Population parity in the Holy Land


"The Israeli political right was caught off guard by the surprising official figures presented on March 26 at the Knesset by a representative of the Civil Administration, the army unit coordinating the Israeli government’s activities in the occupied territories. The representative indicated that the number of Jews and Arabs living under Israeli control in the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean had reached parity at 6.5 million for each side.

Over the years, the Zionist left kept warning about the prospect of a Jewish minority in Israel controlling a Palestinian majority, with only a small number of them enjoying full civil rights. Yet the Israeli right kept dismissing these warnings. It countered with imaginary data showing that some 3 million Palestinians live in Israel and the occupied territories, compared with 6.5 million Jews. However, from the moment the true numbers were communicated to the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee with the new data last week by the Israel Defense Forces, the leadership of the political right can no longer argue that political bias is skewing the figures. It is now forced to confront the figures."  Al-Monitor


 This is really bad news for the Zionist Project.

In what the Palestinians call the Naqba (disaster) in 1947-48 masses of Palestinian Arabs fled the Holy Land from fear of Zionist massacre.  There were many such massacres.  They were carried out by Stern Gang and Irgun terrorists with the specific  intent and purpose of causing panic and flight of the Arab population.  Hundreds of thousans fled into the surrounding countries or overseas neve rto return.

This process caused what can now be seen as a temporary but extended  population majority for the Jewish population between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River.  That is evidently is ended.  The much higher birth rate among the Arabs has made up the lost demographic "ground." 

This phenomenon has a lot of implications for Israel's destiny.  Among them:

1.  The Gazans now being openly and gleefully killed during mass demonstrations are bound to be seen by the rest of the Arab population in greater Israel as brothers being butchered by an enemy who no longer have an "edge" in numbers. Will they not now be encouraged in greater boldness?

2. Will Israelis not be downcast and will they not seek to emigrate rather than live with this situation, one that will surely become yet more unfavorable to the Jews?

3.  Will this discourage Western Jews to make Aliyah (immigration) to Israel?

4.  Will Saudi Arabia under MBS continue to see Israel as a winner and will the kingdom continue its policies of a secret embrace of the Jewish state and abandonment of the Palestinian Arabs?

5.  Will DJT see Israel as a "wasting asset" and a "sunk cost?"

6.  Will the hard right in Israel return to contemplation of mass deportations?  pl 


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