The first New York City court appearance for Ghislaine Maxwell may be Friday, July 10


By Robert Willmann

(Update, Tuesday, 7 July:  The hearing is now set for Tuesday morning, 14 July)–

After being arrested in Bradford, New Hampshire last Thursday, before the Fourth of July weekend, Ghislaine Maxwell, charged with helping Jeffrey Epstein abuse underage girls, may have her arraignment, initial appearance, and bail hearing in Manhattan, New York City on Friday afternoon, 10 July.

In a letter dated and filed in the federal court on Sunday, 5 July, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) said that when in New Hampshire Maxwell had what would have been a brief appearance before a judge.  This is required after an arrest, and is to occur "without unnecessary delay" [1].–

The government asked that Maxwell be detained in custody until a trial, in a paper filed the day of the arrest.  The motion for detention contains a few items of interest.  She was born in France and is a citizen of and appears to have passports for at least France, Britain, and the U.S.  The request for detention says:  "Based on the Government’s investigation to date, the Government has identified more than 15 different bank accounts held by or associated with the defendant from 2016 to the present, and during that same period, the total balances of those accounts have ranged from a total of hundreds of thousands of dollars to more than $20 million"–

The criminal indictment of Maxwell, which was unsealed the day of the arrest on 2 July, charges a curious time period of only "at least in or about 1994, up to and including at least in or about 1997", and refers to only three victims–

The very limited written criminal charge can of course be seen as an opening gambit by the prosecution, since it can be expanded in a superseding indictment.

The letter filed with the court clerk identifies Christian Everdell as the current attorney for Maxwell; he had been a federal prosecutor in the SDNY for nearly 10 years [2].  In court documents a familiar surname appears as one of the SDNY co-prosecutors for the federal government — Maurene Comey — who was in the same role in the aborted prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein.  The legal communities in New York City and Washington D.C. are two little clubs that sometimes tend to overlap.

If a court hearing takes place Friday, it will probably duplicate some of what happened in New Hampshire on 2 July.  The big issue at this time is whether Ghislaine Maxwell will remain in custody or be released on bail under some specific conditions.  Her arrest was described in an article in the British Daily Mail newspaper [3].

Documents from the 2 July court proceeding in New Hampshire have now been filed in the SDNY.  Here are three of the 33 pages:  the court clerk's docket sheet from Concord, New Hampshire, and the arrest warrant, which was authorized at the courthouse in White Plains, New York, and not in Manhattan!  The pages that are excluded are the indictment, the order allowing a hearing by video and telephone conference, the commitment order to send Maxwell to the SDNY, and three pages that basically duplicate the clerk's docket sheet–

The case is multi-sided.  Ghislaine's father, Robert Maxwell, was a publisher who also was caught up in financial machinations.  He died under mysterious circumstances in 1991 when he was found in the water outside of his large boat in the area of the Canary Islands.  There were rumors he had relationships with government intelligence agencies.  He was given a large funeral in Israel attended by Israeli politicians and was buried in a cemetery there.  Ghislaine's close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein is part of the factual foundation of the pending case.  Epstein had been protected from criminal liability by the U.S. government through the Department of Justice which became evident in state and federal criminal cases developed against him in Florida that resulted in a disgraceful plea deal in Florida state court and in an equally disgraceful and concealed non-prosecution agreement with the federal government.  Only through the determination of Florida attorney Bradley Edwards and Utah lawyer Paul Cassell, a former federal judge, was the perfidy of the federal government and Justice Department revealed through their lawsuit against the government under the Crime Victims' Rights Act–

Jeffery Epstein made some court appearances in his criminal case in the SDNY before he was said to have been found dead in the Manhattan federal Metropolitan Correctional Center from an "apparent suicide", when cameras were not working, blah blah blah.  That explanation was rightfully laughed out of town.  In terms of probability, Epstein was either murdered in the jail or was helped to escape.

And now here comes Ghislaine Maxwell.


[1]  Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 5.  Initial Appearance.




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43 Responses to The first New York City court appearance for Ghislaine Maxwell may be Friday, July 10

  1. turcopolier says:

    I read that one of the victims listened to the arraignment on the telephone and a woman with a British accent could be heard sobbing and wailing in background and saying “How could this happen? How can this be?” Sounds like she thought she had her stay in NH “wired up.”

