Poor Canada, once a free country …

“The Freedom Convoy left from Vancouver for Ottawa on Sunday.”

“Musk told Time last month in an interview after he was selected a “Person of the Year” that he and his eligible children are all vaccinated because the science is “unequivocal” but said he is opposed to mandates. “

“In the past, Musk had questioned the vaccine and downplayed the pandemic. He also defied California’s 2020 stay-at-home order to keep Tesla factories open, eventually opting to move to Texas. 

The Canadian Trucking Alliance estimates that roughly 15% of truckers in the country are not fully vaccinated, or about 16,000 truck drivers. “

Comment: Trudeau says the truckers are an inconsequential minority. Will he send the RCMP to arrest them for their “insolence?” pl


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  1. Barbara Ann says:

    Of course, the divide here is not Vaxxed/Unvaxxed, it is where you stand on whether the individual should have a choice in what gets injected into their body. As Musk’s position demonstrates, how you exercise that personal choice is irrelevant. Musk is a mensch.

  2. Mal says:

    At one time Canada, a Brit surrogate, only tested biological substances on defenseless minorities, ie, First Nations, The Mentally Incapacitated. Identifiable groups.
    Maybe someone caught on. If the vaccine is so ‘great’, pass a law instead of passing the buck on to a gaslighted public.
    Making the public enforce government Mandates on the public…’quick, call the snitch line.’

    Cheers Mal

    antidotes; two Radio guys talking hockey last week. Covid and all. Guy says, live by the way, “it seems strange to me, over a year and a half of Covid and I only knew two or three people who had it, since the vaccines have been rolled out I know of five or six per week.

    And to quote an American icon, “seems to me, many people in the Arts are suddenly dying these days.” Cher.

    • akaPatience says:

      Mal, your remark about testing on “defenseless minorities” rang a bell as, in recent months, I’ve read countless studies about various Covid treatments, many of which included data of studies performed in Africa. I wonder though, if this practice is in part because so much disease occurs there? Same goes for India. Some experimental drugs currently enjoying Covid authorization and which are being used as part of official hospital protocol were first developed to treat Ebola (e.g., Remdesivir, and until just recently monoclonal antibodies). Still, while I suspect it may be A LOT easier to perform studies of experimental drugs on poor, uneducated people, I worry that Covid behavior in the US pretty much proves that if people here are scared enough they’ll succumb as well and try anything regardless of risk (of which we’re being denied the full knowledge, thanks to censorship). I regretfully have to include myself, since I hurriedly got two Pfizer shots early last year as soon as I could. No more though.

      From what I understand French ancestry/speaking Canadians account for 25% of the total population — probably the main reason Trudeau maintains political viability, given what a lightweight he is.

      • Deap says:

        RFKJr’s book “The Real Dr Fauci” offers insights into using third world subjects, often under blatantly false pretense, to “test” drugs.

  3. Claudius says:

    If from hiding Trudeau sets the police or army on the tens of thousands in or supporting these convoys he will be risking commission one of two grave errors.
    – An unenforceable order. The cops and courts can’t handle mass civil disobedience on this magnitude. The effort to arrest everyone will look silly, and further energize the crowd.
    – Refusal of cops or military to obey. Perhaps they will recall that Louis XVI’s Swiss Guards were ripped apart by the mob, and that the Army refused to fire on the Bastille. Trudeau’s regime will look weak permanently
    Of course, he could listen and back off. Sadly not in his genes.

    • Lysias says:

      If there’s a revolution in one Western country over covid policies, it’s likely to spread to many or all of the others. These governments have squandered so much of their legitimacy.

  4. TV says:

    Canada has been creeping away from freedom for quite a while.
    Gun control is a big deal there and so-called “hate speech” laws are popping up.

    • Deap says:

      Did Canada “creep away” or never really have it?

      I recall a Louder with Crowder “Change My Mind” segment some time ago about hate speech, where he discussed the lack of “free speech” in his birth country – Canada. It was a surprise to me to learn this back then.

      His premise was how many people in what we think of as “western civilized countries” do not have the free speech rights, that we have taken for granted in the US. Until now ourselves.

  5. Fakebot says:

    He’s in hiding now and hoping this will disappear soon.

    All our politicians are creating the illusion we are mandated to get them, but eventually these mandates will get dropped because they can’t enforce them long term. In the US, there was simply no constitutional basis from which to enforce them, hence the loss in the Supreme Court. Even businesses who require it eventually find out they lose a lot of their labor force through these mandates. Just look at all the nurses that had to be asked back after people got sick anyways despite the fact they were all vaccinated.

