“The 10 UFO Questions US Officials Still Must Answer”

“The May 17 congressional hearing on UFOs – the first such event in 50 years – left those who tuned in hoping to find out who or what is zipping across the skies with more questions than answers.

Still, both those who are concerned that the objects invading U.S. airspace are foreign adversary tech and those who believe the crafts have otherworldly origins were encouraged that Congress is finally taking “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP) sightings seriously after decades of stigmatization.

While the House Intelligence subcommittee dedicated its public hearing to officials’ testimony about the roughly 400 UAP sightings reported by American military sea and air assets, however, plenty of questions remain unanswered – or even unasked.

“These questions are ones that both Congress and the American people should be asking,” said Nick Pope, a high-profile former investigator of UFOs for the U.K. Ministry of Defense. “Irrespective of whether people believe this is adversary technology spying on U.S. assets, extraterrestrial, or something else, UAP are coming dangerously close to our U.S. Navy ships, commercial and military aircraft, and critical national infrastructure. This is an air safety, defense and national security issue, and the official line that ‘we don’t know what these things are’ isn’t good enough. If we don’t know, we should find out.”

Here are some of the questions that lawmakers should be demanding answers to:: —–

Comment: Yes. This rodeo has only just begun. pl

The 10 UFO Questions US Officials Still Must Answer | Newsmax.com

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  1. TTG says:

    I think framing this as a national security question is the best way to either force answers out of the government or force a more serious to find answers out of the government. I’n truly not sure which it is.

    “There’s stuff flying in our airspace and we don’t know who it is and it’s not ours. So we should know who it is, especially if it’s an adversary that’s made a technological leap,” said Sen. Marco Rubio. “We don’t know,” Rubio added. “But how can we have stuff flying over restricted military airspace and not even be curious — not to mention concerned — about who it is and why they’re here?”


  2. Dolores O´Neil says:

    But “why now” such frenzy with aliens?

    • Pat Lang says:

      Ah, a conspiracist.

      • Dolores O´Neil says:

        Really, if you want, because it is obvious that they need to make noise and cause confussion and insecurity so that people remains asking for more control by the government and even more lose of freedoms.

        It is the same as with the “climate change” tune, what they do not answer is why they keep their private jets, their motorcades in their garages and, above, all, why they all continuously build and own seaside villas where to spend their idle lives, especially Obama…

        Obama who, btw, went to Andalusia in Spain to give a lecture and left with half million dollars from the woke people willling to pay suchs ums to hear him how to ruin and destroy prosperity in the world.

        Becuase, I guess, we agree, it is Obama who rules the WH…

  3. David White says:

    Several years ago when a lot of people used videotape cameras, there were some people making a big deal about “flying rods”. It turned out to be an artifact of the video process in certain light conditions. I think many of the UAP’s may end up being a similar phenomenon. It is interesting how supposed pictures or videos of UAP’s look much like those of Bigfoot.

  4. Babeltuap says:

    If it’s real and wanted to harm us it could easily. Nothing we have would be a threat to it. So far it has left us alone which is the best possible outcome.

  5. different clue says:

    Some of these things may be aliens playing with us the way we play with kittens.
    We put a red dot from a laser pointer here and there and watch the kitten watch it or chase it.

    There may be aliens with their own highly advanced versions of laser pointers able to project the images of UFOs wherever they want the image to project, and then watch us watch them or study them. Some of these aliens may be trolling us for the pure fun of it.

  6. William says:

    It has bothered me from the beginning of my looking at this UFO issue (about two years ago) that there is some reason for the current conflict playing out in government about what to tell us and when. It is clear that Mr. Elizondo is allowed to tell us certain things but not others, this is evidence of controlled disclosure.

    Now Travis Taylor (chief scientist for AATIP) has been cleared in some fashion to start talking to us as well. An approach has been developed and it is being implemented, against resistance from those who don’t want to tell us anything.

    The next question is why this change in approach, since the major governments of the world have managed to keep a lid on this since at least the 1940’s, probably earlier. We are told that all of the superpowers have had crashes, so one assumes that we have probably discussed this at some level with the other governments over the years.

    Within the US Five eyes apparatus there would also have been discussions and some kind of consensus on keeping it quiet and that has held quite solidly up until now. This time seems to be different. There are those within government pushing for disclosure. Congress has passed legislation and is looking at more legislation to push more disclosure.

    What makes sense to me is the future human time travel information. This has been most obviously presented by Franc Milburn in this podcast:


    Please note that Milburn does not present this information as a theory, he presents it as fact and that he believes his sources are credible. Milburn says that one source is in direct contact with a “temporal agent” (i.e. one source is talking to a returned time traveler) Milburn himself is credible. Of course this does not mean this is true, but I do think this fits in terms of a reason why disclosure has become necessary now. If we knew of a future devastating event from future humans who have returned to warn us then it would provide impetus from good people in government to say – we have to warn our people. The closer the event becomes the more the pressure on those people to come forward and say something. That is not to say there won’t be opposite pressure from those who always want to keep their secrets.

    This information has been confirmed by Ross Coulthart, who has heard the same information from separate sources that he also says are credible. Others have said the same thing.

    Representative Gallagher (who introduced the Wilson Davis document into the UAP hearing record) has said that he is inclined toward the future human view. It is highly likely that Gallagher has received classified information on this topic. The guy who decides to enter that explosive document into the record knows things.

    Astronaut Tim Peake has said the same thing on British TV within the last two weeks.

    There are others who have heard the same thing. Somber indeed.

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