The new McCarthyism


"Traditional U.S. journalism and the American people are facing a crisis as the preeminent American newspaper, The New York Times, has fully lost its professional bearings, transforming itself into a neoconservative propaganda sheet eager for a New Cold War with Russia and imposing a New McCarthyism on public debate.

The crisis is particularly acute because another top national newspaper, The Washington Post, is also deeply inside the neocon camp.

The Times’ abandonment of journalistic principles has become most noticeable with its recurring tirades about Russia, as the Times offers up story after story that would have embarrassed Sen. Joe McCarthy and his 1950s Red-baiters."  Robert Parry


What we are looking at is an evident Borgist attempt to make the US into a "Muffled Zone" in Solzhenitsyn's memorable phrase.  The goal appears to be to shut down the emerging "new press" in order to make the government's narrative the only narrative.

Will SST  be here much longer?  Who knows.  pl

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  1. Fred says:

    “Will SST be here much longer?”
    Given that the Obama administration is giving up control of ICANN it probably won’t. To turn a phrase, the march of the progressive Utopians , those with revolutionary dreams of the hope and change, continues. I’m sure we can trust all those foreign governments. This is just one more gift to the newly elected president.

  2. BabelFish says:

    One of my fully liberal friends just posted a question on FB regarding the WP’s ethics in draining Snowden’s material and story for profit and a Pulitzer and now campaigning for his prosecution. That appears to fit quite nicely with the Tailgunner Joe heritage.

  3. crf says:

    America has not been coping with uncertainty very well lately. The New York Times is just reflecting that national trend. People, including reporters, would like to believe that the more important a thing is, the more certain we can be about its parameters.

  4. Edward Amame says:

    Not just the NY Times and WaPo. I’ve often had to turn off the morning BBC news because of their too-regular anti-Russian reporting. I filed an online complaint to the BBC and called WNYC (which carries it) to lodge a complaint about it too.

  5. The Beaver says:

    May be that’s the reason you are getting Trolls ( strike that, bots) posting testing on the threads.
    After all, guess who does what and needed advice:
    Also check what the Daily Poison ( Daily Beast) posted:
    The U.S. military currently is investigating whether the Syrian troops it supposedly bombed on Saturday were, in fact, former prisoners turned into makeshift conscript soldiers for Syrian President Bashar al Assad. That’s according to two U.S. defense officials who spoke with The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity.
    Anonymous sources don’t realise that soldiers are conscripts in Syria , except those who decided to leave the country or join the rebels.

  6. VietnamVet says:

    Please keep yourself going as long as you can. I sadly miss CP’s and WRC’s comments. Losing SST will be devastating. Yet, at some point the contradictions between being the world’s hegemon and the survival of mankind will force censorship of the internet. Only ripping the New World Order out of the fabric of western government can prevent it.
    Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan “Stronger together.” is a variation on Benito Mussolini’s “Fasci – strength through unity”. This says it all. The left has absolutely no power in America now that Bernie Sanders was silenced. The “Deplorables” still do. They nominated Donald Trump and he is in the race despite concerted attacks against him by corporate media.
    With four nations involved it is obvious that the coalition attack on the Syrian Arab Army was no mistake. The “Mad Max” convoy of American forward air controllers, military contractors and armored tanks is the spearhead of the Turkish/American/Qatar seizure of Raqqa by November to elect Hillary Clinton. The fundamental problem is that the Sunni rebel fighters yelling “pigs” at the convoy are supposed to be the ground troops to defeat the Islamic State. Fat Chance. If the rebels go to Raqqa, it will be to let their beards grow back. After a quarter century war, I do not see the Fertile Crescent Sunnis voluntarily accepting new Ottoman overlords backed by NATO.

