“… Russia-Ukraine latest news: 3,000 newborn babies ‘lack medicine and food’ in besieged Mariupol.”

Ukrainian militiaman with Swedish made AT-4

“US Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Poland today to discuss how to provide “military assistance” for Ukraine, White House officials said, hours after Washington rejected Warsaw’s offer of Soviet-era fighter jets.

The trip was planned before Poland took the United States by surprise yesterday by offering to send its Mig-29 jets to Ukraine via a US air base.

Washington rejected the proposal, with Pentagon spokesman John Kirby saying the prospect of the jets flying from a US-Nato base “into airspace that is contested with Russia over Ukraine raises serious concerns for the entire Nato alliance.”

Ms Harris will meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Thursday, according to US officials who requested anonymity.”

Comment: Soo, Biden cannot “do much” to improve the gasoline and diesel price inflation because his minders tell him that he may not. At the same time, he is sending the VP, a model public servant, to Poland to comfort the allies. That should be a model of diplomacy. Well, pilgrims, at least she gets a nice trip to Europe. Her second?

I was sure that Germany would object to flying Polish jets from German soil into combat in Ukraine, and so it is. pl

Russia-Ukraine latest news: 3,000 newborn babies ‘lack medicine and food’ in besieged Mariupol (telegraph.co.uk)

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  1. RZ says:

    How do you lose two Generals? Are generals usually in the field of fire? Are they being targeted through their comms.

    • Pat Lang says:

      The better the army, the higher the GO casualty rate because the good ones lead from the front. Generals have staffs to deal with necessary staff work while the boss is at the front.

      • Christian J. Chuba says:

        I found this interesting … https://warontherocks.com/2014/08/general-and-flag-officers-killed-in-war/
        U.S. Generals / Admirals who died in combat.

        I was struck by how many died in Vietnam vs two who died in the 2000’s. One was killed in the Pentagon terrorist attack on 9/11 and the other by Taliban suicide bomber dressed as a soldier at a training facility.

        It looks like we had fighters in Vietnam.
        IRGC officers also fight on the front lines.

        • Pat Lang says:

          This will be taken poorly by many, but the Wehrmacht in WW2 had more general officers KIA as a % of the army population than private soldiers. They led from the front.

          • FkDahl says:

            Correct me if I’m wrong but I think junior grade officers have the highest casualty count, ie lieutenants etc? Being a lieutenant is also seen very positively by the fairer sex * (not the casualties, I mean the platoon leader in a nice fitting uniform) – probably material for a sociology thesis there.
            (* research done some 20 years ago..)

          • Pat Lang says:

            Junior INFANTRY officers in our army. In other armies the situation varies according to organizational culture.

  2. plantman says:

    I don’t understand Germany’s reasoning (for rejecting Poland’s offer to deliver aircraft)

    Are the German’s afraid that Putin will attack German bases or that Putin will shut down the rest of the Nord Stream pipeline?
    Or is there some other reason?

    • rho says:


      When I checked today, diesel fuel prices at the local gas stations here in my German home town were at 2,25 EUR/liter which converts to nearly 9,50 USD/gallon.

      German Heating oil prices, which are also prices for diesel fuel but with less taxes, so nobody uses diesel from the gas pump for the furnace in the house, have increased by about 100% in the past week. Looks like that market is already in full panic.

      Germany imports about 50% of its total natural gas consumption from Russia, so natural gas would have to be rationed immediately if the Russians stop exports, which either means that homes stay cold or that industrial facilities that use gas for heating or as a feeder stock in chemical processes are forcibly shut down – or that rolling brownouts have to be introduced if you would make the extremely questionable decision to ration the natural gas that is used as fuel in gas power plants.

      Go figure.

  3. Lefty665 says:

    Perhaps we could follow the Snowden model and revoke HahaHarris’s passport while she is in Warsaw.

    Did the Poles decide that if providing Migs to the Ukraine was such a great idea that maybe the US and Germany would appreciate the opportunity to do it themselves? “Here’s the stick we’ve been talking about, if you guys really want to poke that bear with it, have at it.”

