Trump’s foreign policy is run by neocons. (Editorial)


Melania was right when she told an interviewer in Africa that her husband is surrounded by enemies within his administration.  These are people who either opposed him during the 2016 campaign season or who signed up early in the campaign with an expectation that they could get jobs in a Trump Administration and in both cases understood that a president not accustomed to thinking seriously about other than business hustle could be manipulated or deceived in pursuit of their own agenda rather than his or that of the "deplorables." 

These people are the neocon incubi and succubi who seek an even more dominant hegemonic role in the world for the US.  They are out and out imperialists of a kind not seen since the time of McKinley and the US-Filipino War.

The Democratic campaign for president in 2016 was filled with such people from the start but then, Hillary herself is an arch-neocon and still pursues that agenda.

Bolton, Pompeo, his new helpmate Mary Kissel, dozens and dozens of Obama globalist holdovers, and people who find Trump's boorish ways repulsive, they all are undermining the administration from within and Trump does nothing about it.  He is in fact detestably boorish but is that a reason to betray the oath you took to serve in his government?  I think not.

Is Trump competent in such matters as tax policy, regulatory reform and trade negotiations ?  I think he is, but he is allowing the neocons to destroy the possibility of rational political relations in Europe and the Middle East.

To quote a great president, "I grieve for my country when I think that God is just." TJ Jefferson


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