  2. Fred says:

    Is Prince Andrew just a distraction in this case? Given the number of years involved and the number of politicians disgraced, coopted or corrupted during the same time frame he can’t be the only one, and certainly doesn’t seem to be the most important one.

  3. J says:

    Your initial instincts now appear correct. I’ll explain separately.

  4. blue peacock says:

    IMO, anyone expecting that the plutocrat pedo ring will be busted will be sorely disappointed and is not paying attention to justice in contemporary America!
    Sir Epstein was reportedly at the epicenter of a pedo ring for decades. He clearly engaged in all this with impunity for a long while. Including getting a sweetheart deal from the US attorney in Miami who landed up as Trump’s Labor Secretary. This indictment is for the period 1994-97 so far. It would imply that Prince Andrew and Dershowitz are off the hook. Also, Virginia Roberts Guiffre’s sex trafficking claims are not part of this indictment, while a judge has ordered her to destroy evidence. She also has a defamation case against Ghislaine Maxwell.

  5. Master Slacker says:

    Given the American take on jail permeability, I wonder how long she will survive.

  6. turcopolier says:

    master slacker
    All the word wonders. If the Trumpies are serious about this they will hide her in a safe house somewhere surrounded by Trump loyalists.

  7. Deap says:

    Makes good summer time beachside reading – lurid and steamy.

  8. Barbara Ann says:

    Robert, thanks for keeping us up to speed with the legal details.
    Do you have an opinion on whether count three’s mention of co-conspirators may be significant, or the fact that the Public Corruption Unit are handling the case?
    Colonel, my first thought when I heard the story of the sobbing woman with a British accent was that it could easily have be staged, so as to give the impression of justice being done. Cynicism is hard to escape in this case, though I try to keep an open mind.

  9. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Can Rbt. Willmann, or somebody else knowledgeable, explain the precise reason a judge is ordering the DESTRUCTION of evidence?
    Judges can and do order information be kept under seal.
    So why the irreversible step of ordering destruction??
    Any references would be appreciated.

  10. TV says:

    We’ll find out if Bill Barr is for real or just another swamp creature in sheep’s clothing.
    Still waiting on the Durham “investigation” and the election is only 4 months away.

  11. English Outsider says:

    Fred – You mention the Duke of York. I don’t think he’s all there –
    “I can’t judge Prince Andrew; we’ve all been young once,” Jordan’s Prince Hassan told an English interviewer. I’m not sure whether that’s a barbed comment or not given that the Duke is scarcely in his first youth.
    “Andrew is naive and unworldly, a product of the royal bubble.” says another scandal sheet. I suspect he may well be innocent of everything except naivety.
    Naivety in the Epstein circle could lead to a lot of trouble. I’m surprised the Palace establishment let one of their charges out without a minder. Bit late now.

  12. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    re: “they will hide her in a safe house somewhere surrounded by Trump loyalists”
    I and my friends are wondering if there are any “Trump Loyalists” at all in Washington. Are there? Are they effective?
    Folks in Turkey are following this story closely. Some have remarked that if anything at all happens to Maxwell, it would indicate that the Federal Republic of the USA is finished as a working polity. I hope she does not die of a heart attack. No one here would believe it.
    Ishmael Zechariah

  13. JP Billen says:

    Let’s hope the Federal Detention Center in Brooklyn is more secure than the one in Manhattan where Epstein was held.
    What about Epstein’s other accomplices that helped to recruit underage girls? Maxwell was just one of several.
    Wiki entry on Maxwell says that she also associated with Kevin Spacey a self-confessed a$$ bandit. So the question arises, was she also pimping out underage poolboys?

  14. Dan says:

    I read an interesting point I can’t really evaluate on my own, which is that the prosecution is coming out of the FBI’s Public Corruption Unit, which is a department specifically designed to deal with issues arising from prosecution of politicians. Reportedly they suss out subtle quid-pro-quos, rarely settle, and indicates there could be more interesting layers to this case.

  15. FakeBot says:

    Senator Graham won’t nominate Clayton:
    The fact Graham won’t approve Trump’s nominee to oversee the case against Ghislaine is very odd.

  16. Vegetius says:

    Anyone who ever appeared in a picture partying with Epstein needs to be questioned up to, and including, POTUS.
    But let’s start with Cindy McCain.

