Someone is Lying About Covid by Larry C Johnson

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Contrary to claims by the media and the ego maniac Dr. Fauci about a tidal wave of Covid infections, I have first hand, albeit anecdotal evidence, that there is a lot of bullshit surrounding reports of people who have “tested” positive for Covid. My old friend Janet, who was the GM of a very popular hair salon, heard yesterday from two of her former employees that they had “tested positive” for Covid. At first she was very alarmed and concerned for their welfare until she heard the rest of the story (Paul Harvey’s signature line). Both reported neither had been to any testing facility nor had they provided any sample of any body fluid. But both were notified in the mail that they had “tested positive.”

Then there is my friend Rob. I learned from him this week that four of his buddies in the Miami area had gone to a testing facility and had filled out paperwork in preparation for being tested for Covid. But faced with a long line and interminable wait they drove off and did not have any samples collected. But guess what? All four were informed that they too were “positive” for Covid.

While this is anecdotal, these accounts are real and are not just isolated mistakes. Somebody in the testing chain is playing a dangerous, dishonest game. Informing perfectly healthy people that they have a positive result for a disease they have never been tested for is nothing more than Mega Bullshit.

I only know one person in my social network that has had Covid. He was never hospitalized and only felt tired and decided against spending the day skiing at Vail. I am not denying that Covid is real and that some people are infected by it, some are hospitalized and some die. But it is a very small percentage.

Here is the latest run down of what is going on at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. These are their figures, not mine:

Hospital / ICU Capacity

Total hospital beds: 839

Today’s patient census: 593

Today’s COVID+ patients total: 102 (103 yesterday)

Total ICU beds: 72 *

Today’s ICU census: 61 (51 yesterday)

COVID+ patients in ICU today: 25 (no change from yesterday)

* SMH increased its ICU capacity from 62 to 72 beds in June and has enough ventilators to create more than 100 ICU beds, if needed, to manage a surge.

COVID-19 Test Results

7-Day SMH positivity rate: 6.9% (down from 7.9% on July 24)

Patients who have tested positive (excluding repeat positives): 680 **

Patients who have tested negative: 11,042 **

** Reflects patients tested through SMH systems since March 2.

COVID-19 Patient Update ***

Patients hospitalized since outbreak began: 606 (598 yesterday)

Patients successfully treated/discharged: 580 (573 yesterday) {inpatients and patients treated in the ER but not hospitalized}

Patient deaths: 57 (56 yesterday)

*** Reflects cumulative number of patients treated at SMH since outbreak began in March.

While the media is busy telling you about Florida being a veritable hotbed of plague, the fact is that since March 1st, there have been a total of 57 deaths from Covid in Sarasota Memorial Hospital. I am sure that those who lost loved ones are generally sad about that, but in Florida where I live, we have lots of elderly souls who are dying every day. Let us put this in perspective–one person is dying from Covid at Sarasota Memorial Hospital every three days. The death rates from cancer and heart disease are probably higher.

And then we have Dr. “NO OPINION” Fauci. Except, he seems to have an opinion on a wide variety of topics that pander to Democrat propaganda memes. There is no logic nor consistency to Fauci’s pronouncements.

Early on Fauci proclaimed that Covid:

. . .is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.

What about masks? He told 60 Minutes in March:

“No, right now, people should not be wearing — there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask, . . . “When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet. But it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is,” Fauci 3.0 continued. “And often there are unintended consequences; people keep fiddling with the mask, and they keep touching their face.”

All true. It was true then and is true now. But not in Fauci world.  Executing an intellectual backward somersault reminiscent of gymnast Nadia Komenich’s flips in her prime, Fauci reversed himself, sort of:

But, he added, once it became clear people can spread the virus without knowing they’re sick, public health leaders realized the message needed to change.

“We have people who may not even know they’re infected and are inadvertently infecting others,” said Fauci.

So, does that mean that protestors at a Black Lives Matter riot or an Antifa fire bombing party must wear masks? Oh hell no. Even though Fauci now claims masks are essential to public health he insists he has no opinion on requiring masks for masses of disgruntled souls keen on torching their cities. Really?

