The Democrats and Their March Towards a National Jonestown Massacre by Larry C Johnson

Jonestown Massacre

Not since the rabid followers of the “Reverend” Jim Jones cheerily lined up in a steamy jungle clearing in Guyana 42 year ago to gulp down kool-aid laced with poison have we seen the bizarre fanaticism exhibited by Democrats and Trump hating Republicans on a daily basis. The Democrats decision to seize the far left of the political spectrum and hold on to it like a survivor of the Titanic clinging to a life jacket defies conventional wisdom and common sense.

Democrats have convinced themselves that embracing rioters masquerading as protestors is a smart political move and will be especially appealing to suburban moms locked at home with screaming, quarreling kids. Right. Democrats refuse to condemn the looting and burning of iconic city centers–New York City, Chicago and Seattle–and then try to blame the mayhem on Donald Trump even though the leaders of those cities are and have been Democrats.

The Democrats are still insisting on touting gun restrictions and confiscations at the very time that thousands of Americans are buying their very first firearm precisely because these newbies to guns are scared shitless because of the chaos unleashed in the shitholes ruled by Democrats.

The previous assumption and assurance–i.e., call the police and they will come to your rescue–has been exposed as a lie. Instead of touting the need for law and order and safe neighborhoods, the Democrats for the most part have embraced de-funding police as a solution. At the same time, the Democrats have increased restrictions on police tactics and procedures and proscribed them in many cases from taking action against BLM and Antifa thugs.

Not surprisingly, the crime rate measured in terms of shootings, murders and robberies has soared in Democrat controlled urban areas. Yet, the mayors of those cities are acting like Naked Gun’s clueless character, Frank Drebin, who in the midst of bomb blasts and fiery infernos insisted that all was well and folks should remain calm.

But the Democrats are taking it thousand steps further. They are pressing to release criminals from jail, enforcing no bail requirements that permits the release of violent offenders within hours of their arrest, and forcing businesses ravaged by looting to pay for the clean up. Instead of protecting the communities they govern, these Democrat buffoons unleash their wrath on peaceful citizens not eager to wear a mask or keen on gathering to worship at their local church or synagogue.

The message of the Democrats is clear and unambiguous–rioters and anti-Trump protestors can gather in large groups as often as they like. If you are a patriotic American or a Trump supporter, your right to gather is frequently restricted. Americans are not stupid and they know a double standard raised on a foundation of hypocrisy when they see it.

Hence, the shortage of guns and ammo for sale. People are not waiting for the governing authorities to take care of them. People are committing to taking care of themselves. The current shortage firearms and munitions is without precedent in the history of the United States.

For some reason, the Democrat leadership is so blinded by their raging hatred of Donald Trump that they cannot (and will not) see that they have chugged a lethal poison that makes a win in November impossible.

The signs are there. Trump now has more support among black voters than he did in 2016. He has countered the Democrats campaign to paint Trump as a racist who hates blacks. Trump’s economic stimulus program produced the lowest level of black unemployment in history before the Corona virus attacked the world. When you see the likes of firebrand civil rights attorney Leo Terrell proudly sporting a MAGA cap, you know the worm has turned in Trump’s favor.

The same numbers apply to the Latino vote. The numbers the New York Post article in May reported have increased in the ensuing months:

Trump’s approval rating among Hispanic-Americans stands at 44 percent, a Hill/HarrisX poll found this month. That’s a notable jump over the 28 percent of Latinos who voted for him in the 2016 presidential contest. Given Trump’s “America-first” policies, his hard-line border promises and his combative rhetoric, that number is the last thing that the GOP elite ever expected to see.

And then there is the non-convention convention. It is delusional to describe a bunch of speeches delivered via a computer screen as a “Convention.” You can call a pig and eagle all day long but the critter remains a fat four legged animal destined for the frying pan.

Watching the weary retinue of Democrat speakers verbally plodding along last night was not a high priority for the vast majority of Americans. According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Ratings for the Democratic National Convention were down considerably from four years ago on the broadcast networks and three main cable news channels — not a surprising result given that much of the convention isn’t taking place live and the general decline of linear TV viewing in the past four years.

The common hour-plus of coverage starting at 10 p.m. ET averaged 18.68 million viewers on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. That’s down about 28 percent compared to the opening night of the 2016 Democratic convention.