  7. MRW says:

    I consider Bob Parry a “Living National Treasure,” an honor the Japanese bestow upon their artists, writers, craftsmen, poets, doctors, scientists, and leading significant thinkers.
    But just to give you the background, it was Stephen Cohen who first posited the The New McCarthyism. His wife is publisher and editor-in-chief of The Nation where Cohen first published it about five weeks ago.
    Cohen appears on The John Batchelor Show every Tuesday night at 10 PM EST. WABC-AM Radio NYC. The Podcasts are available the next day. Details in right panel on Batchelor’s site.
    Cohen has said on Batchelor’s show that Trump is the “only sane” geopolitically aware presidential candidate even though “I am not going to vote for him,” and “my entire family disagrees with me.” Cohen despises Clinton, Power and Susan Rice. I can hardly wait until tomorrow night to hear what he’s going to say about Power’s outburst on Saturday night.

  8. Kooshy says:

    Colonel LANG, IMHO, at the end of the day the new free private media likes of SST, MOA, Consortium News, will win this battle, the genie is already out of the bottle, that is unless the Borgist can restrict and licence use of Internet, like an FCC licensing,that would be the new McCarthyism. I can’t imagine and or compare the level of accessibility to news and information between today and back in 70s and 80s when I became interested to curent events. obviously to for the folks who care. So it’s just fair for NYT or likes to tow and write what Borg asks them to write as long as they don’t to close and restrict what we want to say or write, even with government/ Borg suport advantage they have

  9. HawkOfMay says:

    This is a good summary of the where the ICANN governance ended up.
    From The misguided freakout over ICANN:

    Internet protocols at large aren’t implemented through anyone’s fiat; they are generated through open processes channeled through unincorporated organizations like the Internet Engineering Task Force (motto: “We reject kings, presidents, and voting: we believe in rough consensus and running code”), and then implemented through the actions of hardware and software makers.
    The Internet is a collective hallucination, one of the best humanity has ever generated. To be sure, it is delicate in many ways, with its un-owned character threatened from many quarters. But rest easy that ICANN isn’t one of them.

  10. Kooshy says:

    IMO, all over the world, all governments/ systems/ Borgs etc. which in the past covertly and or overtly were able to control the information Channels to thier liking with the advent of Internet are at the loosing end. Same thing happened to shah, he was able to restrict and control the print and broadcast even to a point outside of Iran, but at end information was transferred/ smuggled via cassette tapes that he couldn’t control.

  11. Fred says:

    “An independent judiciary.” Just like the WTO court.
    who voted for that? Nothing to worry about. who needs voting. Or oversight of the judges. I’m sure there is similar “collective hallucination” over Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  12. Tom Cafferty says:

    Why would you think that the press and media would do anything different than promote the status quo and/or the personal obsessions of their owners/masters? Make money, distract the herd, push the conventional wisdom, support the status quo, rinse and repeat. Don’t think truth and rationality comes into the equation in any manner.
    Don’t think the Borg will shut you down. Net neutrality will go the way of the fairness doctrine and antimonopoly laws. No one will be able to find SST as the web gets colonized and controlled. You will end up in some outer exurban low traffic ghetto of cyberspace. That’s how the Borg works. Keep it alive, but cut the oxygen supply.

  13. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    Col. Lang,
    An old Turkish proverb says that “you cannot plaster the sun with mud”. SST provides, through honest and (mostly)rational discourse, a glimpse of the realities the Borg really wishes to hide. I am sure the Clappers, Clintons, Nuland-Kagans, etc. do not like being called out on their lies. As such, both SST and its band of pilgrims might be targets. IMO, however, ultimately the Borg cannot win. If current trends continue, soon no amount of propaganda would be able to overcome the rising global despair. In is possible that the inherent economic dilemmas will cause a societal re-balancing; we might be headed for another dark age, thanks to the (mis)guidance of the current elites who own the media/government/capital. I hope SST and groups like it will survive and grow, defusing the worst of such a crisis.
    Ishmael Zechariah

  14. doug says:

    After watching Samantha’s tirade, which would have been embarrassing for a non-diplomat I am forced, after all these years of reading the excellent posts by Col. Lang and the many great commenters that respond, to finally hit the tip jar. It’s overdue.

