Spring is coming

Some Skirt Steak and a Veal Chop


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8 Responses to Spring is coming

  1. Rick Merlotti says:

    You can tell it’s spring in America. We herald it by resuming bombing Syria. Ah, the sweet smell of dead Syrians. America is back!

    • Fred says:

      Joe Biden, explaining to our allies in peace just what he means. Can’t wait to see the left demand accountability for not getting congressional approval first. And, best of all, they’ll “build back better” – with our money, after Biden blows it up.

  2. Escarlata says:

    Off-topic, sorry, but don not know where to post this..

    Look, current escalation by Biden in the Iraqui border and reported late reactivation of IS comes very timely with Pope Francis coming travel to Iraq next March 5th and 6th ( a detail missed by “b” at MoA in his analysis…)

    It will be the perfect ocassion for a false flag which then would be blamed on Iran as excuse for a crusade war…just the dream of people like Pompeo and all those who hate interreligious dialogue for peace becoming true…

    Could not you and your knights order try to get a message thorugh to the Vatican on the inconvenience of such travel ( although sorely needed as a sign of solidarity and care for the people of Iraq…) ?

    No need to post this comment, Pat..May be you could make a post on this issue…

    • Pat Lang says:


      My knights? Hardly. I am critical enough of the hypocrisy and corruption of the clergy and hierarchy that I marvel as to how the order tolerates me. BTW I do not consider the Franco regime to have been “fascist” in the sense that I mentioned earlier. Hyper-conservative, royalist at root, clerical but not “Fascist.”

  3. Pat Lang says:


    I suppose there is some sort of dualism or a moiety implied in this combination of meats, but it escapes me just now. BTW Tattoo is selling bigly on Ebay. Who knew? If it isn’t raining tomorrow I am going to pan fry veal cutlets in a skillet on the side burner of my grill. Oil and butter, shake em’up in a bag with flour, panko and seasoning, a minute on a side. We will see …

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    Who knew? How many page views did SST reach in the end Colonel?

    Spring sprung bigly here today and with the lunchtime sun I took Coca Cola’s advice and tried to become a little less White. From a sheltered position on the porch I could see kestrels, buzzards and a harrier of some kind oppressing the local furry critters. Damn raptor privilege. The resulting facial glow is testament to my seasonally-enhanced extreme Whiteness. I don’t yet feel an impact on my inherent superiority, so weather permitting I’ll try again tomorrow.

  5. Rhonda says:

    Is skirt steak tender and delicious? It seems like a “new cut” to ye olde me (just turned 60, woohoo. Not) — I don’t remember ever seeing it sold before the late 90’s and then only in restaurants.

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