    The conservatives did the right thing keeping O’Toole at the helm. Canadians are still getting familiar with him and will grow to like him. There’s also the possibility Trudeau might step away at some point and try his hand at other things. He has never struck me as a consumate politician. I’m sure he’d like to do something with Netflix much like the Obamas are now doing.

  6. Fred says:

    So billionaire sends tweet. How courageous.

    Trudeau has also labeled the views of these truckers, and by extension the 15% of the population not vaccinated, “unacceptable”. Chairman Xi is undoubtedly happy to have another communist social credit system believer in charge of a western nation. Did anyone notice the serial killer look in his eyes while he was, like Pilate, proclaiming his judgement?

  7. Babeltuap says:

    Allies bombed the railroads to stop the Nazis. It was a good plan and it worked for the most part but some were not too happy about it. Mainly the 30K plus innocent civilians that got killed and wounded. Allies actually knew that would happen but it was either that or millions dying. Not really a hard choice big picture.

    Vaccines are much like those bombs. Unfortunately it’s not slowing the “Germ”ans and they are harming a lot of innocent people. The allies are never going to admit they failed so that is 100% off the table. Only thing they can do is silence the peasants. Block their comms, persecute them and hope they eventually simmer down.

  8. J Roche says:

    Trudeau in name only. Widely reputed to be Fidel Castro’s son (look at pics of the young Castro next to Justin).. Like father like son.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Ma pauvre femme. L’epouse du petit Justin est sa cousine.

    • akaPatience says:

      To me, Justin looks more like Pierre than Fidel.

    • Leith says:

      Doppelgangers. They both have Celtic ancestors, Fidel from his Galician parents, Justin from Maggie Sinclair, his Mom.

      • Pat Lang says:


        The French are also largely Celtic in ancestry. The Frankish % in their blood is rathe small.

      • Pat Lang says:


        The French are also largely Celtic in ancestry. The Frankish % in their blood is rather small.

        • Deap says:

          French are a lot of domesticated Vikings as well. A genetic melange.

          • Pat Lang says:

            Only in Normandy.

          • Bill Roche says:

            I don’t think William would have considered “his” Normans very domesticated. From Norway to Normandy, Wales, and Cork they knew well how to do one thing; make war. Apparently they well knew their business.

        • Leith says:

          Yes, I seem to recall a Roman writer saying that the Gauls and Caledonii were a similar race.

        • smoke says:

          My H.S. French teacher told of her own experience in France just at the end of WWII. She met a young British soldier. He spoke no French and, in those days, she spoke little English. But he was from Wales, and she was from Bretogne. They discovered that if he spoke Welsh and she spoke Breton, they could understand one another. Celtic roots.

  9. Deap says:

    Just think, if the vaccines actually worked and did not harm people, they never would have needed to mandate them.

    People would recognize their unassailable benefits as promised. But the vaccines don’t work and they do harm. So besides being a flawed promise, what else do they have to sell to make us take them?

    • Seamus Padraig says:


    • Claudius says:

      They have nothing for the non urban populace but suppression. They must commandeer our productivity to support their hopelessly corrupt, decadent cities (their power base). Hence electronic social control of the productive is the end game. Through electronic social control mechanisms and climate change agitprop, they can and must stop the flow of productive people to free areas, and perhaps force some into high density urban areas. Once there these people will be both a source of taxes supporting the elite and prey for the urban thugs as well. A win-win for the Ivy Leaguers!
      Sadly many of the young will, like sheep, fall in line. They want that city life now, and can’t see it the economic and moral dead end it represents.
      “You will own nothing, and like it”

  10. Jim S says:

    I guess I’m crawling out from under my rock (assuming Col. Lang sees fit to publish my comment).

    It’s distressing to watch the peoples of the Commonwealth nations, and particularly of Britain, from whom we inherited our concepts of liberty, surrender their freedoms with nary a peep; indeed, many celebrate their shackles (we have no shortage of this sort here in the US, to be sure). So I wish these truckers the best, and draw a measure of courage from their courage.

    Recently I’ve read comments here “funning” democracy. These are not completely unjustified: if our democratically-elected governments strip us of our liberties in exchange for some vague promises of safety, what good are they to us? Is democracy a means, or an end?

    Our diplomats have mouthed the usual phrases about “defending democracy” in Ukraine. Ukraine has democratically-elected officials (for some value of elected), a parliament, a president, and an independent judiciary–but so does Russia. Are they speaking of democracy as a means to be defended, or an end? You can defend nations, territories, cities, peoples–even persons–with guns, but not democracy, not if it is a means.