  15. wisedupearly says:

    Normally the NYT would pay little attention to private media but these are anything but normal times. Namely the survival of NYT and other mainstream media companies is uncertain. Certainly the current trend is downward.
    The threat of extinction can trigger irrational behavior and it would be far too easy for the Borg to claim that “dangerous agents have been leading people astray with misleading commentary. Reporters and commentators must be state accredited. All sites that offer interaction must be allow the comments to reviewed by the authorities before being posted.” Maybe they are already doing the last part.
    Evolution informs us that the organisms that survive are those that self-correct and self-repair. The Borg is our cancer.

  16. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    I’ve read that there are lapel buttons and bumper stickers in Britain that read, “Is is true? Or did you hear it on BBC?”

  17. mike says:

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, Putin’s Yedinaya Rossiya party has today won 353 (out of 450) seats in the Duma.

  18. Brunswick says:

    >>WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans’ trust and confidence in the mass media “to report the news fully, accurately and fairly” has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. This is down eight percentage points from last year.<<
    Most of the MSM coverage of Foreign Affairs, Politics, even Economic’s has been wretched for a long time.
    As long as there is an interest, and willing “Citizen Journalists” to write, there will be sites like SST.
    Thank you Col. Lang.

  19. Bill H says:

    Related: Sixty Minutes did a segment last night that should have been titled, “Do You Really Want Donald Trump’s Finger On This Button?” I watched as much of their access to “top secret rooms” as I could and then turned it off.

  20. plantman says:

    The astonishing success of Donald Trump shows that the establishment media is losing its grip….which must have the plutocrats concerned.
    Watching a PBS program the other night, 6 panelists were gathered to discuss the presidential election. The presumption was that “public” TV would make some effort to demonstrate balance, but, instead, all six analysts were pro Clinton and stridently anti Trump
    Do the producers of these circus-sideshows really think they are making headway with the American people??
    Its hard to know but the data suggests otherwise.
    Trump is still neck n neck with the Hillard even though 100% of the media is against him.
    We’ve entered a brave new world, and I say “Bravo”

  21. Norbert M Salamon says:

    it is highly unlikely that the so called contribution of British and Danish air forces is believable,
    1., Only the US has a-10
    2., Denmark’s F16- are only for Iraq’s theatre.
    3., I do not believe that Britain has F-16 in ME
    4., Russia/Syria only report F-16 and A-10 planes on attack.
    If am wrong forgive the error please.

  22. Will says:

    The Col. is the best. the “Borg” epithet was a classic linguistic kill. The pix at the corner of the posts is always a masterpiece, and sometimes an education in itself.
    i have a digital subscription to the NYT and the Washpo. i’ll keep the Washpo b/c it’s only $12 a year till August when it goes up to $90. got it on my calendar to cancel it in July. I think i’ll cancel the NYT now. It is utterly worthless. free McClatchy is a lot more balanced.
    i’d really like to read the Israeli Haaretz and the Beirut Daily Star. But they are behind a paywall. When I want a different take or to dig deeper, i try debka. sometimes, they are somewhat reasonable. Sputnik, saker, fort-russ are good. Started using twitter again- laura rozen has lots of stuff tho i disagree with most of it. i’ll probably get banned. need to stop commenting on her site. Elijah Magnier (?) is good. But the most awesome is Col Cassad. don’t know where he gets his stuff. Chrome browser hesitates on translating him but the Yandex browser is terrific. The twitter subject brings on a comment. Wonder what happened to Patrick Bhazrd (sp?). hope he’s ok.

