“Russians Paying Nearly $25K for Plane Tickets to Flee Putin’s Draft”

“Russians are paying exorbitant prices for airplane tickets to escape the country following President Vladimir Putin’s partial mobilization of reservists.

Wealthy Russians are paying around $25,000 for a seat on a private plane, and as much as $135,000 to rent an eight-seater jet, to flee to places such as Armenia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan, The Guardian reported Tuesday.

Many European countries have said they will not allow Russians fleeing mobilization to enter, and many had already blocked Russian tourists, Business Insider said.

There also was widespread fears that the Kremlin will close its borders this week, The Guardian reported.

“The situation is absolutely crazy at the moment,” Yevgeny Bikov, director of broker jet company Your Charter, told The Guardian. “We would get 50 requests a day; now it is around 5,000.”

Putin last week ordered a partial mobilization of reservists in Russia, in a measure that appeared to be an admission that the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine isn’t going according to plan after nearly seven months of fighting.

The move has triggered outraged protests, acts of violence across the vast country, and a fearful exodus.”

Commet: Looks like a good market for foreign private flights for those willing to risk their aircraft at stops to pick up Russian draft evaders. pl

Russians Paying Nearly $25K for Plane Tickets to Flee Putin’s Draft | Newsmax.com

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6 Responses to “Russians Paying Nearly $25K for Plane Tickets to Flee Putin’s Draft”

  1. jimmy says:

    A good indicator of which side’s population will ‘break’ and demand change from their overlords first is to see who is leaving which side, and who is staying.

    I don’t see a ton of Western Europeans moving to Russia….

    I am sure this all according to putin’s plan…

    • Pat Lang says:

      SSeems like a good opportunity for Snowdonov as a new Russian citizen to prove his devotion to his new country.

      • Leith says:

        Former action hero Seagal should be drafted by Putin also. Maybe he could show Spetznaz how to do it Hollywood style.

  2. Cheri Fistel says:


    Where the HECK are RUSSIANS getting THAT KIND OF MONEY????? They are on a dole.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      UK rulers just “borrowed” $500 billion while cutting taxes.

      Papers and commentariat yell that it’s the rich lining their pockets.

      Could they be buying … , …. ….. ?

      Phlowtrekshum. On Sale Now. The real Phlowtrekshum. Genuine and renewable. And in several flavors. Phlowtrekshum from items on our menu of annoyances is ..

      Or this self addressed phone number.

  3. Fred says:

    Putin is doing this draft all wrong. He should follow the good ole Yankee tradition like Lincoln and let these guys to hire a substitute or buy an exemption for $20K or so. It would be interesting to see just what ‘substitutes’ these guys could come up with. Come January Putin could do the good Russian thing and tell that the exemption was only good for 2022.

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