What about strangers having sex? Masks required. Nope says Dr. Fauci, now convinced that he is the 21st Century version of Dr. Ruth, only taller.

What about people gathering in churches to worship in groups larger than 50? Verbotten says Herr Fauci unless you are Democrats attending one of the multiple funerals for deceased civil rights icon John Lewis, then it is okay to have a large gathering and forget about social distancing.

What Fauci and his media enablers are forgetting is that most Americans, even though a majority no longer work on farms, smell this bullshit ten miles away. It is rancid and putrid.

Thanks to Congressman Jim Jordan for calling out Fauci on his selective opining about what is and is not required for good public health:

It is now clear that Fauci’s dismal performance in trying to throw out the first pitch at the opener for the Washington Nats is a great metaphor for his competence as a Physician. Word to Fauci–Shut Up!

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42 Responses to Someone is Lying About Covid by Larry C Johnson

  1. walrus says:

    I think you must have a different virus in the USA from what we have in Australia.
    The one we have kills old people mainly the over seventy group. This maximises inter generational tensions because the young are asked to work to help the old. There is also an economic incentive to do away with the elderly.
    The one we have is frighteningly infectious.
    Since people are infectious for days before they have symptoms, and people have very short attention spans these days, managing a health strategy is like driving backwards at 60mph using your rear view mirror. This creates opportunities for every crank, nutcase, conspiracy theorist, grifter and crook to find fault with existing policy.
    The irony of American traditions of great personal liberty hampering effective Covid-19 policy responses is not lost on people outside the U.S..
    We had one infected person visit a resort restaurant on 22nd July. He gave it to a waitress. She gave it to her teenage son. The school is now closed and 100+ kids and their families are waiting for test results. This is a great community with a lot of older folk who contribute enormously to society. If this thing escapes it will break this town.
    I watched some of Fauci and I fail to see him doing anything other than his level best for the American people, despite deliberate provocation.
    The virus escaped control here through a failure to communicate with non english speaking immigrant communities. It then got into the criminal population. It has been now amplified by poor people who can not afford not to continue to work when they know they are infected.
    The net result of that is likely a New Zealand style total lockdown starting Wednesday.
    I may have Covid19 but I hope not. If I did, although I feel fine, I may have already infected my wife and close friends and they may be now doing likewise.

  2. Diana Croissant says:

    Fouci just doesn’t want to lose his status now as an importnat public official. Right now it’s the Democrats who raise him up as an epert.
    I am sorry that Trump ever introduced him to the media. He’s the dopiest “official” I ever saw on the tee vee.
    I mentioned before, I was tested and I did not have COVID19. I am pretty sure that I haven’t been infected since then, but I am not going to become paranoid and keep getting tested.
    At the same time< I'm very tired of wearing a mask to be politically correct (and because it's mandated in some places.) How can I spead it, if I don't have it. GET THE KIDS BACK IN SCHOOL. Never give in to the AFT or the NEA. They have never supported what is right for students.

  3. Deap says:

    Democrats are going to run on this one issue: Trump failed handling covid and left you all to die. Create the fear, then pound home the message Whether it is real or not.
    Fake covid porn amplified by the media plays directly into the Democrats hands – just like drumming body counts was supposed to be winning the war in Vietnam.
    Remember OWS – they created the enemy first – Wall Street, bankers, corporations, capitalism, the 1%, and then moved in for the kill – wealth redistribution and dues paying union jobs for everyone.
    Since March 15, the deep state has been ginning up the covid fear. Flattening the curve quickly became flat-line any Trump bragging rights. Nancy tears up Trump’s SOTU address – war on America is declared
    Now the Dems move in for the harvest and collateral benefits: no conventions, no rallies, no polling place voting, no debates, end of Durham investigations, stay inside, be very afraid, turn the economy into a shattered mess, keep your kids out of school …. the covid advantage in the Democrat court is staggering.
    Show your obedience- wear your mask and become a faceless automoton. Orangeman is now more than bad. Orangeman wants to kill you. And your children and granny too. Democrats excel at going for the emotional jugular, while carving up the tax dollars amongst themselves behind your backs.
    How does one blunt that message?