  23. Lemur says:

    Ron Unz and Mencius Moldbug have both argued persuasively McCarthy was right in principle – the US *was* penetrated at a high level by Soviet Intelligence. McCarthy’s problem was that he was looking in the wrong places, and went about the whole thing like a bull at a gate.
    I see no reason to cede this point, especially since McCarthy was the conduit through which the fear of God entered the Left at that time. (Hollywood only allows the truth to be spoken by its villains, and never was that more the case than General Ripper if we interpret his his theory of bodily fluids compromise figuratively).
    Now of course ‘new McCarthyism’ is a great propaganda term for the pro-Trump camp to deploy since it fits Clinton nicely into the narrative of ‘the paranoid style in American politics’.
    To be clear, the Democrats claims are totally unfounded, but for those of us who are conservatively inclined, we should privately distinguish between the two cases.

  24. Lemur says:

    “The left has absolutely no power in America now that Bernie Sanders was silenced.”
    It depends what you mean by ‘left’. There’s certainly a very active, successful left of the #currentyear – BLM, multicultrualists, the ever lengthening list of sexual minorities bound up in initialisms like LGBTQBBC, and so on and so forth. (As Michael Tracey quipped on twitter, Clinton is an “intersectional militarist”. Women, gays, transvestites, and ethnic minorities will be doing the dying and killing in the next military adventure, not just those “f****** white males.”)
    But there is certainly no left presenting pro-labour champion. Trump presents as right wing but I would argue is far more pro-worker than any of his primary competitors and Clinton. He’s even to the left of Sanders in the American political context on foreign policy.

  25. johnA says:

    You are one of the first I have seen to note this.
    I stumbled into it and observed about 5-6 min of it and was wondering WHY NOW and I guess they have a part two coming next week?
    Soon we will be “duck and covering” again it seems.
    I can no longer fit under my 4th grade desk!

  26. Tyler says:

    In which a Bloomberg reporter asks Hillary if the recent terror attacks were a Russian plot to elect Trump and Hillary says “Maybe!”
    McCarthy, at least, was proven correct by history.

  27. kao_hsien_chih says:

    I wonder if the problem is even more rotten than McCarthyism.
    In a sense, most real “McCarthyism” (I always wondered about Senator McCarthy himself) is somewhat fraudulent. The censors don’t usually believe in the propaganda themselves and often know how untrue the propaganda is. As far as I know, state security people in USSR were those who knew the truth better than anyone. The enforcers of the current trend really do seem to believe their own propaganda: they really do believe that they are safeguarding “the truth.”
    If the only problem were censorship, we can be at least somewhat hopeful that somebody somewhere knows that things really are rotten, and, if they are able and are sufficiently honorable, will try to do something about. How can you deal with people who are actively enforcing falsehoods because they really believe in them themselves?

  28. Anna says:

    It is heartening to know that there is a community of ‘pilgrims.’
    Thank you, Colonel Lang for the SST forum and for you being a guiding light.

  29. jld says:

    who voted for that?

    Oh! Oh! Oh! What a shame!
    What about the holy rules of democracy which we currently see in full bloom with the US presidential election and its wondrous prospective results?
    Do you remember that Greek Democracy included lottery beside voting?
    Given the prevailing idiocy, corruption and deviousness of both the “masses” and the “elites” some hapazard random occurence of good willing people is certainly no worse than an elected corps.
    Until it ALSO decay and rot, of course, but until then we are good to go, and it can already be argued that the early Internet structures were better populated with competent and honest people than what we have now.

  30. jld says:

    Disagree, beside a few unavoidable leaks the “Great Firewalls” of China, Iran and Saudi Arabia seem to be working quite well.

  31. Balint Somkuti says:

    please carry on as long as you can.
    Because after the silencing of the last dissenting voice comes complete dictatorship.
    Problem with MSM (political, economical and scientific alike) providing nothing but propaganda is that after the last credible opinion numbed or corrupted remains nothing but gossip and superstition. In other words end of the western, enlightened civilization.

  32. F5F5F5 says:

    The trend I have seen growing in the media is the use of silence, or blackout. Certain facts or events are simply not reported or cease to be reported on, which almost necessarily involves intent.

