“… US Nationwide Starlink Rollout Is Coming This Month.” pcmag

“A US nationwide rollout for satellite internet service Starlink begins later this month, according to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. 

Musk made the statement after he previously mentioned that Starlink is set to exit its beta phase sometime in October. On Thursday, a Twitter user asked what this might mean for US consumers, particularly those based in the south. “Starlink beta is ending this month as stated, will we see more of the southern states (Louisiana, Texas, etc.) roll outs?” the user wrote.

In response, Musk tweeted: “Should be nationwide rollout by end of month. Note, still limited by peak number of users in same area. This will improve as more satellites are launched.“” pcmag


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6 Responses to “… US Nationwide Starlink Rollout Is Coming This Month.” pcmag

  1. Deap says:

    I see my county is covered by this roll-out. What happens next?

  2. Babeltuap says:

    Should go faster now. No more petty marital distractions.

  3. Sam says:

    Elon Musk is moving Tesla’s headquarters from Silicon Valley to Texas after criticising lockdown measures by local leaders as “fascist”. Musk is a steely-eyed lockdown sceptic.


    Texas will benefit.

    • Condottiere says:

      I cringe over the amount of liberal idiot Silicon Valley Californians that will follow 😬

      Please don’t open another In-n-Out burger in Texas

  4. Condottiere says:

    “Dmitry Rogozin added that Starlink could deliver internet ‘with purely political and, most likely, anti-Russian content,’ thereby threatening Russia’s information security. Late last year, Russian lawmakers already introduced legislation to prohibit Starlink, and ensure that all internet traffic in the country continues to be handled through Russia-based telecom operators.”


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