    Could Biden, Blinken, Nuland, Sullivan, et al be in over their heads any deeper?

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    “The prospect of fighter jets “at the disposal of the Government of the United States of America” departing from a U.S./NATO base in Germany to fly into airspace that is contested with Russia over Ukraine raises serious concerns for the entire NATO alliance” – Kirby

    The plan for the MiG’s to fly into Ukraine direct from Poland and risk Russian retaliation on Polish airbases, was just fine. But the risk of German/US casualties if they fly from Ramstein “raises serious concerns”. The clear message is the US & Germany would not go to war with Russia so long as it hit only Polish airbases. What a farce.


    • d74 says:

      Indeed, you hit the nails.

      Not only did they plan to send their Mig29 1500 km to the west and 1800 km/2000km from the ‘front’, but they also demanded Western aircraft with equivalent functions to the Mig29 in exchange!

      More than a simple trick, it’s a Corsican or Marseillaise comedy.
      A farce.

    • Fred says:

      Barbara Ann,

      “The plan for the MiG’s to fly into Ukraine direct from Poland and risk Russian retaliation on Polish airbases…”

      Well that’s an attack on a NATO ally don’t you know. Next up, a “white helmet” special: Putin uses gas in Ukraine. The gaslighting is already plaster all over CNN.

  5. zmajcek says:

    “We’re talking with our Polish friends right now about what we might be able to do to backfill their needs if in fact they choose to provide these fighter jets to the Ukrainians,” Blinken said during an interview with CBS News’s Face the Nation.

    Poland was probably a bit pissed about the US pushing them into the fire by this constant talk of Poland providing Ukraine with Migs directly, so they trolled the US a bit with this “counter offer”.

    • Datil D says:

      Seems like Blinkin has been talking weapons and planes for a couple weeks but the Pentagon has other plans.

      • FkDahl says:

        Blinken’s step dad was the corporate council and lawyer for a certain Robert Maxwell. Is it relevant? Not sure, probably not.

  6. Seamus Padraig says:

    According to reports, the Azov Battalion, which controls Mariupol, is not letting anyone leave. The Russians have adequate provisions for those who choose to leave, so it’s basically Azov using the people of Mariupol as ‘human shields’.

    • Leith says:

      Seamus –

      Russian negotiators would only open up Mariupol evacuation corridors towards the east. In other words refugees would have to go to the DNR. There is no way that the refugees were going there and fall into the hands of the DNR neo-Nazis.

      Russia could easily have opened evacuation corridors to the west or to the north. Or even via ship thru the Sea of Azov.

      • whoknows says:

        Exactly why there’s no way for the refugees to go East?

        And why are you calling DNR neo-Nazis when it is the Azov regiment that is openly neo-Nazi, which was even admitted by the US Senate?

        • Leith says:

          whoknows –

          Why would they go east? They are Ukrainians. They do not want to go to the Peoples Republic of Donetsk where they would be beaten & raped, and their possessions stolen. Or Russia where they would be interred.

          Much or most of the Azov Bn are anti-Putin neo-Nazis. True. But in the DNR and LNR there are plenty of anti-Ukrainian ne0-Nazis. For example: the Russian National Unity (RNU) volunteers whose logo has a swastika and who want to kill or exile anyone who is not an ethnic Slav; or the Serbian Chetniks of Srebenica fame now fighting for DNR; or the Chechen terrorists maybe not Nazis but just as bad; and many more.

  7. jld says:

    Does not this sounds suspiciously like a warm up for a nuclear false flag?

  8. Jose says:

    This mess could have been avoided if the Bidenista Regime had negotiated in good faith.

    The children probably thought Russia will invaded and Zelensky would evacuate into exile.

    Instead Zelensky stayed and now we have a true mess created by the Bidenista Regime.

    Col., could we have negotiated return of all Ukrainian lands in exchange for permanent neutrality and no NATO membership?

    Remember, Biden and Obama guaranteed Ukrainian sovereignty in the Sofie Accords.

    Also, why do we have biological labs in China and Ukraine?

    • Pat Lang says:

      WE could not have negotiated anything that Ukraine was not party to. We really do not have that kind of power.