  4. turcopolier says:

    You are a lot more gullible than I had thought. Fauci is an egomaniac ass whose posturing has contributed mightily to driving the US people into a frenzied panic.

  5. Outrage Beyond says:

    “While the media is busy telling you about Florida being a veritable hotbed of plague, the fact is that since March 1st, there have been a total of 57 deaths from Covid.”
    Data from one hospital is a small sample.
    According to this site, FL has 480,028 total cases, 9,642 new cases in the last 24 hours, 7,022 total deaths, and 179 deaths in the last 24 hours.
    Further, FL is #2 in the USA for total cases and is battling it out with CA to be #1.
    Does anyone have contrary data or evidence that the data from this site is false?

  6. Deap says:

    In the US, this virus kills young people – those under 100.

  7. optimax says:

    Do the people who were notified they tested positive but weren’t tested living in Florida? I’ve read that’s happening in Florida.
    The daily number of positives Oregon reports includes “presumed” infections. Even at that our positive rate is below 5%.
    FROM LARRY–Yes. Florida residents

  8. Fred says:

    The OK Boomers Face Their Mortality. The elderly are at risk, how dare the young have a future, how dare they! How many dead and dying do you have this time around? Your generation has lost a lot of credibility, sir. Your generation is telling us all to just give up our rights and our children’s opportunites so you can have a couple more years, doing what, exactly? The excuse being “Covid 19” is “frighteningly infectious”? So what. What’s the death rate? How many dead from the Children of Covid do you have down under, Walrus, zero? That seems to be the number here.
    Some customer at a restauruant, so you report, infected a waitress, who gets the blame for infecting someone else? Convenient, isn’t it. Whose political purposes does that story just happen to serve? Naw, it couldn’t be a fraud being perpetrated on Australians; a contact tracer would never lie and no one would ever lie to them, and the politicians just have our interests at heart. Like when they opened borders to massive immigration without assimilation or language skills requirements – how did that work out given the problems you report on the spread of this virus?; like when they encouraged “low cost country” sourcing and gutted our manufacturing base, how did that work out for making PPE, anti-biotics, or other medical equipment?; like when they launched all those regime changes wars overseas. Yep, so much for credibility. Shocking that those opposed to the one American politician in 30 years to do something about those three things are all on the side of lock-downs and assumption of political powers not authorized in the Constitution.
    “American traditions of great personal liberty hampering effective Covid-19 policy responses is not lost on people outside the U.S..”
    Thanks for the clear condemnation of American freedom.
    There’s zero proof of the young either being at risk or being a source of spreading this virus, and none for assymptomatic spread, but there sure is a lot of quackery, starting with Fauci. He’s joined by most of the press, and all of the anti-Trump supporter leftists. They’ll gladly destroy the US economy to keep him out of office. They might wind up in jail otherwise.
    Looks like Congress is a seperate and superior class and that funerals where politicians decide to attend are essential state functions, no limit on attendance size and, even better, no spread of Covid from the old people in office, political science says so; the rest of use are seperate but equal citizens:

  9. J says:

    COVID is the new cash cow.

  10. Terence Gore says:
    Obesity and covid Public Health England
    Interesting article on co morbidities, obesity, and per person health as it relates to countries. Most of the math and data way over my head.
    Pandata twitter link

  11. akaPatience says:

    I didn’t initially distrust Dr. Fauci’s judgement, but as the months have passed, I just can’t help it.
    His coyly dismissive remarks about HCQ, which has proven (with a few exceptions) to be an effective tool not only to treat many C-19 patients but also as a prophylaxis, is nothing short of medical malpractice. He and other bureaucrats should be ashamed of themselves since the use of HCQ for C-19 has even been BANNED in various places, my home state of Ohio included. This is unbelievable, unconscionable! There would be less need to shut down as much normal life if effective prophylaxes were readily available and prescribed – after all, VACCINES DON’T TREAT OR CURE SICK PEOPLE.
    Could it be that holding out for a vaccine as one excuse for locking down so much for so long is the point, the purpose of the prohibition of HCQ? I never dreamed Democrats were so power hungry that they’d engage in intellectual dishonesty to the degree that would place human lives and livelihoods at such risk. But they have, and it’s a nightmare.

