Suskind interview on National Public Radio


Here find the link to Suskind’s interview on the NPR radio program "Fresh Air."  pl

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3 Responses to Suskind interview on National Public Radio

  1. m savoca says:

    a compelling interview that reveals we are headed, as a country, for a sad accounting as it is revealed that the American people have been lied to at the highest levels of government and that this time the cost is dear, in lives and treasure… costlier than promiscuous sex.
    i would hope congress would do nothing until this administration is out of power so that the current president is no longer able to dispense “get out of jail free” cards.

  2. zanzibar says:

    m savoca
    You can be certain that Congress will do nothing even when this administration is out of power. They have nothing to gain but to be exposed too!
    Note those that inhabit Congress are in many ways complicit and that goes for both Democrats and Republicans.
    IMO, we have collusion between the political elite in DC and the financial elite and all this partisanship is only about who gets the bite of the middle class carcass. Some would call it a more benign form of fascism but others are worried about a more virulent form.
    The folks that should care are the American people but we are at this juncture willing to tolerate the loss of our sovereignty and the future incomes of our children. Maybe the next generation may not be as sanguine?

  3. Walrus says:

    Col. Lang, Please have a look at John Wallbridges review of Suskinds book at informed comment, Juan Cole’s website, I wonder if you would consider posting it here?

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