      • rho says:


        the Russians seem to act based on the assumption that Ukraine is a US client state and that the US government could pressure the Ukrainian government into whatever it wants.

        Not without justification – how else could Hunter Biden end up on the board of an Ukrainian gas company?

        • Pat Lang says:

          The Biden family are crooks, acting in conjunction with other crooks. You obviously believe that the US government is the same.

  9. Tidewater says:

    You would not know it from reading across the news, but yesterday–March 8– might just be considered an important date in this war. Russia made some serious gains, according to a number of different reports, in several different regions. One gain would be that the LNR has taken almost the entirety of the Lugansk Republic’s territory. This would mean that some 80 settlements are now LNR. The much predicted ‘cauldrons’ of trapped Ukrainian forces seem to be decisively forming. One such cauldron now actually exists in a region of ‘urban conglomeration’ described as the Severodonetsk Front. There are three urban areas still held by Ukrainian forces at Kramatorsk, Slovyansk, and importantly Severodonetsk. Ukrainian forces are retreating into this city, it seems, and are surrounded. As at Mariupol these Zapadesnki ‘Social Nationalists’ from the Roman Catholic Right Bank intend to use the Orthodox population as hostages. They despise them. It is going to be house-to-house fighting in this city and I doubt that prisoners will be taken.

    A point that might be made about this so-called ‘nation’ of Ukraine. In the immediate Right Bank of the river (which is the terminology of historians and not my invention), which lies to the west, and might be called Center Right, the population is 25.6 percent Russian speaking, which would mean that the majority is not Orthodox and is mostly Roman Catholic. If you go further west to the frontier, the Russian- speaking Orthodox diminish to five percent. It’s pretty much Austro-Hungarian, Polish, Roman Catholic, ‘Bolshie’ hating Galicia. Kill a commie for Christ. It was good concentration camp country, by the way.

    If you go to the immediate Left Bank, the Russian- speaking population is 59.3 percent. So this East Center population is Orthodox and not R.C. Go further left and the East of this Ukraine is 92.7 percent Russian speaking and Orthodox. And who now regard themselves as being ‘ liberated’. From what, exactly?

    Then, if you look South, you find a Russian- speaking Orthodox population all along the coast of the Black sea as being at 84.5 percent. You further find that there are 160,ooo Greeks in Mariupol, an ethnic group whose lives are meaningless to the Zapadenski.

    Now maybe my figures are not exactly right, but they certainly give a rough idea of just how unified this Ukraine could ever get because of a sub-Saharan- style tribal hatred among these folks. The poet Seamus Heaney, late in his life, was asked about the limitations being placed on flying the Union Jack over Belfast, as it had been flown since the 1920s. Northern Ireland had gone woke and wanted the tricolor up as well. Heaney said to let the Loyalists fly their flag because the reality was that Ireland was never going to be unified anyway. Leave it alone. The same applies to this place Ukraine.

    Like the Godfather said: ‘Never get between a man and a woman.’ Doing that often enough means getting dangerously involved in a family issue, which is pretty much what this is. Ukraine is a family that hates each other. Making a nation out of it?

    • Leith says:

      Tidewater –

      There is nothing Naziish about Catholics as you seem to imply. If that is now the Kremlin line then the psych doctors would appear to be right about Putin losing his marbles and going paranoid. I doubt Patriarch Kiril has signed up to that. Hitler murdered millions of Catholics.

      None or few of your so-called ‘Zapadenskis’ are fighting in the east. Not even in Mariupol. The Azovs were founded in Kharkiv and Berdiansk, both in the east. Its founder and leader is from an old Cossack family in Kharkiv. Most of their members are primarily from east of the Dnieper, except for far-right volunteers from Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Greece, Scandinavia, Slovakia, Spain, the UK & US who have joined them since at least 2014/2015. Even 50 Russian citizens have volunteered and joined the Azovs.

      By the way, the Russian gains in Luhansk Oblast are not from the LNR. Those gains were won by Russian troops coming across the border from Belgorod, Voronesh, and Rostov Oblast in Russia. LNR troops did join up with them after the fact. LNR troops did try to take Sieverodonetsk, but couldn’t do it.

