The Democrats are either deluded or prescient geniuses.


Watching and listening, watching and listening, the sky begins to clear and the auguries resolve.

The Democrats and associated revolutionaries fervently believe that there will be a wave election in November that will sweep conservatives from power almost everywhere, then to be replaced by vaguely left Democrats led unto the broad, well lit uplands of power by the vanguard Marxists like the fabled AOC.  They believe that the present televised spectacle of boredom in the senate will complete the process of discrediting both Trump and anyone who in any way supports him or ever supported him! Robert Deniro will become culture tsar, working from his favorite haunt in Beverly Hills, and all will be well and safe for the further process of de-racination of what is now still called the United States.

It does not seem possible to them that the army of proles (Deplorables) will cling to The Orange One and to candidates for Congress associated with the loathsome creature (irony).  Isolated as they are in metropolitan enclaves on the coasts (either oceanic or Great Lakeian) they do not hear America very clearly and insist that the economic statistics are all LIES!  LIES! – all LIES!  They should perhaps go visit what Jennifer Rubin called "crusty old white men in diners in the Mid-West."  (or anywhere else). The insidious institution "Fox and Friends" does that regularly and the level of enthusiasm for the Bronze God (Trump) is remarkably high.

Nevertheless, after listening to what Shiff and Nadler said yesterday I conclude that if Trump is re-elected the claim will be made that he stole the election with the help of Russia.  This is silly, his actions indicate that he is an agent of influence for Israel, not Russia.

Call me Turcopolier.  I stand here where ignorant armies clash by night and hope to be saved to tell the tale in November.  pl

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