The Matt Taibi dump on Twitter thus far

We pretty much all knew that there was collusion in suppression of information on the various information meat markets, but now Musk has released internal Twitter correspondence that confirms. Taibi has a mass of Twitter documents and will release them serially on Twitter with Musk’s blessing. Taibi is hardly a conservative.

Now, the 1st Amendment like all of the Bill of Rights limits the actions of the governments, both federal and state. It does not limit the actions of private officials or corporations UNLESS the private entity acts at the bidding of a government.

Well, pilgrims the FBI was pressing Twitter to act against the “Laptop from Hell” while Trump was still president. IMO this means that the FBI was acting in a mutinous rebellion against the president who is in fact their superior in the Executive Branch of the federal government.

More later. pl

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  1. Fred says:

    I believe congratulations are in order for Obama as he has ‘fundamentally transformed America’ just as he promised. His right hand man and successor, Joseph Biden, has only expanded upon his success. Kudos. They all got away with it. I’m sure Merrick Garland will direct the DOJ to investigate this FBI conduct. I am equally certain they won’t get a friendly judge to approve what amounts to a general search warrant as they did for their raid on Mir-a-Lago. (They will certainly have FBI agents leaking to the NTY/WAPO with impunity the material acquired. If SBF’s friend Maxine Waters doesn’t have her staff do it first.)

    • blue peacock says:


      Now that the GOP have the House majority, what do you think they’ll do?

      The Dems used their majority to impeach Trump twice, the J6 committee investigations, …

      What is different among Garland and Trump nominees Barr & Rosenstein? And Wray @FBI who was also nominated by Trump and retained by Biden.

      How was Team MAGA different than Team Bama when it came to FBI & DOJ investigations?

      • Fred says:


        This all reminds me of that old ’60s Star Trek episode where Kirk and the crew find a planet run by gangsters and the gospel is “The Book” about Chicago gangs from the ’20s. Those running the place are in it for “A piece of the action”. Now that this has been exposed, after the midterms conveniently, I think that the GOP establishment will cover for their lefty counterparts, the Never Trump will double down on Never Trump, and the left, well, Joe (or his backers) have still got Garland running DOJ. I expect he’ll trade an indictment of Hunter for an indictment of Trump. As to Team “MAGA” as you call them, how many members of congress is that?

        BTW did you see the bit about the Secretary of State of Arizona emailing Twitter to silence people and stories? Yeah, guess which candidate that is.

      • Bill Roche says:

        BP; pls understand there are two GOP parties. There is the GOPe and the GOP. The latter is left over from the party destroyed by the prof. pols in ’48 who have since been the GOPe, RINOs, “moderates”. Moderate sounds nice but it is a euphemism for “we got no ideology and don’t give a ship if socialism wins in America”. Nelson Rockefeller promoted the term in the 60’s-70’s. The original GOP is still populated by a few conservatives and libertarians. They have an ideology (which is what a political party s/b about). They will have to fight the Socialist Dems and the GOPe in order to bring truth to light. The socialist media will fight publishing truth at every turn. Our Republic is in trouble.

        • Sam says:


          Who is GOPe and GOP?

          Trump = GOP?

          Let’s not forget who he nominated to key positions at FBI, DOJ, CIA, Treasury. Were they GOP? Let’s also not forget that Trump threw Flynn under the bus and passed the declassification buck to Barr.

          Is DeSantis GOPe or GOP?

          Many complain that Dems are stealing elections but what are GOP doing about it?