      • Tidewater says:


        People are not paying attention. If nuclear war comes it will be war between Christian peoples. Over the last three decades the Russian Orthodox church has led the way in restoring and developing the nuclear weapons complex that existed prior to the post- Cold War period. The Orthodox church has always had a close connection to the Russian military. Russia is now a remilitarized Christian society which has a deep belief in the connection between national defense and rearmament and with holiness and spirituality. The protection of the state is accepted as being not only honorable but also the full expression of Christian religious belief and values. Orthodoxy leads the way. Every Russian nuclear submarine has a priest on board.

        • jld says:

          Yes, the Russian military is fully Christian.

        • Leith says:

          Tidewater –

          At least two thirds of Ukrainians are believers in the Orthodox Church. That beats the heck out of the 40% in Russia that are Orthodox, the rest in Russia being Muslim, Atheists, secret Catholics & Prods, Shamanists, Buddhists, etc.

          And it seems strange that an Orthodox Church led military would use Chechen and Ossetian jihadis to murder Ukrainian Orthodox Christians. Was it them or Russian VDV that murdered an Ukrainian Orthodox parish priest NW of Kiev late last month?

          The Ukrainian military uses Orthodox chaplains also.

          • Tidewater says:


            In the Russian military, there are four authorized religions. These are the only ones that can be represented by their priests/chaplains. They are Russian Orthodoxy, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam. I find it significant that neither Roman Catholicism nor Protestantism is recognized.

            Patriarch Kyrill will support Putin to the hilt. The Orthodox church will be behind the state completely. The Orthodox church chaplains will act almost as if they were a religious reincarnation of the former state political agents attached to the Red Army in WWII who were sometimes called ‘commissars.’ It is possible that Putin sought counsel from the Patriarch on the increasingly dangerous situation in the Ukraine created by the United States before he issued the ukase.

            This war is about the deadly American and NATO threat to Mother Russia which has been dubbed “Anaconda.” This operation is relentless and has been underway for at least fifteen years. It has been authorized to continue by at least three American presidents. Because it is an existential threat to the Russian homeland, it is and it will be, a religious war. The signals coming from the United States seem to me to indicate that the American government, for some reason, is either not fully alert to the possibility of, or not afraid of, a suddenly exploding conventional missile war. Yet the de facto American navy base at Ochakovo, which routinely was staffed by NATO and American naval officers, has been completely destroyed. We know that there were possibly 30 deaths. (What were their nationalities?)

            That should have gotten some people’s attention.

          • Leith says:

            Tidewater –

            Not only is Catholic & Protestant churches not recognized, but their believers have to worship in the shadows.

            You are right that Patriarch Kirill is backing Putin. He wants hegemony over the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Plus a global Russian Orthodox leadership of Orthodox worshippers in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Yugoslavia & other Balkan states.

            And I suspect you are correct about Kirill’s chaplains being modern day bolshevik political Kommissars.

        • Leith says:

          Tidewater –

          PS – Putin’s getting lots of love by Pakistani jihadists on twitter lately. What’s with that? Ditto from Catholic Spain.

          • jim ticehurst says:

            Leith..You are having a Very Informative Debate Goin On About Religions in Russia And Ukraine.and Regards to The Roles of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches…..

            In Wike..Under Vladimir The Great of Ukraine ..Under the Section RELIGION…It Says that
            Vladimir The Great in the Year 987.. when Ukraine was Still Pagan..sent Envoys
            to the Middle East Region To Study The Greatest Religions..
            They Reported Back..And Said Islam Was Undesirable Because It Prohibited Alcohol And
            Pork..Vladimir Responded “Drinking is The JOY of The ROS..”
            vladimir Interviewed The Jews..and Rejected Them Saying..”The Loss Of Jerusalem was
            Evidence They Had Been Abandoned By God..”

            His Emmissarys Also Visited LATIN RIte
            Christian…And Eastern Rite Christian Churches
            He Settled On Eastern Rite Christian..