  33. Pundita says:

    USA TODAY report filed 11:47 PM EDT from military aircraft:
    Dunford says Syria cease-fire not derailed
    What does it mean? I’d say it means Obama is very determined to go ahead with the US-Russia air campaigns. That would also mean either the airstrikes on the Syrian troops were an accident OR that Obama told Carter, ‘One more time and I will personally see to it that you never eat lunch in this town again.’
    As for the New McCarthyism — bah, those people are so far behind the curve of events they’re chasing their own shadows.

  34. Cee says:

    Robert Parry put his life and reputation on the line when he worked for Newsweek and tried to expose Iran contra. He isn’t missed a beat.

  35. Old Microbiologist says:

    It depends on the election. IMHO, only with Trump is there any chance of the US having any semblance of freedom. Only he is able to throw off the chokehold of money and influence which drives politics today. Only he has the balls to reverse all of the Presidential Directives.
    However, other mechanisms can be utilized to discourage sources such as TTG. Pressures can be exacted using other government agencies such as the IRS. Typepad could decide to close the account without explanation or nay right to know. Whatever. Worst case is a free thinking person who voices their opinions are labeled a suspected terrorist sympathizer and lose all Constitutional rights including protections against indefinite detention, asset confiscation, no right to trial and no right to attorney. These are enormous pressures used against people already including the leaders of Occupy Wall Street. So, there is precedence and evidence it is used at will. My guess is if HRC is elected we will enter a very dark period, perhaps a short one if she ignites WWIII, in which dissection will become treasonous. She has already voiced her desire to make it illegal to criticize her.

  36. oofda says:

    And in a related issue, today on Morning Joe, Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal, insisted twice that “the Saudis were fighting our war in Yemen.” He asserted that if the Saudis weren’t fighting there- that the United State would be.
    BTW, Stephens is now the deputy editorial page writer at the WSJ– and was editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post from 2002-2004

  37. The Beaver says:

    Now it all makes sense: about chemical weapons, the bias of the likes of Kim Ghattas(BBC)[claiming to have 3 anti-govt sources in Damascus – all with same lies] Holly Williams (CBS)[always from Gaziantep but quiet since the coup] Clarissa Ward(CNN)[all dressed up in black hijab to report on the opposition] the journos whether it is Le Monde (yep they gave samples of chemical weapons picked up in east Ghouta to Quai d’Orsay), NYT, WaPo, the news agencies like Reuters reporting on how bad the Assad govt is:
    This is ‘smart power’ in a nutshell – a brave new world where media fat cats, operating from plush London, Paris and Manhattan high rise offices, no longer need to get their hands dirty in a war zone, they have their “activists” and “citizen journalists” to do it for them.
    The problem is, in the case of Aleppo Media Centre, by any professional or ethical measure, their reports are neither balanced nor are they objective. They are funded by the French Foreign Office, the EU and the US – all of which are heavily invested in the US Coalition military operation and ‘road map’ for Syria and the eventual regime change prize they all dream of.

    Based on all available evidence, western state-sponsored media is working as the PR agency to sell that idea to the deliberately misinformed public.
    These same Syrian embedded and satellite mainstream media outlets are liberally bandying around the Hitler label for President Assad. A basic demonizing device that they and their SMART power teams have regularly employed for other regime change targets – Muamar Gadaffi [Libya], Saddam Hussein [Iraq], Slobodan Milosevic [Yugoslavia/Serbia] to name a few.

  38. posting testing says:

    posting testing… guys must be very important secret should spend some time on 4 chan especially / just might learn something

  39. Old Microbiologist says:

    Please pardon the typos. Writing on an iPad while sitting peacefully on the Amalfi coast with IOS 10 deciding what words I meant to type.

  40. Old Microbiologist says:

    I think we still have boots on the ground there as we have had for a long time.

