The Polish Proa Fleet

I thought I’d change it up. Even add a little levity to our sullen and sometimes frightening world. Given that Vladimir Eremeev and his self-designed and self-built proa, Drama Queen, has now started and completed two Everglades Challenges, I think it’s more than appropriate to share this jovial adventure of this pair of happy, happy Polaks in their proa. I’m almost positive I linked to this video one before, but hell, it’s well worth a second look. Enjoy.


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9 Responses to The Polish Proa Fleet

  1. gordon reed says:

    I did enjoy it, it brought back memories of the 1978 Molokai outrigger canoe race of 42 miles from Molokai to Oahu. Our team Blazing Paddles won the race in 5 hours 43 minutes and 52 seconds which was a record at the time and the first time a non Polynesian crew had ever won the race.

    • TTG says:

      gordon reed,

      A sailing canoe of that type finished the Everglades Challenge this year. It was a Holopuni canoe from Kaua’i.

  2. leith says:

    They did a neat job of launching into the surf from that beach. Wish they had shown more on the shunting maneuver.

  3. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Yo, Fred! Ahoy there!
    If you are reading this, what do you think of this development:

    Sounds interesting.

    • TTG says:

      Keith Harbaugh,

      I started reading this thinking we actually did the silent drive from “Red October” but there’s a note added declaring it an April’s Fool joke. Too bad.

      • Keith Harbaugh says:

        Thanks, TTG.
        When I read the article it didn’t have that disclaimer.
        It is unfortunate that a supposedly reputable publication such as Naval News would publish such a hoax.

        • TTG says:

          Keith Harbaugh,

          It was just a cheesy April Fool’s Day joke. A lot of staid and respectable publications give in to these shenanigans. As Sergeant Hulka would say, “lighten up Francis.”

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