            His Emissary’s Saw No Beauty In German Church’s But At Constantinople..at the
            FULL Festival Of the Byzantine Church…
            He Saw Nothing But Beauty..In the ..
            Majestic DIVINE Liturgy.. in Haga Sopia..

            I Imagine Those Feeling Still Run Strong In
            The Differences Between The Vatican at ROME
            And The Leadership in The Greek Orthodox Church,,,

          • Tidewater says:


            Yes, there is a lot going on inside Orthodoxy. The Ukrainian and the Russian Orthodox could be like the Southern Baptists, who split off due to the civil war. Come to think of it, the Left Bank Orthodox could split away themselves and join Moscow. There has already been a split with the Oecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.
            My guess is that the Russian Orthodox in the Ukraine are in many places the ‘silent minority’ when they are not the majority as in the East. In other words, if the Left Bank becomes part of a new separate state its population will accept the new order.

            The authority that their priests have is different from the authority the political officers had. It is moral and religious and is integral to life in Mother Russia. Always has been. The Russians seem sometimes to be just a little bit mysterious to me. I have heard a Russian woman talking about cutting her priest’s hair. It seemed to me to have been meaningful to her as a simple religious act, even though he was also a good-looking married guy. Attached to the Kiev cathedral, by the way. Their priests have a sanctity that ours do not have.

      • Tidewater says:


        The Waffen SS division Galician asked for and received Roman Catholic chaplains. This was unusual in the Nazi armies. The Galician was ultimately protected by the Pope during its final phase after the war when the division was interned at Rimini, in Italy, on the Adriatic. The Polish general Anders was instrumental in making the case to the Vatican that the division should not be repatriated to the Communists to face war crimes trials. Please read Tim Snyder’s ‘Bloodlands.’

        The term ‘Zapadenski’ is a dismissive term used by people in places like Cherkasy for the Right Bankers. I am not making this stuff up.

        The very existence of the Azov battalion is a sign that something is hopelessly wrong with these people. What I have read is that the Godfather, .Igor Kolomoisky bankrolls six Nazi battalions–Dnipro, Aider, Azov, Dnepr 1, Dnepr 2, and the Donbas volunteer battalion. Zelensky has been his bagman and expedites these payments. Zelensky was told that if he interfered with the Nazi movement he was a dead man. It is as if he is a made man, a multi-millionaire, but really just another capo, beholden to the Godfather Kamoisky.

        There is a television media source called Hromadske TV where there were open discussions about the need to kill the “useless people” of the Eastern region. A young man sits there and explains to the woman moderator that there are 1.5 million people in the Russian- speaking Orthodox East who simply must be liquidated. I took a quick look at this one. It is actually on their TV.

        These people have a homicidal hatred for one another. The Ukraine is a place; it is not a nation. It is a house divided. Henry Kissinger, among many skeptics, speaks of ‘factions.’ That is putting is mildly. These factions are beyond reconciliation.

        America has got the con.

        • Leith says:

          Tidewater –

          Did the Russians of the 29th Waffen Grenadier Division (aka 1st Russian) of the SS RONA also carry priests with them? Same question for the 30th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (2nd Russian)? Probably not, they had German SS Totenkopf political minders to help them with their atrocities. They fought alongside pedophile Oscar Dirlewanger, the Butcher of Warsaw.

          What about Krasov’s Russian Cossack XV SS Corps?

          Don’t forget the Vlasovites of the Russian Liberation Army that fought against Americans and Brits at Normandy.

          More Naziish sentiments in Russia than there ever were in Ukraine. Both today and 80 years ago.

          • Tidewater says:

            I say this respectfully, but I simply cannot believe that there is any Nazi movement in Russia comparable to the movement in Ukraine. Or for that matter, comparable to the growing far right- wing nationalist movements in eastern Germany and elsewhere, maybe even Sweden. You seem to have been studying this, but I just don’t see the equivalency. I hope we will know more if the Ukrainian army in Center East collapses by way of prisoner debriefings. I would bet that many of these soldiers are Roman Catholics from the Right bank, either far west or center, who were deployed across the river into the Left Bank. My thesis remains that Roman Catholicism and Russian Orthodoxy are permanently at odds in the Ukraine and that therefore there should be, or have been, a partition. I think it is too late now. I also think it is really starting to look like there will be a wider conventional war involving NATO and the United States. Russia is backed to the wall.