  12. J says:

    Something you might interested in is that Russia will start mass vaccinations in October, and drop the mask mandate ‘due to’ the Hydroxy Cure.
    The clinical trials of a COVID vaccine developed by the Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow are now over, and the paperwork is in the works for its registration. A vaccine that creates 100% immunity in the test subjects of the vaccine trials. 1st and 2nd phase saw 100% immunity after the first 21 days, and doubled after their second shot.
    Medical workers and teacher will be the first to receive the inoculations.
    Back in April 2020 Russian President Putin issued an order to allow treatment of COVID using the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine.
    Oh, one other thing, our northern neighbors Canada are also saying that the way the U.S. is ‘testing’, is ‘insane’.

  13. AK says:

    I have read numerous anecdotal comments on news articles and on the one social media platform that I occasionally use (Instagram) to this effect, mostly in Texas. People who had showed up to testing facilities and given their personal contact information, only to leave after an hours-long wait WITHOUT being tested, later received a positive test confirmation in the mail. Mind you, the comments are not “my brother’s girlfriend got a letter” etc. The comments are generally, “I got a letter after leaving without being tested.”
    In instances like this I look at general plausibility as a benchmark. Could all these individuals be participating willingly and cooperatively (or even less likely, coincidentally) in a broad-based lie about this having occurred to them or those they know? Possibly, but unlikely.
    Could the testing facilities be compelled by some backdoor incentive (government or otherwise) to inflate their positive rates? Absolutely plausible in a number of ways. So ultimately this comes as no surprise if true.

  14. J says:

    The only COVID inoculation I will allow to be administered in my body will the be the Russian inoculation, in no-way-shape-or-form will I allow the Gates associated U.S. inoculation to be administered, period!

  15. blue peacock says:

    Could this be fraud?
    The lab billing for a test that they didn’t administer.

  16. Eliot says:

    “ The irony of American traditions of great personal liberty hampering effective Covid-19 policy responses is not lost on people outside the U.S..”
    I think the right has realized, at a grass roots level at least, that the people pushing these restrictions are power mad, and they do not have good data to support their claims. Fauci is a good example of this, but local and state health are often worse.
    At the beginning of the outbreak we permitted them a great deal of power. We are realizing that was a mistake.
    These officials are important people, for the first times in their lives, and they will not relinquish control.
    Again, this is a largely grass roots phenomenon, but we understand that unless we take back control, we will lose these freedoms forever.
    On a personal level, I would rather live in a society that permitted dangerous freedom, but I am a Virginian.
    – Eliot

  17. walrus says:

    All, as far as I can tell, Covid-19 is behaving exactly as the science of epidemiology has predicted it would behave. That science includes amending our predictions as we learn more about the detailed behaviour of the virus. I have not seen or heard of ANY anomalous behaviour that would support a conspiracy theory perpetrated by anyone, least of all Fauci.
    The fact is that some people don’t understand the science.
    The fact is that some people don’t want to understand the science.
    The fact is that some people don’t believe in science or virii or medicine or vaccines.
    The fact is that there are crooks, politicians and idiots who want to use this disease for their own enrichment.
    The fact is that some people (not at SST) are channeling Gen. Jack D. Ripper: “ I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion, and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.”
    None of these facts change the honest nature of the virus – it is doing exactly what it’s RNA programmed it to do. Assuming anything else is just hand waving that slows and prevents a rational response to the pandemic.
    Our State government has just enacted a six week state of disaster to deal with our blowout of community transmission. Lockdown, curfew, masks, travel restrictions, the works. The idea that this is part of a global conspiracy is crazy.

  18. Mike46 says:

    akapatience: This is simply fake news. There is no ban on HCQ in Ohio. It can be dangerous to patients in a non-hospital setting. It is still being used here.
    “Jul 1, 2020 FDA cautions against use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for COVID-19 outside of the hospital setting or a clinical trial due to risk of heart …”
    It’s use had been restricted to initially prevent hoarding and misuse.

