“Whoever you want me to be …” SNL





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13 Responses to “Whoever you want me to be …” SNL

  1. BabelFish says:

    Doin the Triangle Polka or, perhaps, Jimmy Buffet’s Desperation Samba.

  2. steve says:

    This comedienne exudes more natural warmth and empathy than Hillary.

  3. Kooshy says:

    Colonel LANG, firstly thank you for posting this fabulous and true clip, I probebly I would have missed if it wasn’t for you sharing it, nevertheless a lot of us think this way. I have a feeling you couldn’t let this one not to be shared and I thank you for that. In this hot campaign season is hard not to express one’ openion no matter how much you warn us not to here, and how much we try to respect your rules.

  4. turcopolier says:

    “and true clip” This was on SNL. pl

  5. Margaret Steinfels says:

    Right!! And the Hillary imitation wasn’t even that good. Neither was the Hillary imitating Bernie imitation.

  6. Kooshy says:

    Sorry watching SNL for almost 40 years I never thought it was about how good was the imitation , IMO SNL clips are more about the message then the imitation.

  7. Kooshy says:

    Colonel IMO true to the message. Missed it , was watching hang them high, with an eye on Daesh.

  8. Lesly says:

    Not to mention honesty.

  9. Kyle Pearson says:

    “Uploader has not allowed viewing in your country.”

  10. turcopolier says:

    Which country? pl

  11. LeaNder says:

    Not bad, I agree. Although, I would love it if one link was mended. Even looked at the source in this context. Looks like a failed cut and paste action:
    And I do not completely trust that Saddam ordered Bush senior’s assassination. Or for that matter, I’d love to see the intelligence behind the foiled car bomb plot. I am not suggesting it is impossible.

  12. cynic says:

    Here’s some more people who may not be quite who they seem.
    It seems that the Barzani Kurds are in league with Erdogan in stealing oil from Iraq and blaming the theft on ISIS.
    ‘The Kirkuk oil fields and regional refineries seized by ISIS were actually seized by Kurds working with ISIS and the oil from these oil fields was sold to Turkey, not by ISIS but by Erbil and the $200m that Turkey “lent” the Barzani government was actually a payment for oil the world has been told was stolen by ISIS. It was really stolen by the Barzani Caliphate which is actually part of ISIS, according to our sources.’
    Will the Americans or Russians start bombing or ‘special-forcing’ this oil pipeline in northern Iraq? Perhaps not.

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