  41. kooshy says:

    Amalfi, Positano ? what a perfect place to watch the mad US elections, with my envy have it great

  42. Edward Amame says:

    There have been stirrings on the Left regarding labor/economics since Occupy.
    The Dem “breakup” was over Vietnam with Labor on one side and the beginnings of the New Left on the other. Starting in the 1970s, there was also a concerted effort on the right to break the Unions, which turned out to be pretty successful. With the loss of Union membership (and their dues), the Dems were left with only one other choice, to go to the same $$$ trough that the GOP was already in.
    IMO, what had been good for the Unions had been good for the rest of middle class America. A spillover effect as it were. The lessening of Union influence on the Dems has not been good for American workers. We need some kind of something to replace the unions’ lost political influence, to balance the scales. Right now the power is largely on the side of corporate titans. There haven’t been a lot of reasons, economically, for working class Americans to vote Dem of late except to protect what’s left of the social safety net (ie: Soc Sec, Medicare, public schools, etc). Which is why the GOP likes to make elections referendums on cultural (New Left) issues: abortion, gays, guns, etc.

  43. JJackson says:

    Agreed. SST may be a well read and well respected site but not on a scale that is a threat to the MSM. So few spend the time to find and follow the site, and its ilk, they are no counter-weight to those who suffer the drip, drip, drip water-torture of the MSM nightly news. If and when enough of the the public realise this is propaganda and start looking for an alternative narrative then we may be deemed a threat, for now we are a minor irritation.

  44. LeaNder says:

    been there. Didn’t attract me. Are you paid for your advertisement here? Get some credit points? 😉

  45. Fred says:

    Nice rant. ” some hapazard random occurence of good willing people…”
    Yes, with a nice code of conduct that a self appointed do-gooder will use to take over the organization.

  46. Will says:

    no no no, we don’t have boots on the ground- they are wearing shoes 🙂

  47. jld says:

    You didn’t read to the end it seems, this is exactly what I mean by “decay and rot” but this doesn’t happen until there are high priced valuables at stake, not (usually) by the founders, and then “voting” isn’t any defence against this (Clinton Foundation anyone?).

  48. Will says:

    You have to respect people like Jimmy Stewart and “Tailgunner” Joe McCarthy that served on the bomber crews. The survival rate was not high. Jack Kennedy refused to criticize him and stood up for him.
    He was on the wrong scent, but IMHO, he was still a patriot.
    “FK’s feelings became abundantly clear during a Spee Club reunion banquet at Harvard held in February 1952. When an after-dinner speaker remarked that he was proud Harvard had never graduated an Alger Hiss and even prouder that it had never produced a Joe McCarthy, JFK exploded in anger. Rising at his seat, he shouted, “How dare you couple the name of a great American patriot with that of a traitor!” This was a rare outburst from a man who prided himself on his cool, cerebral approach to policy questions. The other diners lapsed into shocked silence, and JFK departed without hearing the rest of the program.”

  49. ToivoS says:

    Russians who visited the US after 1991 often commented that they were better informed about public affairs during the Soviet era than the Americans they met here. The reason was that they knew the press presented party propaganda whereas Americans believed what they read in the MSM.

  50. Cee says:

    Rand Paul ate his lunch. Thanks the background on Stevens.

  51. smoke says:

    Historical note. McCarthy was a friend of Kennedy family, befriended by Joe-father in the 40’s. In 1952 RFK was minority counsel on McCarthy’s Senate investigating committee. JFK refrained from public criticism of McCarthy until 1956.
    History or misery, curious bedfellows…