  19. TonyL says:

    “The irony of American traditions of great personal liberty hampering effective Covid-19 policy responses is not lost on people outside the U.S..”
    Trust me, it was not lost on a lot of people in the US right now.
    “I watched some of Fauci and I fail to see him doing anything other than his level best for the American people, despite deliberate provocation.”
    Exactly. I could not either.
    Colonel Lang,
    Sir, it’s strange to me that you think Dr Fauci is an “egomaniac ass”. Perhaps because the way he speaks to the public? I think most experts talk that way (very confident about the subject but not egoistic).

  20. turcopolier says:

    How do you account for the millions and millions of uses against malaria without evidence of heart problems caused by either of the two drugs?

  21. turcopolier says:

    I am surprised that you resort to talking down to people as Luddites.

  22. chris moffatt6 says:

    Didn’t this whole scare start with Dr Fauci repeating Andrew Ferguson’s ill-founded claims that there would be two million deaths in the US if nothing were done? Hence the lockdowns and ‘curve flattening’ and mask rules and distancing and hand washing all of which came from the fifty state departments of health and from the governors. Just as all the rules here in Virginia were made by our beloved governor northam and have NOTHING to do with donald trump or the federal government. If you don’t approve of how this has all been handled blame your state and local authorities.
    As for chloroquine, the NIH back in 2005 itself published a real study of its effectiveness against SARS-1, which it is claimed was more virulent than the current SARS-2. The disdain for this drug and for hydroxychloroquine stems purely from the fact that President Trump claimed (correctly) that these drugs are effective against SARS-2 and immediately caused an apoplectic fit among the media sufferers from Trump Derangement Syndrome; for how could Trump ever say anything that was not ridiculous and completely incorrect?

  23. Fred says:

    “The fact is that some people don’t want to understand the science.”
    “it is doing exactly what it’s RNA programmed it to do”
    It does not, however, appear to be killing people off by the millions. Remind us again of how many people in Australia aged 1 to 21 have died as a result of this virus? How about the US? What is the science behind limiting funerals to ten people, except funerals for George Floyd and John Lewis? Why is attendane on a beach restricted but attendance at a protest not? What is the science behind that?

  24. Bill H says:

    The way to avoid all these wild, erroneous and conflicting predictions would be for the NEWS media to not make predictions at all – to stay with reporting what IS happening rather than printing colorful stories about what is GOING to happen.
    Of course, that might not keep the public thoroughly frightened and distracted from that the Washington establishment is doing to them, which is the reason for the wild, erroneous and conflicting predictions.

  25. upstater says:

    The doubters should organize COVID parties to infect one another. Herman Cain showed how it’s done. Get that herd immunity thing going for us chicken-littles that believe in COVID. See how well medical care is provided and test if you have any holes in your private insurance coverage.

  26. BillWade says:

    Walrus, Suppose this “crisis” lasts for the next 10 years. Will you still feel the same way or will you have wished that you hadn’t been so cautious?
    Doctor Cutie wants us to start wearing goggles now, what’s next, ear muffs?
    The island of Phuket in Thailand has 330 thousand people out of work, tourism is their dominating industry. Those folks are not getting a hand-out, they are going hungry.

  27. AK says:

    blue peacock,
    That would certainly fall under the “other” incentive category, and again, would be a perfectly plausible explanation. The end result is still the same – highly inflated “positive” test numbers.

  28. Leith says:

    J –
    No vaccine is 100% effective. None!

  29. guidoamm says:

    @Outrage beyond
    Florida has a population of 21’500’000
    With total infections of 480’000 you are looking at a IFR of 2.2%
    Data from the cruise ships and the war ships tell us that maximum infections run at about 22% within a given population.
    So, Florida is doing well by that metric.
    As a virus, Covid 19 does what a virus does. Infections are far more widespread than stated. Waste water tests in Europe and the USA tell us it is so.
    If we take at face value the numbers peddled by the experts:
    Infection rate is 3
    An individual becomes infectious on day 2 of being infected and remain infectious till around day 12
    If you run the math, you will see that in 40 days the entire global population would be infected.
    Day 1, 1 infected person
    Day 3, 4 infected persons (the original person + 3 more infections)
    Day 5, 16 infected persons
    Run the math and you will see that if you take the numbers at face value, the entire world should have succumbed to this virus by now.
    Two fundamental questions that should be asked.
    The math being what it is.
    How long was it before the medical community realised, then came to terms and finally agreed we had a new virus on our hands?
    Did it take us 1 week to realise a new virus broke out on the scene?
    Did it take us 2 weeks?
    The long and the short of it is that Covid 19 is real.
    What we are being told however, is highly skewed and often makes no sense.
    Data from the ships is solid yet nobody of consequence makes reference to it nor does it inform policy making.
    Ships’ data tells us that there is a degree of immunity in the general population.
    Ships’ data also tells us that infection and mortality are only marginally more dire than previous virus pandemics.
    Ships’data tells us that there is a whole lot of political theatre going on.

  30. guidoamm says:

    If you take Worldmeter’s numbers as good then:
    7022 deaths on 480’000 infections gives an IFR of 1.46%
    Overall however, the mortality for the population of Florida is 0.03%
    With a population of 21.5M and infections of 480’000 the infection rate is running at 2.2%.
    Now of course epidemiologists are falling over each other to tell us that what is scaaaaary about this virus is not the mortality. Rather, what makes this virus UNIQUE is the consequences it has on the body.
    That’s where we are.

  31. turcopolier says:

    There is no doubt that COVID-19 is deadly to people of Cain’s age.

  32. Per says:

    I am surprised that you resort to talking down to people as Luddites.”
    He have no other alternatives, he bought the lie hook line and sinker so he have invested his “honor”. Backing down and admit you got fooled is not easy for some people. Even a semi retarded Norwegian moron like me can see that corona have been hijacked so certain power hungry billionaires and their owned politicians can “reset” the economy and force us to live oilfree lives like the 18 century.. Malthusian anti human creeps is behind this bs imo.

  33. John from Michigan says:

    Fred said it best above. Once again the baby boomers (who are the largest group of the vulnerable population) are effing over future generations of Americans, this time by shutting down the country to protect their oxygen wasting asses.

  34. Deap says:

    A good description is this partisan Democrat and media Covid hysteria got us into a cul de sac. No one figured out to get out of it, once they drove us into it.
    Lesson learned: Have a plan upfront to get out of anything you also choose to get into. Plan B, retreat strategy, back-up plan, face-saving… did they all miss reading the Yellow Emperor? Except the Democrats drove us into exactly where they wanted us to be right now. An GOP never applied the brakes to even ask for the final destination road map.
    Regardless, we simply cannot risk putting Democrats back in power – they fully showed us what they intend to do: drive us off the cliff. The LA Teacher Union list of demands is all you need to read about the Democrat game plan. Only thing missing is the ETA.

  35. Eric Newhill says:

    Also, Cain had undergone cancer treatment. I don’t know the details of his treatment, but cancer treatment often involves permanent damage to the immune system.

  36. Flavius says:

    So much contradictory information out there, sometimes emanating from the same person. Here’s looking at you Dr. Fauci.
    I live in a ‘hot spot’ county in the state of NJ. My anecdotal contribution to the conversation is that even within the confines of the county it appears to be all about “location, location, location.” Operating on the principle that people need people a damn sight more than they need to be hermetically sealed in a room approved by the state of NJ and Dr Fauci, I try to assess reasonably the risks associated with the people I’m with, the place I’m at, and the reason for being there. For someone who is reasonably sure he is not sick, putting on a mask strikes me as absurd. For someone who is asymptomatic and has no reason to think he has been exposed to go for testing in a place where people have gone presumably because they are symptomatic strikes me as beyond absurd.
    And of course the bureaucrat promoters of science are political: it is a political act to assess the risks of attending a blm ‘protest’ as acceptable but attending church on Sunday represents an unacceptable risk. Making that distinction is purely political and to the extent it pretends to science, is almost certainly bad science.
    Is there any wonder that people have taken, or are trying to take to the extent of what they can get away with, to thinking for themselves on the subject. If Dr Fauci’s size is ever made to fit all, we’re not in America anymore, Todo.