          • Bill Roche says:

            Sam the GOPe will do nothing about socialists stealing elections. Complaining about corruption only shines light on it. They don’t want that, it sullies “the game”. Get it? They don’t care as long as they win enough seats. In fact they would rather Trump lose (and keep control over THEIR PARTY) then Trump win and lose their party to a resurgent GOP. The GOPe prefers the role of the long suffering opposition which “play fights”, but in the end gives up while the socialists win. They don’t want the burden of leadership. The Grand Old Party was thrown overboard in ’48 by Thomas Dewey who said forget about winning ideas, lets be professional pols and win seats. The GOP progeny embarrass the pros. You may recall McCain called them nuts and weirdos. Goldwater c/n find help from the GOPe for money or a prominent running mate (he finally chose Bill Miller a rep. from Buffalo) in ’64. The GOPe backed Ford in ’76, was luke warm for Reagan in ’80, and insisted Reagan put Bush on the ticket in ’84. The GOPe worked to defeat the Tea Party in ’10 and the Pauls, and they will never accept Trump who threatens their existence. Trump made some whopper mistakes in cabinet selections. Do you think he got help from the GOPe? From day one he was at war w/t IC and in retrospect he was right. But they can get you “six ways to Sunday” to quote a Sen. from NYS. You ask about DeSantis. I still don’t know. But the cast of RINO’s lining up for the GOPe nomination is obvious. Haley, Hutchinson, Christie, Hogan, Sununu, Cheney, et alii. The party is at war right now over its soul. One side has an ideology the other has none. One cares about the Republic the other cares about making money. Where is DeSantis? I hope he is GOP. He would be similar to Trump in thought but superior to Trump in political experience.

  2. Whitewall says:

    Government and private business colluding in secret against its own citizens. Surely there must be a word for that. ‘China’ comes to mind but just not quite right.

    • Jim S says:

      China is reverting to central planning, so it will just be communist repression; however, Google and Apple are colluding with China against Chinese citizens. Google is promoting Chinese govt search results, YouTube is censoring English-language coverage of Chinese protests, and Apple disabled iPhone functionality used by Chinese to communicate their dissatisfaction with govt policy. Does that count?

      We’ll see if Mr Musk’s bot purge extends to pro-CCP bots. Given Tesla’s large Shanghai complex…

      But credit where credit is due, and Musk has earned it here.

      • Fred says:

        Jim S,

        And just what did Google and Apple do to relative to US citizens via Covid information, HCQ/Ivermeticin, or even the last election? Don’t forget to throw in Facebook.

      • Bill Roche says:

        Ditto, but the left American press will destroy him. Be watchful over the next 2-3 months. There will be character assassination. Did you know that Musk advocates human/animal copulation in public. Perhaps you are unaware that Musk has been scheming w/aliens from Mars about conquering the earth. He wasn’t building rockets for fun you know.

  3. A. Pols says:

    “It does not limit the actions of private officials or corporations UNLESS the private entity acts at the bidding of a government.”

    Ah yes and there you have it! Isn’t the melding of corporate and govt. sort of at the core of Fascism?
    I just love the self appellation of 2020’s street mobs as “anti fascist”; things are called exactly the opposite of what they actually are: viz, “Inflation reduction act”.

    • Whitewall says:

      I knew it!

    • Bill Roche says:

      And who amongst you is surprised? Who did not know what Obama meant when is said he would fundamentally change the US? Clinton, a SOS, unable to understand the difference b/t classified documents was ok? Trump being set up by the socialists in “Russia Gate” (pissing whores, how scintillating) was ok? None of the characters in the false warrant have been punished is ok? The ignorance of Biden over a Ukrainian prosecutor is ok but a phone conversation by Trump evokes impeachment? Son of Biden gets a pass from the press on the contents of his famous laptop from the DOIJ/FIB, and the GOPe until Musk came along and the press responds by attacking Musk; odd? Who amongst you is surprised? Our political scene is depressing. Socialists have a demonstrated hatred for capitalism and America. They are devoted and predictable ideologues. The GOPe are professional politicians w/o ideology. There is no gain for them in rocking the boat. That is the contest going on in the GOP/GOPe today. Trump and other conservatives, libertarians and populist are saying “get up and rock the boat!” Just as Goldwater, Reagan, the Tea Party, and the Paul’s, rocked the boat now does Trump. Trump delenda est … indeed.

      • Whitewall says:

        And America spent 5 decades fighting the Soviets and their proxies and now staring down the Chinese and N. Koreans and others. Among the things Trump did for his country is expose our enemy at home. He is a threat to them. Only wish he was a more disciplined one. Our enemy controls all the institutions. Losing Twitter was a set back for them but it is only one battle.