          • Leith says:

            Tidewater –

            Hoping you are wrong about a wider war. If Putin starts a wider war, I don’t believe he would stick to solely using conventional weapons.

            Why should Russia think their backs are to the wall? They invaded, not the other way around. Nobody tricked Putin into doing it. All this talk about Ukronazis was just an excuse for him to bring Ukraine back into his dream of a Russian Empire. I doubt that even he believes it himself.

            In any case I believe our first diplomat Ben Franklin was right: “There never was a good war or bad peace.”

            By the way, I thought Cherkasy was west of the Dnieper. Is there more than one?

    • Barbara Ann says:


      So let’s be clear here. What exactly are the criteria under which the Westphalian concept of national sovereignty apply? How much religious/ethnic mix ought to be permissible? Who makes the rules? Despite having an elected government, Putin has declared the Ukrainian state a colony of the US/NATO and some Russians refer to the country of Ukraine as ‘404’ (country not found, I guess).

      We either have respect for international law and the sanctity of national borders or we do not. True, the US and NATO doesn’t exactly have a fine track record in this area, but Russia stooping to the same level is not the solution – it is the route to anarchy.

      • Barbara Ann says:

        Btw, the electoral map that saw Zelensky come to power provides an interesting take on the supposed irreconcilable differences within the country. Lviv oblast was the only region of Ukraine where a majority of the population did not vote for Ze.

        Rather than the devolution of Luhansk & Donetsk, it seems to me losing Lviv – to Poland, independence or whatever – might be a better solution.


        • Eric Newhill says:

          “What exactly are the criteria under which the Westphalian concept of national sovereignty apply?”

          Depends on the whims of the United States. Russia is now modeling the US’ capricious standards. Westphalia whatever appears to be just another concept that academics created and jabber about in papers so they can attain or maintain tenure; and then forget about when paid to by a think tank or the government. When was it ever the cosmic rule?

    • Bill Roche says:

      Your comments made me think how divided America was in 1774. I won’t go into all the ethnicities. I assume you know them. Out of 8 years of revolution, kicking and screaming (?), they came together. Is E Pluribus Unum not a good idea? Or are you saying that Ukrainians aren’t capable of that? No matter, it seems the Great Russians have made Ukrainians an offer they can not refuse.. to wit, “you Ukrainians, will be dutiful Russians and like it, or I will kill you”. Isn’t that the message. Sometimes simple splains it best.

  10. Les Priest says:

    Col, & others
    I’ve been reading a lot of Russian stuff, with Google translate: The Mariupol situation repeats in Odessa, Kharkov & Kiev. The Russian military has tried variations on evacuation corridors but the Ukrainian ‘hard core’ fire on the corridors & shoot anyone who tries to negotiate with the Russians. Last night I read someone who was reading deep Russian analysis; the thesis was that the Ukrainians sold off their good planes & tanks, & put the money into prep for urban combat. If that is the case, we are about to see a horrible blood bath.

    • fredw says:

      Why are we spending energy analyzing the content of the pissing contest? I said in an earlier post that the only thing we could believe in was who advanced and who gave way. That is not quite true anymore, but the positions of the forces is still the best guide we have. Whatever the Ukrainians are doing is slowing the Russians in the north, less so in the south and east. But they haven’t actually taken control much of anywhere except Kherson. Both sides have used air power very sparingly. This was in line with expectations for the Ukrainians (who were expected to lose their air and AD capacity overnight) and contrary to expectations for the Russians. Lots of theories springing up. But I can’t bring myself to pay attention to any theory that supposes combat actions that a military could be taking but isn’t. That’s not how wars work. If they don’t do it, it’s usually because they can’t.