    Is democracy the best form of government? Is democracy worth defending? That great man (and great meddler), Churchill, said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the other forms of government, but history is replete with examples of democracies turned another flavor of tyranny and of peoples who have failed or have not been inclined to make democracy work. We may in our lifetimes see our governments turned wholly tyrannical. If democracy is an end, it is clearly a failure; but, if it is a means–

    I am convinced that democracy is not the most suitable form of government for all peoples, or even most peoples. But I am equally–no, more–convinced that it is the only suitable form of government for a free and independent people.

    • Lysias says:

      U.S. sponsored a coup against a democratically elected government in Ukraine.

    • Deap says:

      Don’t forget how many European nations – and often the most successful ones -still have current monarchies. There remains a deep tradition of king and serf that still runs in their non-Jacobin blood. The government leads and the citizens acquiesce.

      Why Sweden and Denmark led in one direction, and ANZAC led in the totally opposite direction needs further exploration.

    • kgbgb says:

      The Ukraine is, at the very most, a “managed democracy” like Iran – the people are allowed to choose among a pre-vetted set of candidates ranging over a tiny Overton window. During the first presidential election after the coup, one of the candidates, Yulia Tymoshenko, opined that it didn’t really matter which of them won, as “we all hate the Russians”. (She also regretted the Ukraine’s lack of nuclear weapons that could be used against the pro-Russian areas of the country.)

      Nevertheless, the population keeps electing the (apparently) least Russian-hating candidate that is allowed to run. Unfortunately, each successive president then pivots to anti-Russian extremism, under pressure from non-democratic forces such as the U.S. embassy and the Azov Battalion types.

      The Overton window is enforced by censorship and violence, but also by lawfare. For instance, Viktor Medvedchuk, the leader of the a party advocating good relations with Russia, has been under arrest charged with treason ever since his party started topping the opinion polls.

  11. walrus says:

    Deap: “But the vaccines don’t work and they do harm” Compared to what?

    Do you think that all the Governments of the planet and their public health staff are crazy?

    As far as I can tell, every time I’ve looked at the recorded behavior of the virus in all its forms, it has followed the simple mathematics of epidemiology as the virus mutates. Every time I’ve looked at an adverse claim about vaccines, they either fail through misreporting genuine results, turn out to be unsubstantiated crap with no provenance or have an investigated and discovered cause (like contaminated containers, etc.). Some vaccines, like autos, perform better than others. So what?

    I’ve received advice from Professors and Doctors with an intimate knowledge of pandemics and virology all of which has turned out to be true. I’ve met a few nurses that have worked with very sick patients who don’t have problems with the treatment protocols.

    I am vaccinated and had a booster, as have all of our friends (its free BTW) and none of us have caught Covid…..yet, nor are we dropping dead from complications.

    I am no more than one, maybe two handshakes away from some of the richest and most powerful people on the planet and I don’t detect any secret grand conspiracy among them, just the same concerns for family that we all have. No one else I respect has found anything more sinister than price gouging, and other human failings.

    I say again; where is your evidence?

    Yes I know, the internet is full of rubbish that in effect comes down to negative evidence : “prove me wrong” or utter misrepresentation of facts.

    • jld says:

      “Do you think that all the Governments of the planet and their public health staff are crazy?”

      They are not “crazy” they are OWNED, the interesting point is by whom?

    • Fred says:

      The vaccine is so effective it can not be questioned and manufacturers need immunity. And you needed a booster.

      You are only “one, maybe two, handshakes away from some of the richest and most powerful people on the planet. ”

      How many handshakes away from the working poor and the locked down masses are they? Do the rich and powerful have any concern for them?

    • Lysias says:

      Is what happened to Col. Lang not evidence?

    • Barbara Ann says:


      I am pleased you are in good health. As luck would have it so am I, despite being a conspiracy theorizing anti-vaxxer*.

      Being of limited analytical powers I like to keep things simple. I have no real interest in pandemics, vaccines and less and less even in the wonders of Science that regale us with so many Facts. This allows me to concentrate my thoughts on unfashionable & very Unscientific topics like liberty, the nature of the human condition, the social contract and suchlike. Professors and Doctors with an intimate knowledge of pandemics and virology are of little help in such matters. Sadly, neither too are most of today’s politicians.

