Trump Advisor Calls Congresswoman “Filth” on Fox TV’s Varney & Co By DECAMERON


Jeff Ballabon is a not-so-high-level advisor to the Trump Election Campaign, but he's out to climb higher in the 2020 Campaign by denouncing US Representative Ilan Omar (D-Minnesota) as "filth," "disgusting" and "filthy."  She and her criticisms of Israel,  "got to go," he says. "So what if she's in Congress."  Does that mean "so what if American voters elected her?"  Ballabon's hurling was on the Varney & Co. show on Fox Business TV.

A bullyish loudmouth, Ballabon exemplifies what's wrong with the Israel Lobby, the Netanyahu-lovers, and Israel-firsters in America — they don't really believe in democracy, and when American voters reject the candidates that get the "Benjamins" and other currency that the likes of Sheldon Adelson throw into election races every cycle, operatives like Ballabon snarl and gnash like rabid animals.  Preferably in front of TV cameras.

VARNEY: "Insulting language there."


VARNEY: "Insulting to Ms. Omar. You've used it."


VARNEY:  "I don't hear other Jewish members of Congress saying the same thing. They're not making the same demands and they're not using the same language."

BALLABON:  "Absolutely correct. They're still playing politics…."

Using vile, violent language, Ballabon called Omar "a filthy, disgusting hater. So what if she's in Congress? That's the problem."  Her beliefs "got to go."  Her tweets scare him, Ballabon said.

But in the same Varney & Co. show, Ballabon also bellowed against American Jewish voters, denouncing them as "this ghetto of Jewish voters in the Democratic Party," who don't understand that Republicans like himself, as opposed to Jewish politicians like Senator Chuck Schumer, are their real friends.

Is he a self-annointed political policeman telling Jewish voters what they should think and do?  Or is it bigger than Ballabon?  The Varney & Co. show wasn't the first time he criticized other Jews for their politics.  In December 2018, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported:

Jeff Ballabon, who now serves as an advisor to the Donald Trump re-election campaign: “I find the hypocrisy truly hysterical. This administration started and the so-called mainstream establishment announced that they were going to boycott the president,” Ballabon recalled, referring to the decision made by rabbinical and religious groups representing the Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist movements to discontinue the tradition of participating in a pre-High Holidays conference call with Trump in 2017. “They have been maligning the president since the campaign, using the worst kind of libel and lies, and I would be appalled to see any one of these individuals in the room.”

Ballabon probably does feel threatened these days.  But not as much from the popularity of Democrats like Rep. Omar as by trends in Jewish American views and recent developments in Israel — especially the decision by the Israeli Attorney General to indict Netanyahu and Bibi's desperate ploy to bring the Otzmah Yehudi (Jewish Power) party, offshoot of the late terrorist leader Meir Kahane, into the mainstream election blocs so that he can hope to survive the April 9th election with an extremist right-wing coalition.  AIPAC, the flagship of the Israeli Lobby in America denounced Netanyahu's embrace of the Kahanistas and the party itself. The American Jewish Committee tweets that the party is "racist and reprehensible."

What do the voters of Minnesota think of Ballabon's diatribe?  He doesn't care.  "So what if she's in Congress?"  It matters.  This is America. — Decameron, March 4, 2019.

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