Thoughts on the Mueller-Barr report.


1.  Trump and his people did not conspire with the Russian government to fix the outcome of the 2016 election.

2.  In the absence of a conspiracy there could not have been obstruction of justice by the president.  There was nothing to obstruct because there had been no crime.  Trump knew that. 

3.  IMO a great opportunity has been lost for improving relations with the Russian thermonuclear power.  Only hyper-nationalist madmen like Brennan and Clapper and ignorant Jingos like Bolton and Pompeo can imagine that an improvement in relations with a country which can destroy you was not a good idea. Trump hoped for that and the Russiagate hoax blocked any possibility for improvement.  The Russian government unsuccessfully sought to tinker with our election?  Yes, and they will again.  That is part of the Game of Nations.  Grow up, Americans!  It is our responsibility to foil such attempts. We have done similar things since we first emerged on the world stage.  We can make a list of those events if you like.

4.  I will say again that Barr should hold a presser at which he stands Mueller and Rosenstein up next to him to outline the report themselves and to answer extensive press questions. 

5.  Nadler,  Schiff and Elijah Cummings wish to continue the farcical pursuit of Trump on all sides of earth until he "spouts black blood and rolls fin out."  As has been said, the House committees headed by these people lack the funds, personnel and authorities to dig up the masses of data which Mueller's office possessed.  It is for this reason that they want all the Mueller data.  They hope to sift through it to find things that they can claim constitute grounds for a plausible bill of impeachment.  Well pilgrims, Barr would be wise to remember that the Mueller report AND all its supporting documents are Executive Branch assets, not assets of the Congress.   There is no reason to give the Congress anything that is classified (secret), Grand Jury testimony or information that should be concealed to allow for the functioning of the presidency (Executive Privilege).  So, don't give it to them!  Let them sue you.  Let the Supreme Court decide.

6.  The Mueller investigation and the Barr/Rosenstein review and summary stated that their conclusions were reached without regard for the constitutional controversy over whether or not a sitting president could be indicted.

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