The broadcast networks suffered the biggest drops:  ABC, CBS, NBC combined for about 6.7 million viewers at 10 p.m., off by 42 percent from the 11.6 million who tuned in four years ago. ABC led the trio with  2.44 million viewers, followed by NBC (2.28 million) and CBS (1.99 million).

The only viewer bump during this snooze fest will be Biden’s speech. Folks will be watching the same way Nascar fans watch a race–they’ll be waiting for the crash.

I do not mean to suggest that Trump’s re-election is a slam dunk. But so far the Democrats are giving undecided voters a long list of reasons not to vote for Biden. If they continue on their current radical rush to the left, the Democrat Party will have completed the metaphorical kool-aid quaffing that ended the lives of Jim Jones loyal, deluded followers.

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18 Responses to The Democrats and Their March Towards a National Jonestown Massacre by Larry C Johnson

  1. Deap says:

    What defunding the police and hiring social workers in cahoots with the teachers unions will look like:, except it is already here:
    ZOOM for schools has become Big Brother. Thank a Democrat – they know what is best for you. This is their very dystopian future. Where is the fine line between finding hidden problems; and creating problems where none existed before?

  2. Bill H says:

    Democrats also consistently howl about how Trump has “mishandled the Coronavirus pandemic,” but when you ask them what specifically he has done wrong you get one of two answers. They either state something that has actually been done by state governors, such as stay at home orders, closing businesses, closing schools, failing to test adequately, etc. Alternatively, they just call you a racist.

  3. blue peacock says:

    While I did not watch any of the Democrats convention, I’ve read that there were many Republicans who casted their lot with Biden & Kamala.
    It also appears that the Trump administration may not get to the bottom of the Russia Collusion hoax. Clearly the Republican majority in the Senate whitewashed their so-called investigation of that matter.

  4. Laura Wilson says:

    Wow…not a “real” convention? You must be one of those folks that really did NOT want to give up your horse and buggy. For the last 6 months people all over the world have learned to work from home and have “real” meetings and do “real” work.
    Heck, I’m 71 and still able to move forward using technology when the other options aren’t readily available. Get on board! And, seriously, didn’t you think the roll call was both shorter and a lot more interesting this time around? It felt like a quite trip around the USA.
    I’m sure the GOP will consider their convention “real”….it just isn’t the same old thing.

  5. CK says:

    I am wondering if the shortages in shotguns rifles and ammo is being manipulated by the manufacturers; so many other major industries have gone all in on supporting antifa and blm.
    Get woke go broke.
    I have been trying to find a Kel Tec KSG25 for three months.

  6. walrus says:

    Larry, I think you are right. We had a similar event last Australian elections when the leftists lost their ‘unloseable “ election against a not very good conservative administration.
    The proximate cause was the leftists, led by Bill Shorten, losing contact with planet earth and their supporters by floating away in a cloud of gender/identity/fluffy policies that had no appeal to anyone not on strong illegal drugs.
    It sounds to me like Biden/harris are going to do exactly the same as Australian leftists did.

  7. Martin Oline says:

    Donald Trump is running for President and Joe Biden is running for Lord of the Flies.

  8. Fred says:

    Laura Wilson,
    “work from home and have “real” meetings and do “real” work”
    Yes!!! we can outsource to the suburbs, better yet the suburbs of Channai, no need for pesky H1B visas and we can pay the prevailing wage, which is a whole lot less than Americans expect. Contract your favorite IT service provider now. Network security, why yes we control who gets access, just like that staged broadcast controlled the narrative. Can’t have pesky things like protesters or prankster disrupt things by doing in-person events. We can even expand that to other fields. How about teaching in person? We can outsource that to anyone with a computer. No need for school buildings, buses, drivers, or even all those social workers; or a whole lot of teachers, either. Think of the money we’ll save by returning all those tax dollars back to parents.

  9. Diana Croissant says:

    I’ve been thinking of Kennedy’s inaugural speech. I was about fourteen or fifteen. It was the first year I really started following politics. This line impressed me the most: “Those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside”
    He was referring to Russia at the time and China, but I think many of us younger people, not old enough to vote, took it as a warning about turning to any sort of communist ideology growing inside our country.
    I was saddened years later about the communal hippies and the anti-Vietnam protestors, and those rioting at the ’68 Democratic convention.
    It certainly appers to me that there are many, many young people now riding that tiger and ending up being devoured by it.
    I was lucky. I had many older people in my family who mentioned the Bolshevks they had escaped from as if they were devils. I learned early to fear sociolism and communism.