        • Bill Roche says:

          Reading “War on the Run” the story of Robert Rogers and his rangers. Those who love our republic need leaders. Rogers was one such.

          • Fred says:


            You should find a copy of Montcolm and Wolf by Francis Parkman. The level of corruption in French Colonial Canada was unbelievable. As is what we see in American politics today. Musk only exposed pieces of it.

  4. cofer says:

    Nationalism, socialism and corporatism, perfect mix, should leave no doubt in any person with a healthy mind.

  5. LeaNder says:

    Well, pilgrims the FBI was pressing Twitter to act against the “Laptop from Hell” while Trump was still president.

    The FBI was pressing Twitter too, not only the Democrats and the GOP–Team Obama/Hillary/Biden vs team Trump–as Taibbi lets us know in the first part of his Bombshell Series?
    Could the FBI theoretically pressure/censure twitter? As it did then: Claiming something like ongoing investigations?

    Taibbi: So the twitters, without the twitter in chief initially, in 2020 noticed that vs the MSM they had no editor and thus maybe no available rules to deal with controversies when everyone was feeding the heat.

    I don’t remember reports that Hunter Biden’s laptops were hacked by ‘foreign actors’, or there were suspicions they were. I can’t remember having ever heard that. I remember the twitter et al censured reports. MSM too?

    But I do remember that at least one of ‘the Kraken’s’ experts found ample evidence that foreign hackers helped to get Biden elected. Stealing Trumps vote. By hacking the voting machines. How is she doing?

  6. Al says:

    Seems right wing media NOT reporting this posting by Taibbi, “… There is no evidence – that I’ve seen – of any government involvement in the laptop story.”

    You likely have Musk steering bits and pieces of a story line that is not of the whole for his particular needs/viewpoint.

    • Jim S says:

      The immediately preceding phrase is:

      Although several sources recalled hearing about a “general” warning from federal law enforcement that summer about possible foreign hacks,

      , so the quote in its entirety is being correctly reported as saying Taibbi finds no evidence that a foreign government planted the laptop as disinformation as is claimed by, well, lying liar faces. Is truth and accurate reporting right wing now?

      • Al says:

        JS, likely US govt agencies warnings about Russian sources planting disinformation into US social media sites (Twitter in this case). Various Twitter staff misconstrued this as directive to censor.
        Musk has attempted to further misconstrue the public with slanted bits and pieces rather than seeing the whole.

        • Jim S says:

          So we are in agreement that Twitter censored unjustifiably. Good. This is election interference by Twitter.

          “misconstrued”. “Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?” would not stand as evidence of conspiracy in any fair court of law, but it implicates the king nonetheless. Twitter staff correctly construed the messaging.

          “likely”. Oh, most likely, even definitely. And the evidence shows that warnings of Russian disinformation were themselves disinformation, just as with the fabricated Trump dossier and so many other stories run by CNN/NYT/WaPo/&etc these days.

      • Bill Roche says:

        JimS there is sophistry and there is truth. Truth and accurate reporting is a diabolical tactic of the right wing. The right will stop at nothing to preserve the Republic.

        • LeaNder says:

          Truth and accurate reporting is a diabolical tactic of the right wing.

          The right wing reports as objectively omniscient narrator the more right the more omniscient and Godlike the narrative perspective gets.

          I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

          The majority of earthlings can see through the diabolical simulacra.

  7. Fourth and Long says:


    Please continue to seek forgiveness and additionally humble yourself
    That is all. Thank you,’

    • TTG says:


      I got your earlier comment mourning the loss of Samantha and Serena. But this comment is a puzzlement. Nice guitar work, though.

  8. JamesT says:

    I first encountered Taibbi as co-editor of The Exile – an English-language alt weekly that was published in Moscow in the late 90s. Taibbi was a critic of Putin long before it was fashionable, was not afraid to expose Russia’s dark underbelly, and savaged his fellow western correspondents on a regular basis.