      What my analysis of these things tells me is that participation in society should not be made conditional on forced medical treatments. [Two years ago I would have laughed at anyone who suggested I’d be needing to defend such a position today, but hey ho]. Anyhow, a great number of truck drivers in Canada have evidently come to a similar conclusion. They are not Scientists and neither am I and in some circles this fact alone devalues our opinion. Nevertheless, until the day comes when they ban the Unscientific from voting, it would seem wise for the government to listen to us, as well as to their Technical Experts.

      I cannot back up my conclusion with scientific Evidence, but there it is. If your view differs from mine no amount of Science is going to sway either of us from our position. However, we might have some success employing the much neglected & pre-Scientific discipline of the dialectic. We are fortunate indeed to have such a forum in which to do so.

      *Merriam-Webster definition, as I oppose the use of “regulations mandating vaccination**”

      **or “regulations mandating experimental gene therapies” if one uses the pre-Covid Merriam-Webster definition of “vaccine***”


    • Deap says:

      Yes Walrus, I believe we are in a global state of mass hysteria. This has happened before. I too was in US health care for 42 years – I earned my right to be cynical. The data is my evidence.

      Only time and distance will be able to tell why the world was gripped by mass hysteria – but we are in a profound period of transition right now: instant global communications; loss of tribal bedrock institutions; and critical demographics facing their own mortality without the prior assaults of war and disease.

      The shattering of this current group-think is not a bad thing. And you are free to hold your own belief system. Just don’t let it intrude on mine.

    • longarch says:

      I am no more than one, maybe two handshakes away from some of the richest and most powerful people on the planet and I don’t detect any secret grand conspiracy among them,

      The fact that you are close to powerful, privileged people does not prove that you are observing them critically and objectively. Barbara Bush was close to two presidencies, but she is not widely recognized as one who criticized Bush 43 or Bush 41.

      I imagine some of the close friends of James Jesus Angleton brushed off criticisms by saying, “I am one handshake away from the head of the CIA, and I can assure you that the CIA is 100% composed of the most honest, most patriotic, most self-sacrificing Americans that have ever lived, and I am quite offended by your implication that the CIA has done anything wrong.”

      In the same vein, there were probably some high-ranking British nobles who, when asked, said, “I am just one handshake away from Kim Philby, and I am offended by your suggestion he might have unsavory tendencies.”

    • Marlene says:

      If the vaccines would be safe and effective there would be a black market of vaccines…
      Instead what we have is a black market of QR cattle-tags…

      There is a confidential document on “post-marketing experience” by BionTech rounding the alternative social media channels where there are 8 pages of dangerous side effects related to these “vaccines”..

      Related to the mental state of those at the helms of our nations, there is a very telling compilation video only about those crazies managing Down Under which, two years ago, would be enough to keep them confined on a psychiatric ward throwing the key to the Atlantic Ocean..to avoid irreversible damage to the populations and the planet.

      That you are tow handshakes away from the most powerful people in this wordl justify that you, along with your pwerful frineds, have received just a placebo.
      On the other hnad, that yuou live in the countryside and retired, not oblied to take public transport several times a day plus sahring an office with a crowd could explain you and your monetized firends have not still caught “the covi”.

      Of course, according to you, we must ofrget that most of current leaders in Down under are in the list of “Young Global Leaders” of the WEF, and that all, at every country repeat the same “narrative”.

      With regars your first question, Ivermectine, which has just been recognized by the Pasteur Institute as effective therapy agsint Covid-19 infection, thus, getting out with the neccessity of any EAU on any experiental damaging product. A med whose use had to be outlawed so that the 10 top fortunes in this world could duplicate their wealth by sqeezing and proffting from human blood and illness.
      Just one oral dose of this cheap patent free and reasonably safe antiparasitary, widely used in the developing countries which never got trouble with this “pandemic”, like India, South Africa and most African countries, could erase most of the viral charge.

      So sorry that the unexpected dismantling of the scamdemic do not rised you one handshake from the most powerful peoiple in this world.
      Do you pass most of the year in Gstaad too?

      On a foot note, apart from the astounding going into isolation by Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Arden, both WEF YGL, when all protocols state that vaccinated people do not need to isolate themselves when in contact with a positive case ( is it that they are not vaccinated when they are making life impossible for all those in their ocuntries who do not wish to get the deadly shot? ), the Arc de Triomphe in París has been fully enveloped in blanc..
      What would this mean? Macron to isolate?
      Also Pfizer facilities in Paris are surrounding by protesting crowd…Wondering whether Bourla, the Jewish Nobel award, will be extracted by a Mossad command….