  10. EEngineer says:

    Typo: pig and eagle
    Should be: pig an eagle

  11. EEngineer says:

    When I try to ascertain the root cause of the collapse of the left I notice the complete lack of actual policy. It’s a form of anti-intellectualism. The “science” of CV19 and climate change has very little actual science in it, but it has become their religion. Odd considering how most of them are scientifically and mathematically illiterate. It leads to one’s credentials being tied more to one’s skills in virtue signalling than problem solving. That would be why this feels like we’re reliving the Salem Witch Trials.
    This 11 minute video: Chaos by the Bay: The Truth About Homelessness in San Francisco shows just how alien the entire idea of cause and effect has become on the left. They say all sorts of flowery things, but they have no relevance to the issues at hand.
    I’ve been in Portland Oregon for 20 years and every major city in the left coast now looks like this. It wasn’t that bad back then, but it the chaos has exploded exponentially over the last decade.
    I’ll be leaving soon. I expect it will look like this in another decade:

  12. Americans are not stupid and they know a double standard raised on a foundation of hypocrisy when they see it.

    They are unlikely to see it. The most commonly-watched news sources aren’t covering it.

  13. Barbara Ann says:

    “For some reason, the Democrat leadership is so blinded by their raging hatred of Donald Trump that they cannot (and will not) see that they have chugged a lethal poison that makes a win in November impossible.”
    Your analogy with the Jamestown cultists is apt. The Left, particularly in the recent woke manifestation, is exhibiting all the signs of a delusional, millenarian cult hell bent on the destruction both of itself and anyone else they can take with them.
    November 3rd will be the test of who will imbibe the Democrat’s deadly concoction. Unfortunately, unlike Jonestown, a majority of brainwashed cultists will be sufficient to poison all.
    EEngineer highlights the Left’s embrace of anti-intellectualism. I think the mass delirium has an even deeper cause; self-loathing leading to masochism and ultimately the will to self-destruction.
    Just look at the joy with which Democrats (governors, mayors and those in the general populace) have embraced unquestioningly the apocalyptic ‘rona and its attendant impositions of isolation and self muzzling. It seems to me that a good portion of the left positively enjoy the never ending stream of news of our impeding doom. Are their lives so devoid of meaning that they need a Jim Jones (read the government) to frighten them with ominous portents in order to find their place in the world? I truly suspect so.
    The good news is that the silent sane majority is regarding the preparations for mass sacrifice with increasing alarm. “You want us to elect a POTUS with transparent cognitive decline?!”.
    I have high hopes that a massacre can be avoided on 11/3. Of course the cultists will not give up their destructive urges, but at least the lethal punch bowl will have been wrestled away.

  14. AK says:

    Barbara Ann,
    “It seems to me that a good portion of the left positively enjoy the never ending stream of news of our impeding doom. Are their lives so devoid of meaning that they need a Jim Jones (read the government) to frighten them with ominous portents in order to find their place in the world? I truly suspect so.”
    I firmly believe this is the case, as well. I started noticing very early on in this, it seems that along with a particular political orientation and worldview comes the latent desire for something to fear. I suspect their tendency toward fear is a sub-conscious corollary requirement for the outward characteristic of “harmlessness” or general “kindness” (the superficial variety, mind you) that leftists value so highly. If you convince yourself that the inability or unwillingness to hurt a fly is a virtue, you’ve pretty much closed the door on courage and self-reliance as resources for yourself. And we all know how they deal with rational consideration of data and information – in just about the same fashion as vampires deal with the sunrise.

  15. Vegetius says:

    Boomer conservatives need to wake and smell the nationalism.
    It’s not too late to drop the loser libertarianism that has made their grandchildren minorities in the land their ancestors’ conquered.
    Otherwise, you will be remembered as the worst generation in American history.

