,

    That would be great having all cars with leather seats no? Normally it’s reserved for luxury vehicles but I’m sure many Toyota Corrola owners would applaud your reasoning.

    • different clue says:

      It’s only to say that some things could be done without oil and have the results be just as good as if they were.

      But I remember reading somewhere that only 10% of the oil used is actually made into things, chemicals, etc. The other 90% is burned for fuel or power or other energy uses. If we could bring some greater efficiency to our current use of that 90%, that would be a good thing.

      But it would have to be ” living smarter, not harder”. It takes no great scientific or technological or engineering intelligence to freeze in the winter and steam in the summer. But if we could stay nice and comfortable in winter and summer on half the energy input as now, that would be good.

      If we could/ if we can.

      And if the car seat leather came from strictly grass, pasture and range fed cattle; it would be grown with zero net carbon skyflooding and made into leather with not too much energy expenditure. Sometimes a change for the better really is a win win, if not a win win win.

      And we’d have meat to eat, as we sit on our seat, of fine Corinthian leather.

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