  52. Will,
    ‘Tailgunner’ Joe was never a ‘tail end Charlie’ – to use a British term.
    From his Wikipedia entry:
    ‘McCarthy served 30 months as an intelligence officer (August 1942 – February 1945), and he held the rank of captain by the time he was discharged in April 1945. He volunteered to fly twelve combat missions as a gunner-observer, acquiring (or perhaps giving himself) the nickname of “Tail-Gunner Joe” in the course of one of these missions.
    ‘He later falsely claimed 32 aerial missions in order to qualify for a Distinguished Flying Cross, which he received in 1952. McCarthy also publicized a letter of commendation which he claimed had been signed by his commanding officer and countersigned by Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, then Chief of Naval Operations. However, it was revealed that McCarthy had written this letter himself, in his capacity as intelligence officer. A “war wound” that McCarthy made the subject of varying stories involving airplane crashes or anti-aircraft fire was in fact received aboard ship during a ceremony for sailors crossing the equator for the first time. Because of McCarthy’s various lies about his military heroism, his “Tail-Gunner Joe” nickname was sarcastically used as a term of mockery by his critics.’
    (See .)
    The point about McCarthy is not that he was simply wrong in claiming that there was high-level Soviet infiltration – there was.
    What however happened, largely as a result of his activities, was that anyone who wanted to suggest that the world was rather more complicated than notions of the ‘international communist conspiracy’ suggested was either purged or cowed into silence.
    A key figure here is the State Department China expert John Paton Davies.
    A deeply committed anti-communist, he argued in the late ‘Forties and early ‘Fifties 1. that Chiang Kai-shek was going to lose, 2. that the relations of a Chinese Communist regime to the Soviet regime might end up being closer to those of Tito’s Yugoslavia to Moscow than the ‘stooge regimes’ in Poland, Hungary, or Czechoslovakia, and 3. that rather than chasing the mirage of preserving a non-communist China, it would make more sense to pursue a judicious policy that fostered divisions between Moscow and Beijing.
    It was ‘Tail-Gunner Joe’ who both destroyed Patton Davies’s career, and made it very difficult for anyone to make the case for the kind of ‘Machiavellian’ strategy to deal with the challenges posed by communist revolutions which was actually appropriate in the circumstances.
    (See .)
    Incidentally, there is another Joe McCarthy who is well-remembered among some of us in Britain.
    A former Coney Island lifeguard, he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force months before the United States entered the war in Germany. He was one of the crack pilots ‘head-hunted’ by Guy Gibson when 617 Squadron was formed in 1943, to implement the plan for low-level attacks on the Mohne, Eder, and Sorpe dams.
    It was McCarthy who led the attack on the Sorpe dam – which was in part a diversionary raid (which did not make it less dangerous – only one of the five aircraft attacking the dam got through.)
    Rather remarkably, McCarthy went on flying with 617 Squadron and survived the war.
    (For an account of his career, see,joemccarthy.html .)

  53. Fred says:

    ” high priced valuables at stake”
    Access to the internet is valuable, that’s why the Chinese regulate it. This effort is simply more of the same in camouflage.

  54. Thanks for posting another example of agitprop in the US main street mendacity. They fooled me a lot during Cold War v1, but not in this Cold War v2.
    The US can take its Cold War for profit, death, and destruction and shove it.

  55. Fred says:

    “With the loss of Union membership (and their dues), the Dems were left with only one other choice,” … “We need some kind of something to replace the unions’ lost political influence,”
    Why do you think opposition to political spending of union dues was solely due to Republican politicians and not the actual union members? Why do you think that rank and file members should have their political influence channeled via the professional management unions and have that being solely directed towards being for Democratic Party positions?

  56. Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg says:

    I thought I’d get the flavor of Stephen Cohen’s work, so I did a quick search on duck duck go. It took a bit of downscrolling to find something that wasn’t a denunciation from the likes of Slate or TNR. So it’s not just the NYT and the WaPo. There’s a full court press of, as Nassim Taleb calls them ‘Intellectual Yet Idiots’ raging against anyone who urges sanity in the rush to confrontation with Russia.

  57. Fred says:

    Thank you for another well reasoned insight. I think we are seeing a similar pattern of behavior here in the US:
    “ What however happened, largely as a result of his activities, was that anyone who wanted to suggest that ….. was rather more complicated than notions …. suggested was either purged or cowed into silence.”