  17. johnf says:

    The Daily Mail (print edition) splashes all over its front page that Christopher Steele (THE Christopher Steele) has now produced another “dossier” claiming that a lot of Britain’s top influential people, including politicians, are being bribed by the Chinese company Huawei to support Huawei’s involvement in the construction of Britain’s 5G.
    The BBC reports on the Mail story:
    “For its main story, the Daily Mail says the diplomatic war over Huawei’s involvement in Britain’s 5G network has taken an extraordinary twist, after a dossier accused China of trying to manipulate key establishment figures in the UK to back the telecoms giant.
    It says the report, commissioned by a New York film producer, names several prominent individuals, claiming the aim was to make them China’s “useful idiots”.
    The paper says those identified in the report have issued statements strenuously denying knowledge of or involvement in any such operation.
    A Huawei spokesman is quoted as saying the company categorically rejects the unfounded allegations, which it says are the latest in a long-running American campaign against it.”
    (A New York film producer????)
    Unfortunately I am banned from The Mail’s site just as I am banned from this site so I am unable to provide a web address for the story.

  18. Charlie Wilson says:

    Does she have an Izzy passport or not? Other passports are worthless.


    English Outsider
    The prince in question is acting his class – using others because that what they do.
    Wodehouse made them look more palatable than they really were.


    Ishmael Zechariah
    This would not have happened in the United States in 1955, she was a different country then.

  21. JamesT says:

    Lumping together adult women engaging in prostitution with the sexual abuse of children is, in my opinion, not the most honest way of thinking about these issues. If Prince Andrew had spent a night with a 25 year old call girl that would have been entirely different than what he did.

  22. blue peacock says:

    Ishmael Zechariah,
    “They” don’t care if the average guy on the street believes anything. “They” have the media control and can spin anything and create enough confusion. Note the reaction to Epstein’s death. The average guy believes he was murdered or spirited out, but does it matter.
    We also don’t know how “clean” Trump’s hands are in this affair. He knew Epstein and is photographed with him along wth Melania. What we don’t know is if he partook and what he knew about the pedo ring. He is quoted as saying that Epstein enjoyed younger women.
    The Epstein case is interesting because of its brazenness and the length of time the pedo ring ran. From the sweetheart deal from the US attorney in Miami, to all those associated with him and the continuation of these activities in the open even after it became known.
    My bet is that it will all be buried. Ghislaine may not survive this, precisely because of the fear that at some stage she may spill some of the beans either in a “tell-all” memoir or in an unguarded moment or out of remorse. She will have the opportunity to “spin”.

  23. Kilo 4/11 says:

    @ JP Billen
    “Let’s hope the Federal Detention Center in Brooklyn is more secure than the one in Manhattan where Epstein was held.”
    Both are under the control of two of Trump’s enemies, Governor Cuomo (who has his own sordid past to consider), and Mayor DeBlasio.

  24. English Outsider says:

    Babak – agree.
    PG Wodehouse, though, wasn’t an apologist for them. He merely used them as props to construct his fantasy world. As soon as one reads the Jeeves books as reality they fall to pieces – what the hell was a man such as Jeeves doing running baths for an idle young layabout? Such questions may not be posed or the illusion shatters, just as one does not poke at the stage props to find out whether they are solid.
    And given that the world of the twenties and thirties aristocrats was for many of them a world of ennui and pointlessness the books call not merely for the “suspension of disbelief” but also sometimes for the suspension of distaste.
    His best writing is in the golfing short stories – “The Clicking of Cuthbert” is pure verbal fun and poses no such questions. Whether a style that is so heavily dependent on satirising writers long forgotten and stereotypes no longer current can still work today is another matter.
    I suspect the Prince is a total creep but didn’t say so because it’s always difficult to be sure if one only knows of such people as public figures. “Great Game” indeed! One must be a fool or a sadist to take such notions seriously today.

  25. turcopolier says:

    kilo 4/11
    Since they are facilities of the federal Bureau of Prisons, ho are they “under the control” of these two creeps?