      The trucks convoy, the tanks division of the proletariat, are in their way to main European cities to conflude in Brussels in a few days…
      Von der Leyen to isolate…one guesses…

      “The closer the collpase of an empire, the craziest its laws” – Cicero.

  12. walrus says:

    The problem seems to me that there are two issues here; the science and the politics.
    As far as I am concerned they are separate. Conflating the two just produces noise.

    • Fred says:

      Thanks for the clarification. That’s even better than a motte and bailey arguement. When “science”, in the form of government employees, say “do X, Y, and Z” , well that’s just science. When “politics” i.e. government, creates and imposes policies of X, Y, and Z based on that “science”, we can all rest assured, as we see now in year 2 of 15 days to slow the spread, that ‘science’ in the form of those government employees who have lost zero hours of work, pay or benefits, will make a new recommendation when they are convinced that ‘science’ has enough evidence to show their policies don’t work. Evidence, of course, being what “science” says is acceptable. Fauci has been playing that game since he came to D.C.

    • blue peacock says:

      Science doesn’t cancel dissenting ideas to current orthodoxy. The Science did however. The Science is politics and a facade for authoritarianism.

      Why is Ursula hiding text messages with Bourla? Why is FDA battling in court to hide Pfizer trial data? Where is the control group in the Pfizer & Moderna clinical trials? What happened to all the pronouncements from Biden, Fauci, Gottlieb, Collins, et al that vaccine PREVENTS infection? Were they lying or was it The Science? Why no serious investigation on the origins? Why no billions on therapeutics?

      Then there’s lockdown. Which didn’t flatten any curve but it flattened the working class, small business, the poor, the infirm and kids. The biggest giveaway on this scamdemic. Public Health 101 was thrown out the window.

      Of course the vax mandates – boosting with the same spike protein shots for delta with no understanding of the long term implications about side effects while omicron and other variants keep showing up that make it as good as useless as far as preventing infection is concerned. It is not a vax in the classic sense.

      • Sam says:

        “I would rather have questions that cannot be answered than answers that cannot be questioned.”

        – Richard Feynman


        This is science. The Science was a coverup job of the origins and another attempted global power grab. We should never forget the authoritarians and the complicit “railroad engineer” who showed who they really are. Not just the politicians, and the government bureaucrats, media personalities but also all around us. This was a dry run for the Great Reset “lebensraum”. Step back and think for a moment and look how universally they ran lockdown & isolation, forced medical procedure, the “armband” identification for movement, cancellation of dissenters and even personal media attacks, and loss of employment for those who refused to comply. This is not hyperbole. It actually happened and as the tide turns as we see with the Canadian truckers, we should not allow the authoritarians to get away. They should be named and recorded and in a sane world removed from all positions of power. They’ll show up again when the next emergency is promulgated having learned from this experiment.

        • Barbara Ann says:


          Let them show up again, I dare them.

          • Sam says:

            Barbara Ann,

            If the neocons like Mike Pompeo, David Frum, Max Boot, Billy Kristol are any indication they never leave. They’re always there right in the thick of it pushing the next emergency. Some of the “Karen’s” and “Ken’s” may camouflage themselves with revisionism but unleash once again at the first opportunity.

            The scale of authoritarianism the covidians unleashed parallels many totalitarian epochs. At the end of the day they even committed genocide. It doesn’t appear they will ever be held to account for engineering and releasing the virus. It doesn’t matter if it was accidental or intentional. Why did the whole world follow the CCP lead on response with aggressive lockdown?

            What of course is remarkable is that there were a few who risked long established reputation and career and dissented loudly even as they were attacked and vilified. Martin Kulldorf at Harvard, Jay Battacharya at Stanford and Sunetra Gupta at Oxford at the Great Barrington Declaration come to mind. There were others like our host Col. Lang and Joe Rogan who refused to be intimidated. There were those who gave up decades of work and commitment to a profession as they would not cede bodily autonomy. There were also the thousands who marched and protested in Australia, Austria, France, Germany and now we see the Canadian truckers.

            But….we also saw the complicity of the vast majority as the authoritarian state and their partners in Big Business put their jackboots on. The reality is we’re well past the looking glass. If after all the lies going back decades the majority of the people still fall for the propaganda du jour we actually have a much bigger problem. The only silver lining is that this power grab has failed and it has woken up a few more to join the “fringe” minority who have seen and recognize the continuous erosion of liberty over the past few decades.

