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A long time reporter out of Syria has sent out a series of tweets over the last six hours describing an Israeli missile attack on the Damascus area. What is unique about this attack is that the SAA is not only engaging the attacking missiles, but is firing missiles and artillery into Israeli positions in the Golan Heights. All this while Netanyahu is watching a parade in Moscow. Now that’s chutzpah. 


35 minutes ago Israel launched only one missile towards Syria from over the occupied Golan Heights and it was downed by the AD systems 30 Km south of Damascus.  The missile was heading towards Damascus International Airport.


The Israeli war planes are flying again over Golan Heights

New attack is expected. The Israeli backed terrorists are targeting SAA positions in Al Quneitra with mortar shells from the UN strip next to the borders. Until now three shells landed on Al Ba’ath city near the town of Khan Arnabeh.


Three more mortar shells landed in the same area. Now the SAA are suspecting that Israeli itself is launching Tamuz (Spike) missiles at the area. Sirens are going off all over the Golan heights. Syrian AD systems are engaging targets over the north Daraa and Al Qunityra  countrysides. SAA responded to the Israeli shells on Al Quneitra by striking the Israeli forward outpost on Al Shaykh mountain north east of the Golan Heights with heavy artillery shells. Syrian jets can be heard clearly over Damascus right now. At this moment the situation in Al Qunityra and in the Golan Heights is calm, but it can heat up at any moment again.

Update 1

Israel re-targeted the same positions in Khan Arnabeh in Al Qunityra 

Update 2 

SAA re-targeted the forward Israeli positions with heavy MRLSs, explosions and sirens can be heard coming out from Golan Heights.

Update 3

Syrian AD systems are engaging objects over south Damascus now.

Update 4 

Until now no successful air strikes occurred in Damascus.

Update 5 

Israel retargeted SAA positions in Khan Arnabeh in Al Quneitra with tank shells and guided missiles.

Update 6 

SAA responded with heavy MRLSs missiles on the Israeli forward ELINT positions and the militia crossing points into Syria. No one responded to the Israeli attacks tonight but the SAA. It wasn’t Iran or any other side only the SAA and no one but the SAA. But as always Israel will lie and lie and lie more.

Update 7 

A new round of SAA missiles salvo into Israel and Syrian AD systems are launching missiles into western Lebanon.

Update 8 

Israel is preparing to launch a massive air strikes on every SAA AD system and communication system in south east Syria. SAA is preparing for worse and a large escalation.

Update 9

The situation is still like this. Israel is shelling the SAA positions in Al Quneitra and the SAA responds against the Israeli positions in Golan Heights with MRLSs. At the moment little or no aerial activity of the Israeli jets over Lebanon. Note : Any news regarding any Israeli strike on the SAA 10th Division in Qatana are completely false. The Division contains Russian forces there.

Update 10

The mutual shelling between Israel and the SAA has stopped for now at least. Syrian Air Defense Forces downed eight hostile UAVs west of Damascus most of them were suicide drones, sent against the AD systems.

Update 11

More hostile missiles are being engaged over Damascus and its international airport.

Update 12

Most likely SAA launched several ballistic missiles into Israel. One Israeli missile managed to hit Mazzeh AB Damascus. No reports about Damascus International Airport.

Update 13

Israel managed to hit the SAA 4th Division west of Damascus. New strikes on the Republic Guards command in Qasiun Damascus and the research center in Jomrayah. Reports about strikes on Homs. 

Update 14

Until now very successful downing rate for the SyrianAD over Damascus.


The reporter, @WaelAlRussi, describes himself as “Syrian, supporting Syrian Arab Army & Russia against terrorism, I have a lot to learn before being called an expert, I only care about the truth, food and wine.” I formatted and cleaned up his tweets for readability.

As my old friend would say, “The shit’s on, good buddy.”



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