    Vanity Fair did a great piece on Taibbi, his co-editor, and The Exile:

  9. KjHeart says:

    oddly it is a relief to see the behind-the-scenes communications at Twitter regarding a really stupid decision.

    It puts facts to what many of us already knew had to be true

    good that Musk is exposing this, finally


    • Bill Roche says:

      Watch the destruction the press unleashes on Musk. They will “discover” bad things about him. There may even be a sexual scandal uncovered (more pissing prost.). “Provoked”, the FCC and the DOIJ will probe Twitter. If the socialists still controlled the House they would get his tax records from the IRS. The not so supreme S.C. will say “ok”, and Musk’s financial pants will be open to the Washington Post and the NYT. He will be forced to sell. Who amongst you does not believe that something like this is going to happen?

      • KjHeart says:


        Oh, I don’t doubt it, they really have already gone after Musk –

        I find it interesting that the a Rolling Stone contributor (Matt Tabbi) is the one putting these threads out –


  10. Srw says:

    Ho hum, another Hunter Biden story. This is getting old.

  11. Al says:

    More from Tiabi that Musk has ignored in the Tweet dump
    Tiabi: “… So far there aren’t any signs the Biden campaign petitioned any (news stories etc). ….Twitter execs acted on their own and even out right blocked a news story, a news outlet, and a sitting press secretary using a “hacked” materials policy that was immediately questioned by Tweeter emplyess.”

    Musk has “cherry picked” communications by the questioning Tweeter employees to present an incomplete and misleading narrative. The right wing media has run wild with it!

    • Fred says:


      You left out a link to Matt Swider, who you are quoting. But then he’s not quoting Musk or Tiabi either. On the bright side he is a “Twitter expert: I have one million Twitter followers, so I’ve done a lot of research on this particular social media platform”

      Ooh, lots of followers, just like Kanye or Michael Avenatti. He should stick to commenting about video game controllers.

      • LeaNder says:

        Not as many followers as Trump? Who by now would have tripled that number had he only been given a chance?

        One of those days, he would have ended up as the redeemer, forcing every single US citizen onto his knees in adoration?

        Look, basically I am not sure anything of this is worth following. That is what watching American hysteria over a couple of decades does to you. Emotionally you freeze.

        “Twitter expert: I have one million Twitter followers

        Versus master bragger ” I am the brightest person in the US, let alone the universe”.

        • Fred says:


          You haven’t figured out the lefty news narrative driver yet? Remember when the “master bragger” warned your government that it was over reliant on Russian gas? Enjoy what your votes have brought you.

          • LeaNder says:

            Honey pie, we have been here before. No US gov liked any European nation, let alone Germany, to buy Russian gas or oil. And here we are about two centuries later.

          • Al says:

            Fred, remember when the “Master Bragger’s” son bragged about how they had come to bet reliant on Russian sourced $$!

          • Fred says:


            The Germans were/are reliant on Russian oil not Russian money. How’s that Alpha Bank lawsuit going BTW? FBI looking good in that one? Oh look, regime pressure on law firms:
            “The move to drop the suit comes as major law firms face growing pressure to dump clients with ties to the Kremlin…”

            Have you heard about the “Pariah” state helping Biden get Russia to release a convicted drug user? Great stuff! Has Uncle Joe arrested Trump Jr. yet? How many years has it been? Get your popcorn, walls are closing in. Congrats on regime narrative discipline.

          • Fred says:


            You were buying Russian oil 200 hundred years ago even though James Monroe forbid “Germany” from doing so? LOL that’s before the German side of my family got chased out their principality in 1848. Poor Germany is now forbiden by Joe Biden from buying oil? If only Angela Merkel, who just recently told Die Zeit all about oil poicy and Ukraine, had been actual Chancellor instead of Obama and Trump’s puppet for all those years. At least you are safe from Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss and his ‘plotters’.

          • LeaNder says:

            well Fred, I obviously meant millenia.

            my family got chased out their principality in 1848

            Now that is fascinating. Explain.

          • Fred says:


            Blue blood in these here viens. French side too though they were here a couple centuries sooner.

  12. Al says:

    Musk launched a “nothing buger”!

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