The Biden Doctrine in Action – Part 1

Comment: To say that the Saudi Wahhabi regime is annoyed about this would be an understatement. Yemeni Ansar Allah (the Houthis) have demonstrated an ability to hit targets with sufficient accuracy in eastern Saudi Barbaria to be a serious threat.

The Saudis are scratching around looking for substitutes. Knowing them I am sure that what they want is to hire some mamelukes (slave soldiers). They appear to be having some success with the Greeks. pl

Greece Delivers Patriot Air-Defense Battery To Saudi Arabia (Photos) (

Riyadh Left Out In The Wind As Houthi Drones And Missiles Rain (

Mamluk – Wikipedia

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3 Responses to The Biden Doctrine in Action – Part 1

  1. kakaouskia says:


    Word on the street in Greece is that the mission will last for ~5 years and that the Saudis will pay for upgrading all Patriot systems Greece has to the latest standards.

    The government is saying the deal is classified.

  2. ancientarcher says:


    The decision on the part of the US to withdraw its AA batteries is a bit surprising, no? At least, I am scratching my head. Would you know what strategic calculation might have pushed them to do that? You don’t withdraw assets like these from a ‘supposed’ ally at the time said ally is being attacked with missiles. So, why do it? What does the US gain from this manoeuvre?

    • Pat Lang says:

      ancient archer

      Biden does not do strategy. He does delusion. IMO he wants to withdraw from overseas because it is a distraction from his goal of sovietization of the US as a building block to a world socialist state.

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