Site was down

The site went down late last Friday, surely the most inopportune time for such things. Nothing nefarious. Just a software glitch.


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10 Responses to Site was down

  1. leith says:

    Hard to believe this site does not have enemies that would want to shut it down?

    • TTG says:


      We all have enemies, real and/or imagined, but sometimes shit just happens.

      • jld says:

        Simple remedy, switch the server OS to BSD instead of (I surmise) Linux.
        IIRC an old hacker lore, shit should happen indeed but in BSD there is no driver for it. 😀

        • TTG says:


          If I was setting this up myself, I’d get 2U or 3U of colocation rackspace, install my own router and server, get an IP address or 3 and run a good old fashioned dedicated web server with a hardened OS. But that would cost a lot more than the shared and virtual web hosting services in common use today. I set up and ran a lot of those setups in my last job, actually used the routers more than the servers. No one’s life or livelihood depends on turcopolier being up without occasional interruption, so we’ll stick with the cheaper option.

      • leith says:

        Yeah, I might be getting a tad paranoiac in my old age. Although it’s easy to be suspicious nowadays considering cyber attacks and/or pranks. Especially for old farts like myself for whom cyberspace is a head-scratcher.

        BTW – Ukraine seems to be doing well fending off RU cyber attacks and retaliating against various Kremlin government sites and also against hostile oligarch businesses.

    • ked says:

      oh, it does. no one listens to them.

  2. ked says:

    I think you should consider establishing an IT Emerg Response Capability, funded by The Correspondents, comprised of 3 bottles of wine (or equivalent in legal tender, somewhere). in the event of an IT Incident, you apply one for planning, 2nd for operations & 3rd for subsequent R&R.

    • TTG says:


      Now that’s a plan, but I’d substitute 3 growlers of local brews for the bottles of wine.

      • ked says:

        choose the best tools for the task at hand – THAT’s leadership!

      • English Outsider says:

        Can weigh in with a few gallons of home brew. Or a few bottles of freezer distilled apple wine. Can only be a few. It’s a great fuss, home brewing or wine making, and the results not always reliable with the latter. So I don’t usually bother.

        But if that’s all that’s needed to keep the site going …

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