US government claim as to what happened


Well, the USIC should be considered a bordello with Clapper as madam.

This is entirely a reiteration of the assertions made by the BHO government concerning what happened on the 21st.  The social media are believed?  The claim that SIGINT concerning Syrian government culpability is too sensitive to be disclosed is absurd.  This was likely an intercept of plain voice, unencrypted Arabic conversation.  A short wave radio tuned to the right frequency would have collected this text.  If the Israelis were the source they should publish the text to avoid condemnation when the truth of this matter becomes clear.   History will judge GW Obama.  pl



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  1. b says:

    Adding to that:
    – I have watched some 30+ of the relevant videos and I estimated about 100 dead shown in them, not 1429
    – none are shown “in situ” where they have died, all are in some hospitals. no dead animals etc.
    – there is A LACK OF typical symptoms for chemical weapon effects. No defecation, no throwing up.
    Very thin BS Obama is presenting here.

  2. Fred says:

    I suspect that even the judges in the Star Chamber demanded more ‘evidence’ than this. Even the Spanish Inquisition did a better job.

  3. MRW says:

    FYI. Report by AP ME correspondent and Mint Press News and Dave Gavlak in Infowars. If true, interesting!
    “EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack”

  4. zanzibar says:

    As FB Ali noted in an earlier thread, Cui bono? It would seem that soulmates Bandar & Bibi are the instigators.
    BHO is their BFF just like GWB. They know that the American people will remain apathetic and intentionally clueless.
    History? bah! We’ll all be dead is what they probably think.
    In any case they don’t even think it’s worth their effort to “fix” the intelligence anymore. They don’t care when they lie brazenly as Clapper did. It’s all sophistry and a PR game as they act with impunity. That’s the level of contempt they have for us citizens.

  5. WP says:

    “This was likely an intercept of plain voice, unencrypted Arabic conversation. A short wave radio tuned to the right frequency would have collected this text. ”
    I thought the primary function of the NSA was to do signals intellegence. One would expect that to mean that the NSA sattelites would be scarfing up the whole radio spectrum emanating from sensitive regions like Syria. One would think the NSA would be getting voice as well as encoded data and could sort through it all so that when someone uses a walkie talkie or a wifi device in Syria, the signal is decoded, sifted, and categorized? That is what the NSA proponents have always advertised it was doing.
    Is the reason that the “intelligence” is so secret that the NSA has completely failed and we must rely on some person sitting in a Syrian apartment with a police scanner and a tape recorder to do our intercepts and that the NSA’s methods would be exposed to be non-existent if the truth were disclosed?
    The thought that with the money we spend on the NSA for all of those billion dollar satellites and listening posts, that they cannot get us simple voice recordings or that we must rely on Israeli intercepts is just absurd.
    Or, is the real pupose of the NSA mostly to spy on me and the other readers of this blog.
    Hello NSA. Are you tuned in here and offline in Syria? If you were listening in Syria, trot out and publically disclose some of your work product and stuff or no one will ever believe in you spying ability again.

  6. Fred says:

    Unbelievable what Mr. Kerry said:
    “And I believe, as President Obama does, that it is also important to discuss this directly with the American people. That’s our responsibility, to talk with the citizens who have entrusted all of us in the administration and Congress with responsibility for their security.”
    NO Mr. Kerry! Your sworn obligation is to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Thank God you are no longer in the Senate; but sadly for America you are still a jackass. And to think of the hunder of hours and thousands of dollars I wasted in trying to get you elected President.

  7. Augustin L says:

    Check. You hit the nail on the head again Col. Here’s an interesting open source intelligence link regarding the chemical attacks.,_August_21,_2013#Qaboun_rocket_lauches

  8. eakens says:

    John Kerry: “….That’s why we signed agreements like the START Treaty, the New START Treaty, the Chemical Weapons Convention, which more than 180 countries, including Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, have signed on to.” … “and it matters to Israel”.
    He conveniently left out that that both Syria and Israel haven’t signed the Chemical Weapons Convention.

  9. Alba Etie says:

    The BHO administration it appears to be poised to go down the tawdry trail of necon bullshittery that consumed Bushcheney . If the cruise missiles or whatever else do get launched it will be the end of whatever legitimate legacy President Obama might have claimed . I pray that the Realist resign their post in protest unlike the dishonored bunch that left with Dubya . Ah me …

  10. Babak Makkinejad says:

    One would hope that in that case he would have the decency to return his Noble Peace Prize.

  11. turcopolier says:

    Or the Nobel committee should take it back. pl

  12. Harper says:

    I suspect that if there is any uptick in support for military action after Kerry’s teary performance, Obama will order strikes before he leaves for the G-20. He will claim that he did confer with Congress via the Susan Rice/Kerry/Clapper conference call briefing, and that the American people were fully informed. If Congress does not move for immediate impeachment if he goes ahead with this, then I fear our Republic is doomed, at least for the foreseeable future. Part of the problem is that Obama already decided to order the strikes almost a week ago, but got stalled out by the unexpected events of the past few days–Congress insisting on having a full debate and vote and the British House of Commons vote on Thursday, barring Cameron from joining Obama.

  13. Walrus says:

    Even if the intercept is unencrypted plain English it means nothing without the traffic analysis that demonstrates that the transmission is genuine normal communication to or from a genuine Syrian army unit.

  14. WP says:

    Congress should reconvene Tuesday and reassert its Constitutional authority of deciding on war. Immediately, both houses should adopt a joint resolution that the President shall not act until Congress considers and decides the matter.
    Contact your Senators and Representatives with your thoughts whatever they may be on Syria. Petitioning our government is our responsibility as ordinary citizens or else we have no grounds for complaint.

  15. The Twisted Genius says:

    Kerry offered no evidence for the charges he made, only emotional declarations of faith and demands that we accept his declarations on faith. If the administration won’t offer the evidence to the American people, I seriously doubt it exists. Even if I wanted to believe them, their continued support for Clapper and Alexander, two exposed liars and perjurers leads me to assume that the whole lot of them are void of all truth.

  16. Fred says:

    Israel also refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

  17. JohnH says:

    Do they really have the resources to analyze all the data they scarf up from Syria? Given the lack of American Arabic speakers generally, they would have to be employing a LOT of Jordanians or Lebanese. Or they’d have to have really good voice recognition for Eastern Arabic, a few dialects, as well as an understanding of slang and code words used in military circles.
    By comparison, spying on Americans is a piece of cake.

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