  16. Barbara Ann says:

    Yes, spot on. My 2 cents of amateur psychoanalysis FWIW:
    I think the psychosis described is associated particularly with the utopianist world view so characteristic of the progressive left. The utopian desire presents a paradoxical problem; it is forced to reckon with our innate human need to deal with suffering.
    How can one signal one’s virtue in the absence of adversity? Much in life is easy for many of us first worlders these days. So in order to practice the superficial kindness you describe, fictitious problems must be invented. Inequality of all kinds is of course a favorite, but this mindset craves more severe kinds of misery.
    The pandemic is manna from heaven to such folk. So many opportunities to demonstrate ‘care’ for others and the warm comfort blanket of a stern government curtailing those dangerous freedoms that can get people hurt.
    The mass delirium of self-induced angst is now acute and a Trump victory is sure to push the collective psyche of the left over the edge. I can’t see any chance the Democrats will be able to accept another defeat & 4 more years of disruption to the inexorable march of Progress. A fast track introduction to real adversity and misery awaits the cultists if (as seems inevitable) it turns nasty in the aftermath.

  17. Peter VE says:

    Hello Larry,
    As someone who actually holds many of those far left views (MFA, demilitarize the police, reduce mass incarceration, collapse the Empire), I find it risible that you accuse the DNC of going far left. The DNC is the slightly softer wing of the Corporatist Party, and is heading rightward as fast as they can. They espouse “liberal” social positions to appeal to the PMC, but in economics, they are far to the right of Eisenhower and Nixon. Unfortunately, the Trump campaign seems to be following the same path in warning of socialism from the DNC. I had great hopes for them with the first ad they ran in the Super Bowl: it featured a black woman who had been freed from prison due to actions by Trump, but they seem to have fallen into the clutches of the professional scammer class.
    Lastly, your slur of NASCAR watchers is typical of the suburban educated class sneering down at all those hillbillies. The skill needed to handle those beasts within inches of one another cannot be taught in an Ivy League classroom, and the people who watch NASCAR understand those physical skills. The day Dale Earnhardt died at Daytona was one of the saddest of my life.
    I won’t bother with Sleepy Joe tonight, and I’m sure the media will be happy to tell me tomorrow what a bright future he envisions for America.

  18. Diana Croissant says:

    American Graffiti is still my favorite movie of all time. Though it was set in California, the events of that movie matched those of any Friday or Saturday night across the country during my teenaged years: kids cruising in their older cars. The drag stip scene, too. In my town it was “Dizzy Block” where everyone spent their gas money.
    The NASCAR culture is an important part of our American culture. National Auto Stock Car Auto Racing. It’s emblematic of how Ford and Chey (and Pontiac) helped to build and unite our country through driving on highways all across the country. (While providing many factory jobs, too.)
    Many Good Old Boys really were/are good men. They are good sons and fathers who like simple pleasures and family activities. They work in factories or at local businesses–or they farm. They enjoy watching the local high school teams compete on Friday and Satuday nigts during the school year. Many, if not most, atend church on Sunday. They do take interest in politics enough to vote for the candidates that appeal to their dreams. They just have no interest in the blather that comes out of Congress or the offices in New York and DC.–unless they hear something that would put an end to their own lifestyle, which they do think of as an American lifestyle. Then they do pay attention enough to vote against it.
    You have to admit, New York and DC try very hard to be considered cosmopolitan and Europe leaning. Frost’s “Good fences make good neighbors” is an apt statement for local and urban and international politics, if you ask me. Live and let live.
    It’s very sad to me that so many people–many of them Black–have not taken advantage of the ability to move out of the slums of the cities and into the less populated parts of the country. It’s sad that so many don’t choose the lifestyle of a family with a mother and a father. If they would give it a chance, they would find many remarkably friendly and welcoming and helpful people in small towns and small cities all across the country.
    It would mean having a mother and a father in a home. There would be no special meaning for the term “baby daddy.” And abortion clinics would certainly not be as plentiful as they are now.
    I will defend our small town culture always. It’s been a good culture in which to grow up and in which to raise my own family. More people should give it a chance. With mayors like the current mayor of New York City, I hear that many are finally choosing to flee that urban jungle. Hopefully they will find a nice small towns in which to set up their homes. Maybe someone will invite them to a NASCAR event.
    Living a cosmopolitan lifestyle is probably more tiring and less satisfying than most people want to admit–certainly it’s less spiritually satisfying, I think.
    We should send Mr. Smith to Washington and then allow him to come back home and send Mr. Jones in his place, then Mr. or Miss or Mrs. (Fill in the name) bext, I am sick of the many, many politicians who have never really had a regular job. The embedded political class is a cancer on our country’s health.
    I was listeng to Barr last night. He really seemed to me to be a man who relates to individuals as equally imprtant as he is. That is what we need.

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