      Urban combat dulls the edge of any offensive action. It’s the sort of thing you prepare for when you expect to lose your planes and tanks in the early stages. The surprise is that they haven’t lost their tanks and planes to anything like the forecasted extent. So deemphasizing those (if they did) may now look foolish. We’ll see.

      A horrible blood bath is what war is about. There seems to be a consensus that war is horrible, but most of the people saying that really have no idea. So do you just give in when threatened with violence? If you do, then the lives of you and yours belong to the threat makers. Sometimes it really is liberty or death.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Somehow the demoralized, confused, ignorant Russians are running out of gas and rations and failing miserably and surrendering and getting killed en masse; yet, simultaneously, taking city after city, except, maybe, in the North, and UKR desperately needs ordnance and equipment and money – lots of money – to stave off the Russian beast, of course.

        One of these scenarios cannot be true. Alternatives are that Ukranian troops are even worse than the stupid, drunken, demoralized, starving, unsupplied, Russians – or that Russia is methodically and professionally accomplishing the mission and has deliberately postponed taking Kiev because it prefers to threaten destruction of the capitol as opposed to actually destroying it, in an effort to cause UKR to accept surrender terms – and there are lots of people in denial of that reality creating fantasy narratives.

        • Pat Lang says:

          Sorry, but I find both the Russian troops and their officers and higher staff to be pathetically incompetent.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Col Lang,
            Time will tell.

            The “convoy” that was allegedly out of gas, stuck in mud, etc, etc, etc, has now moved out into the attack. Divine intervention? Deus Vult? Like the parting of the Red Sea, Fuel has appeared in Russian trucks and armor and morale and sobriety has arisen in the troops?

            My position is not that Russians are ten feet tall and perfectly righteous. Rather, the situation is complicated and there are legitimate grievances on both sides. Mostly though I object to obviously hyper-biased nonsense about UKR virtue and Russian utter incompetence and evil. Poorly formulated disinformation only comes back to damage its creators in the long run. It undermines our morale.

            Speaking of disinformation, if the Russians are as bad off as you suggest against only UKR and a few covert weapons via whatever rat line, then the DoD has been lying, for years, about its needs for funding to keep up with the Russians and wasting $Billions and NATO, it would seem, is hardly necessary.

  11. Tidewater says:

    If the Donetsk front collapses in a week, and thirty to forty thousand prisoners are taken, there is some hope that the Ukrainian and American bloody-mindedness might change. Certainly, Odessa might see things quite differently. The die-hards surrendered at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. Also, on March 8 Mykolaiv was bypassed and it seems to have been closed off to the east. The new ‘Katushyas’ were used. Remarkable.

  12. Jim Ticehurst says:

    Comment about the Babys…If They can get tons of Weapons in there They Sould Damn Sure Be Sending In Food..Diapers..Baby Food and Water For ALL the Poor Souls In Ukraine..They are Dying from Dehydration..Its Freezing..I Agree No New Planes..

    They said During WW 2..he United States took Our Planes To The Canadian
    Border,,Then The Canadians Came With Horses Hauled The Planes to Canada
    and British Pilots Came to Canada..and flew them Back to England,,

  13. Tidewater says:

    Colonel Lang,

    I have found one of the videos of what I saw on Twitter. I am not exactly a pro at using Twitter. Nes@NSAmarets provided the video with the comment “From the morning of March 7, the invaders hit Nikolaev from multiple launch systems.” I think that can be found on Google. I need to check this. What struck me was the almost uninterrupted intensity. The background was pitch dark. Just flashes.

    Then there is the question of the Tornado S. It has a range of 72 miles? It can cover a target area of 67.6 hectares with one salvo? That number of hectares. Is that twelve football fields?

    Did you see something like the Katyusha in Vietnam?

    • Tidewater says:

      Tidewater to Tidewater,

      The tweet is about forty down. For what it is worth. It is on Nes. This is someone new for me. I just stack them up and then follow who they follow. It adds up. But you can move down through the tweets at good speed with a glance. Sometimes you see something. Need to delete more and make a list sooner or later.

    • Pat Lang says:

      The 122 mm artillery rocket was widely used by the other side. This rocket would dig an enormous hole in soft soil.

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