          • Sam says:

            “I believe that governments need to regulate what you can and can’t use social media for. In the United States, this topic has raised a lot of free speech questions. But the reality is that our government already has all sorts of norms around…


            Why is Bill Gates calling for this when Big Tech is completely aligned with the Party of Davos?

          • Barbara Ann says:


            Each person must decide on their own red lines. Mine is bodily sovereignty. I have explained as much to my immediate family in case the point comes where I need to hold myself to my values.

    • longarch says:

      The problem seems to me that there are two issues here; the science and the politics.
      As far as I am concerned they are separate. Conflating the two just produces noise.

      There have been very few scientists in the history of humanity who have been completely removed from politics. Isaac Newton was wealthy enough and high-born enough to insulate himself from most petty concerns, but even he had to conceal his more shocking religious heresies and his unusual experiments in alchemy.

      Most scientists have to be very careful about expressing their political and economic views because they are not independently wealthy. Most scientists are willing to bow down to the prevailing orthodoxy. Give them a middle-class livelihood plus plausible deniability and they won’t cause too much trouble. (Even eccentrics like Charles Proteus Steinmetz are usually happy to be left quietly out of the spotlight.) At worst, when some of the excesses they enabled are trumpeted about, they will usually be clever enough to dissemble, like Werner von Braun claiming that he was purely interested in conquering the moon.

      But many scientists who refuse to compromise their principles die in poverty and squalor. Nikola Tesla comes to mind, although his social difficulties were probably complicated by autism or related conditions. (The situation is complicated by the fact that many mentally disturbed and half-educated people pass themselves off as persecuted geniuses when in fact they are only unfortunate madmen.) Such uncompromising souls have their lives defined by politics, because they refuse to be bought.

      Most scientists have their lives defined by politics because most scientists can be bought. Many can be bought with simple cash, because they are terribly underpaid. Quite a few who have more money than they know how to spend can still be bribed because they are ambitious narcissists who simply must prove they are better than their peers. Science is fraught with politics. Charles Lieber is a recent example. He was not starving for food or money. He was starving for ego-gratification. The ancients were not wrong when they said that pride was a sin.

  13. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Another demonstration of the cheek of Canada’s authoritarians, in this case those in Nova Scotia:


    I guess they are just not going to put up with ridicule from hoi polloi. Maybe next they’ll ban any renditions of “Scotland the Brave” in the province for fear of the invidious comparison to their behavior implied by its performance; clearly not any kinsmen of Wallace, they.

    • exiled off mainstreet says:

      There are so many local fascists who have cropped up in Canada the last couple years. After all, Le Gault in Quebec (I may have misremembered his name) requires those who have not submitted to have minders go round with them and make sure they only buy permitted emergency items. There is something wrong with a legal system which would even countenance such crap, and it has to put a serious crimp in the economy. Such leaders as the premiers of Nova Scotia and Quebec are facilitating what is in reality a crime against humanity. The truckers movement is trying to restore Canada’s status, and is a test as to whether its reputation can be revived.

  14. exiled off mainstreet says:

    My guess is that Musk lied about the shots because he doesn’t want the controversy. He is too smart to think the shots are effective. He is rich enough that he may have arranged his family to get placebos labelled as the shots. I don’t think he is wrong to do so in the present climate of propaganda and fascism because, by doing so, he is protecting his family against shots known to be toxic while protecting himself from the narrative masters.

  15. Sam says:

    Neil Oliver: I stand firmly with the Canadian pilgrims in their trucks


    How long before we see a provocation in Ottawa? Trudeau has already said they’re “fringe” and hold “unacceptable views”? They’re already saying “Russian backed”. We know that the FBI and the CIA instigate violence as a precursor to a violent crackdown.

  16. Sam says:

    The first time I saw it clearly was when I studied scaled credit card data. Every year you could see people cave on their New Year’s resolutions. You could model “cavers” who started habits and stopped them cave earlier by 48 hours. Law of large numbers.


    This above thread is worth a read. It points to a fundamental issue that we have with Big Tech monopolies and their manipulation of behavior and their extraordinary leverage on the political system. Their funding of politicians along with other Big Businesses including Big Pharma is staggering. How many times have both Republicans and Democrats in Congress claimed they were going to break up the monopolies and then nothing happens? Jim Jordan is a good example. Talks a good game but is completely bought by Google. But it is not just him. It is the entire Republican and Democratic caucus.

  17. Deap says:

    Ethnicity and Canadian trucking- a changing demographic: entry job for growing numbers of new immigrants bumping up against Canadian “racism”?


  18. Lysias says:

    There’s now talk of a US trucker convoy going to DC.

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