Webb Telescope Completes Alignment Phase

The Webb Telescope completes one more step to becoming operational.

Next test: thermal stability.

The Walrus prediction is that its observations will throw the Big Bang Theory into the rubbish bin where it belongs.

Webb Telescope update:


The Big Bang is rubbish. Einstein was bad at maths. His teacher, Minkowski, elaborated on Einstein’s cosmology but died before the import of his corrections were elucidated. This left the way open for Le Maitre (an ordained priest) to propose the big bang – which is just scientific creationism. The Universe is not expanding.


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  1. Fourth and Long says:

    Ahlfen, the great Scandanavian physicist who won a Nobel for his incredible work on the physics of plasmas, didn’t cotton to big bang theories either. He thought the experimental evidence for them could be equally well or better explained by the collision of galaxies of matter with galaxies of antimatter. The physics community disliked him for it but his work on plasmas was so brilliant (and correct) that they awarded him a Nobel. (Conspiratorial thinkers might propose – no, Nobel was Scandanavian himself. Yes, sure thing, so was Niels Bohr. Everything is “fixed.”)

  2. blue peacock says:

    The problem with the Big Bang has always been what was there before?

    The theory that appeals to me is the idea of multiple universes. However our sensory limitations allows us only to perceive what we observe unless one is a shaman who can transcend.

  3. Steve+G says:


    Edwin Hubbles’ theory of the “Red shift” is
    Not a viable concept?

    • walrus says:

      The Red Shift exists. The question is why do we observe it? We chose the solution presented to us by Le Maître as suggested by Hubble. When we found the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, we triumphantly assumed it was the remnant of Le Maitres and Hubble’s big bang.

      We have been adding bits of BS (dark matter, dark energy) to the theory ever since to try to make it work in the face of more and more evidence that big bang is wrong.

      Mayer traced the mistake back to an error in interpretation of the full consequences of the Einstein field equations circa 1911. A corrected version suggests that the red shift is a natural consequence of curved space time.

  4. cobo says:

    Toward the end of this interview, all of which I enjoyed, Sir Roger Penrose goes on to explain his version of the finite and beginning bang of the universe as one phenomenon. He is not a supporter of the various multiple universe theories, nor of a pulsing, expanding and contracting universe. Asking A Theoretical Physicist About The Physics Of Consciousness Roger Penrose – Jordan Peterson

    Here he speaks to his disagreements with the multiverse theories:

    And the Big Bang:

    I like the way he defines and keeps his arguments.

  5. John Merryman. says:

    Multispectrum light “packets” will redshift over distance because the higher frequencies dissipate faster.
    The more fundamental heresy this implies is the quantification of light is a function of absorption and therefore measurement, rather than foundational to the light.
    The background radiation is just the light of ever further sources, shifted off the visible spectrum. The solution to Olber’s paradox.

  6. Polish Janitor says:

    So you are skeptical/or rejecting cosmic phenomena such as red-shift, micro-lensing, background cosmic radiation and the way the Big Bang Theory (BBT) has managed to explain them? You must be in the camp of Halton Arp, I assume, when it comes to the rejection of the red-shift phenomenon and the expansion of the universe model that is derived from the BBT. If you do, then how do you explain the aforementioned itesms and by using what model?

    I am very much looking forward to the full operation of the James Webb Space Telescope and cannot wait to see how it will help us understand some of the earliest dynamics of the very early universe when it was a few tens of million years old. Population III stars with zero to non metalicity, the nature of black-holes, galaxy-mergers and quasars (a favorite topic of mine), and basically an unprecedented infrared observation of deep objects at the cosmological distances is something that I am looking forward to learn more about. I think the telescope will vindicate the true validity and reliability of the BBT for sure.

  7. Jose says:

    Great post:

    1. Big Bang = we are not sure

    2. Dark Mater/Energy = we do not understand

    3. IMHO, understanding gravity is the key.

    Also, does anybody know when the telescope will directed to Alpha Centauri system? Would be cool when it’s visible from Miami…

  8. When cosmic redshift was first observed, it was assumed to be either normal doppler effect, or some optical interference, aka, “tired light.” Though it was too clear over long distances for anything obvious to have slowed it.
    The problem with Doppler effect became clear, as it became evident that redshift increases with distance. So either we are at the exact center of this expansion, or…Space itself must be expanding, because “Spacetime!”
    How this particular idea has ever been taken seriously, let alone become the predominant view for the entire field, is one of the real mysteries of our times.
    Simply put, if space relativistically expands, the speed of light would have to increase proportionally, in order to remain Constant. Is that complicated?
    Instead we are supposed to believe that two distinct metrics of space are being defined by the same light. One based on its speed, which remains constant, thus causing redshift as the supposedly underlaying space, defined by the redshifted spectrum of this very same light, expands.
    Does anyone out there have enough uncorrupted brain synapses to see this is even more clearly illogical than say, saying sex is a cultural construct? (Even though it predates the split between flora and fauna.)
    As Einstein said, “Space is what you measure with a ruler.” And the ruler in this theory is still the speed of light. That’s what is used to measure the rate of expansion, the size of the universe, any cosmic distance, etc.
    If you bother to go and read the textbooks, which I’ve been forced to do, it’s like light is some squiggly line, that as it gets stretched, becomes less stretched. If you don’t believe me, read the damn books.
    One of the few actual arguments anyone has tried on me is to say the expansion is global, while light speed is only measured locally. To which I pointed out that it has to expand locally, where the light is traveling, in order to redshift.
    Suffice to say, Authority rules and logic comes a distant place. As is often pointed out, we didn’t develop the ability to think in order to find objective truth, but to survive and bowing to the rulers of the field is required.

  9. TTG says:

    You’re all arguing over absurdities. Anybody with any sense knows it’s turtles all the way down.

  10. Eric P says:

    As a practicing [*] physicist,

    Among the most reality-skeptical among [us], inflation is “not even wrong” but useful. If a person were to say that it didn’t exist, or perhaps did exist, or definitely absolutely were mandatory, I wouldn’t miss a heartbeat but would know that these trenches were dug for non-evidential reasons. As far as the reconstructed timeline goes, wikipedia is dogshit but:


    I won’t defend it on an Internet forum, but I’m completely sold on the physical historicity of the “big bang” … starting from BAO onwards, but not prior to BAO. I’ve no evidence for anything before the BAO era. I’m not wedded to any wikipedia interpretation, but the systematic chronology from BAO onwards is empirical and beyond conjecture.

    Why bother typing this all out? To complexify matters, for fun, honestly. I’m a devout Orthodox Christian, but not a 6000-year’er. There is no greater glory for mankind to expend its energy and treasure than the exploration of His creation. I absolutely do believe in the train of logic that leads one to conclude that the CMB leads one to the conclusion of Recombination, and that the BAO *prediction*, later verified, leads one to believe in pre-Recombination plasma dynamics.


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