The Advisor 19 August, 2006

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2 Responses to The Advisor 19 August, 2006

  1. Happy Jack says:

    If they wanted to convey a sense of what justice is currently like, instead of Hammurabi they should have a statue of Devil Anse.

  2. Alex says:

    Colonel Lang, you’re doing us all a service by publishing these. It is astonishing just how little actual information they contain – I can’t imagine a less helpful document to send people in the field.
    This is meant to be a “weekly report”? Where are the facts? Experiences? Statistics?
    Propaganda is one thing, but feeding your own side the propaganda in the guise of “weekly reports” is the path to insanity. Frankly, this document is not worth the effort of clicking “send” on your e-mail client.

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