  37. Mike46 says:

    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  38. Terence Gore says:
    From the UN Secretary General on his build back better
    “First, immediate measures to slow the spread of the disease, end conflict and meet the urgent needs of the most vulnerable.
    That means prioritising life-saving health care to COVID-19 victims, respecting the call for a global ceasefire; ensuring humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable — including refugees, displaced and host communities; providing emergency support to individuals and households; and taking steps to relieve debt, promote trade and expand relief — for example, through a regional solidarity fund.
    Second, we must deepen efforts to address inequalities by investing in universal health and education; social protection floors; and technology.
    The region is home to the world’s largest gender gap in human development. COVID-19 recovery is an opportunity to invest in women and girls, ensure equal rights and participation — which will have lasting benefits for all.
    Education and opportunities are also critical for young people in the region who face unemployment rates five times higher than those for adults. With the right investments, Arab youth — now the largest age group in the region — can also be its largest asset.
    Third, boosting the economic recovery through reimagining the region’s economic model in favour of more diversified, green economies.
    That means creating decent sustainable jobs; introducing progressive taxation measures; ending fossil fuel subsidies; and taking greater account of climate risks.
    Fourth, now is the moment to prioritize human rights, ensure a vibrant civil society and free media and create more accountable institutions that will increase citizen trust and strengthen the social contract.
    All of these steps are pivotal to helping the Arab region build back better …”
    “Mobilize American manufacturing and innovation to ensure that the future is made in America, and in all of America. We’ve seen the importance of bringing home critical supply chains so that we aren’t dependent on other countries in future crises. But Biden believes we can’t stop there — he is releasing a plan today to build a strong industrial base and small-business-led supply chains to retain and create millions of good-paying union jobs in manufacturing and technology across the country.
    Mobilize American ingenuity to build a modern infrastructure and an equitable, clean energy future. We’ve seen the need for a more resilient economy for the long-term, and that means investing in a modern, sustainable infrastructure and sustainable engines of growth — from roads and bridges, to energy grids and schools, to universal broadband. Biden will soon release updated proposals to meet the climate crisis, build a clean energy economy, address environmental injustice, and create millions of good-paying union jobs.
    Mobilize American talent and heart to build a 21st century caregiving and education workforce which will help ease the burden of care for working parents, especially women. We’ve seen in this pandemic the immense burdens working parents, and especially women, carry in juggling their jobs and their caregiving responsibilities. We’ve learned anew how hard this work is, and how underappreciated those who do it are. Joe Biden will soon announce a plan to make it far easier to afford child care and to ensure aging relatives and people with disabilities have better access to home and community-based care; to elevate the pay, benefits, and professional opportunities for caregivers and educators; to create millions of good-paying new jobs in these areas with a choice to join a union; and to free up millions of people to join the labor force and grow a stronger economy in return.
    Mobilize across the board to advance racial equity in America. We’ve seen again this year the tragic costs of systemic racism. Biden believes that addressing those costs has to be core to every part of the economic agenda, and also a distinct priority in its own right. As President, he will pursue a dedicated agenda to close the racial wealth gap, to expand affordable housing, to invest in Black, Latino, and Native American entrepreneurs and communities, to advance policing and criminal justice reform, and to make real the promise of educational opportunity regardless of race or zip code.”
    Remarkable that they have similar goals and tag line. It gives me the feel that this crisis is highly coordinated. Hell we ain’t even sure what we have been through yet

  39. AK says:

    Eric Newhill,
    Apparently he had rather recently undergone treatment for stage IV colon cancer. So whatever the treatment was, we can be damn sure that it took its toll on him.

  40. akaPatience says:

    Mike46, it is NOT fake news that Ohio banned the use of HCQ to treat C-19. However, the governor convinced the state pharmacy board (who issued the ban, which was to be effective July 30) to reverse its policy decision.

  41. Fred says:

    “stage IV colon cancer”
    That seems fatal all by itself. But the press sure wouldn’t want to report that cause of death for a prominent Republican supporter of Trump.

  42. Deap says:

    Some one is lying about St George Floyd too – and why they refused to release this pre-death police camera video until now:
    We are in the grips of Maya – The Hindu Goddess of Illusion.

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