  58. Dr. K says:

    Where did you get this misinformation. The John Birch society history of the United States? Joe McCarthy’s whole life was made up. No bombing missions. No commendations. Nothing. Wrapped himself in the flag and got shot in the ass.

  59. VietnamVet says:

    NMS & Lemur
    The four nations were widely reported:
    Probably, “One for all. All for one” CYA.
    The use of Identity politics by “liberals” who are not leftists to stay in power is a huge cause of cognitive dissonance. Shaming people for not welcoming Muslim refugees is a prime example. “Liberal” has been so corrupted that it really means “anything goes for the connected”. The left has disappeared. I identify myself as a “progressive”. Corporate globalists are dismantling sovereign governments, the only protector of the little people, forcing mankind to revert back to the safety of their tribal religious roots. On the ground I fear for those who don’t belong.
    The only good jobs left in America are serving the elite. To get one and keep it, a person has to be credentialed plus believe the propaganda.

  60. Edward Amame says:

    Why do you think that rank and file members should have their political influence channeled via the professional management unions and have that being solely directed towards being for Democratic Party positions?
    As labor unions diminished, so did their influence over the Democrats, but back in the days when Dems were beholden to unions and their members, it DID make sense to have the unions’ political influence channeled. If the Dems revitalize themselves and focus again more sharply on labor issues, it will still make sense. As Lewis Powell in his famous memo to the head of the US Chamber of Commerce on how business had to fight back against Washington regulations in the early 1970s:
    “Lessons can be learned from organized labor in this respect. The head of the AFL-CIO may not appeal to businessmen as the most endearing or public-minded of citizens. Yet, over many years the heads of national labor organizations have done what they were paid to do very effectively. They may not have been beloved, but they have been respected — where it counts the most — by politicians, on the campus, and among the media.”
    For more on what’s happened in the U.S. as labor unions have been diminished, see:

  61. Will says:

    just trying to stir up a hornet’s nest.
    the association w/ the Kennedy’s is very well documented. Joe Kennedy liked him, he even dated two of the Kennedy daughters (how do you manage dating sisters?). Gave Robert Kennedy a job.
    he served as a Marine in the Pacific and not in the Air Corps. He served some in military intelligence. He did serve as a tail gunner observer, but padded his record.
    he had the personality of a bulldog. Even worse than “the Donald.”
    What killed his career was television. Televised hearing with tens of millions watching. His favoriblity ratings plunged as the hearings went on
    The release of Verona transcripts have verified some of his hunches on the deep communist penetration of the government. But he often went halfcocked after the wrong targets, notably George Marshall (a VMI grad) and the United States Army. Eisenhower could have done a lot to moderate what was happening, but he declined to use his bully pulpit. McCarthy ruined lives and caused suicides. He died of cirrhosis of the liver.
    Maybe one day, there will be a Senate investigation of the Israeli penetration in the US government. Schumer would be glad to lead it, NOT.
    Been watching as even moderate criticism of Israel policy is labeled not anti-semitism, but NEW antisemitism. The Israeli Firsters in US government and media has cost millions of lives overseas, American military casualties, and the consumption of our treasure in the range of trillions.
    Trump has a converted Jewish daughter and Jewish granchildren, but amazingly he has spoken of being evenhanded. This is a statement against his interest. He called out and destroyed the Repub meme that Dubya kept us safe. I like it when he said he can get along with Putin. But, I am worried about his Iran view. But at the end of the day, he is a businessman interested in creating wealth and not an ideologue. I will vote for him.

  62. Fred says:

    Dr. K,
    Probably not from the history department at UW.

  63. Fred says:

    Union members are not solely directed by mammon. Union members might oppose using their dues to support politicians who would support positions they opposed. Here’s two ideas not in your references:
    The ’73 Supreme Court Decision in Roe v Wade was not decided by Unions or the Chamber of Commerce or the Powell memo.
    The calls for increased regulations of firearms were not decided by Unions or the Chamber of Commerce or the Powell memo.

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