  26. Pft says:

    Funny how the indictment says she participated in the sex acts with Epstein yet is only charged with lesser charges of perjury and her role in enticing them to cross state lines to have sex with Epstein.
    Seems the weaker charges will make bail more likely.
    Also, limiting the period from 1994-1997 before Clinton and Dershowitz were involved with Epstein is awfully convenient.
    Barrs father hired Epstein in 1974 to work at the posh Dalton school. Barr himself was counsel at the law firm representing Epstein in 2009. Small world.
    Curious, in another case concerning a 2006 victim the judge ruled the day before she was arrested that evidence against GM be destroyed because it was acquired illegally.
    And no mug shot. For all we know she is waiting for the hearing in a plush suite.
    Cant say for sure whats going to happen to GM. I’d guess bail, a long wait for a trial after the election, or a plea that nails some lesser people involved and she gets a slap on the wrist.

  27. JP Billen says:

    K Battery: PL is correct it is a federal prison under the control of Trump’s Attorney General. There have been reports of inmate-on-inmate violence there. Maybe one of Epstein’s fellow baby-rapers will try to use that as a cover for getting rid of Ghislaine before she starts singing. Lots of buzz going around that she will be offed at the direction of either MI-6, Mossad, Hillary’s hitman, or even a Trump mob buddy. Take your pick.

  28. TV says:

    One thing for sure:
    LIndsay Sue Graham was not involved with teenage girls.

  29. Tony Papert says:

    Can’t she be charged under the Mann Act?

  30. J says:

    The last place they need to keep Maxwell in is NYC. It is loaded with Israeli Intelligence as well as their ‘operations’ personnel, and at their beckon call are their American born helpers who think they’re doing good when they help the Israeli government for better or worse. NYC and it’s surrounding areas are full of Israeli safe-houses also which makes a Federal hunt all the more difficult, if such a situation happens.
    The Israeli Intelligence apparatus is quite ‘networked’ in NYC and its surroundings.
    If I had the difficult job of keeping her alive, I’d be using the ‘nations’ here in the U.S., taking safe-haven on their soil, nobody gets in or out their areas without their knowing about them. They have quite a few Nam vets to call on when their skills are needed.

  31. Kilo 4/11 says:

    Thanks for the correction. Come to think of it, one of the creeps, Cuomo, might prefer she live to testify, since there is a chance Trump might be involved.
    Yeah, lots of ways she can get dead.

  32. Voatboy says:

    Some Voat users speculate that Ghislaine Maxwell was actually taken to Gitmo by U S Marshalls. Some aviation enthusiasts claim that unusual aircraft flights are consistent with this theory. Furthermore if Maxwell is appearing only over video link, she might be anywhere with good Internet access.
    Speculation source:

  33. Nard says:

    She was born in France which gives her all protections from extradition from France. Last I read she was in France. Why would she crawl into the mouth of the lion when she could have stayed in France. Was she “rendered” and “arrested” in NH?

  34. turcopolier says:

    I have been puzzling over this question and the interlocked question as to how she got back into the US since border controls would have recorded her presence no matter what passport she used. Perhaps she never left the US? Or perhaps French special ops “rendered” her to us on an extra-judicial basis? They have a number of units that could do that. They are quite capable of doing something like that for “reasons of state.”

  35. turcopolier says:

    It would make better sense than keeping her in a jail in NY.

  36. Brutus canneloni says:

    James t
    check out pizzagate at unzreview
    this is one of the silver bullets that shot hillary and the democrats down in 2016.first appeared on 4chan.worth a read

  37. anon says:

    I followed pizzagate on was one of the silver bullets that shot the Clinton Democrat party down.
    pure propaganda cleverly introduced just before the elections by the trump team.4chan has been castrated by the way,along with Facebook etc.
    the fact is that what happened in 2016 on social media might have got trump elected but the real price has not been politics but freedom of speech.
    team trump is trying the same playbook again with Epstein first and now maxwell but the biggie is still to come in august/ September
    keep an eye open for it.
    4 years and 4 days

  38. Fred says:

    Hilary shot down her own campaign. Biden is not campaigning at all; Bernie has slunk off to enjoy his capitalist system rewards, while he still can. The rest of the left are worse than the 13 dwarves Trump defeated in 2016.

  39. SSS NNN says:

    The absurd handful of crimes in the court paperwork after
    DECADES of PUBLICLY committing sex crimes that would fill
    hundreds of pages is signal this is just a Psyop and she
    will be “dead” by July 20th at least. The BBC has already
    let you know how the “death” will be done…

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