Why is Lin Wood So Angry?

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Lucian Lincoln “Lin” Wood is on an angry rant since the acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse accused Lin and attorney John Pierce of not bailing him out in September 2020 and keeping him in jail until November (ostensibly for Kyle’s protection).

Kyle’s remarks to Tucker Carlson enraged Lin Wood and he has been on a Telegram tear for almost two weeks. He is challenging the integrity and honesty of a number of Trump supporters using a combination of innuendo and insults. Lin’s wrath is directed at several, including Sidney Powell, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Vernon Jones, Patrick Byrne and General Michael Flynn. Full disclosure–Wood also insists that I am a Deep State operative working for the CIA. More about that later, but that illustrates Lin’s technique of using wild claims without providing a shred of evidence.

Let’s look specifically at his anger towards Mike Flynn.

Lin Wood recently secretly recorded a conversation with Patrick Byrne and stated he doubted Mike Flynn’s integrity because General Flynn did not speak in public denouncing Kyle Rittenhouse’s allegations about Wood’s misconduct.

One of Lin Wood’s standard methods of attacking people is to ask a question that implies wrongdoing on the part of his target. Early today (Monday morning), Lin posted on Telegram about Mike Flynn and suggested that the General was in bed with George Soros. Here is one example of his Telegrams on this topic:

Does this document list General Flynn as a power of attorney for George Soros, or am I reading it wrong?

So many questions.


Why am I getting people sending me this in my private chats?

sec.gov website has something called a power of attorney.

Has George Soros, Michael Flynn, and Michael Adams names.

Soros Management Fund??

Signed August 21, 2021.

Was just sent to me via DM. People are digging & finding all sorts of information.


One of the beautiful things about the internet is that people still have freedom, notwithstanding the unrelenting assault by Big Tech, to look for information. Within minutes of Lin Wood’s despicable innuendo attack, some intrepid internet warriors determined it was a different Michael J. Flynn, who is a lawyer (in Washington, DC I believe).

Lin Wood has been using this dirty tactic for quite some time. Have you read the transcript of the interview with alleged whistleblower Ryan Dark White aka Dr. Jonathan McGreevey aka John Here to Help? Ryan Dark White accuses Mike Pence of homosexual relations with a minor and claims that Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts used Jeffrey Epstein to adopt his children. Not one shred of proof for such scurrilous accusations.

I published two pieces on Mr. White, complete with video and supporting documents. You can read them:

Why I Am Questioning the Credibility of Dr. Jonathan McGreevy/aka Ryan Dark White/aka JohnHeretoHelp

The True Education and Criminal Record of Fake “Whistleblower” Ryan Dark White

Those articles show that Ryan Dark White is a two time convicted drug felon and never received “graduate degrees” that he claimed during his interviews with Lin Wood’s attorneys.

I tried to warn Lin Wood starting on February 11, 2021 at 11:33 pm about Ryan Dark White’s criminal history. We chatted briefly on the phone and I sent him the following message:

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5 Responses to Why is Lin Wood So Angry?

  1. Teddy says:

    IMHO, one of the reasons Lin is so mad is that he’s taking heavy incoming fire from multiple sources that are exposing him as a nasty grifter (among other things).

    He’s now running around with his hair on fire, going scorched earth on his perceived enemies like Flynn, you, etc.,

  2. Cortes says:

    The alleged manipulation of Kyle Rittenhouse’s period in pre-trial custody is so readily identifiable as the sort of “milking the story” shysterism displayed in the Billy Wilder film that the Carlson team must’ve been busy checking out Kyle’s remarks before broadcast. If false, airing the allegation would have amounted to an actionable tort. Where are the writs? Young Mr Rittenhouse himself may be about to become worth suing, if his allegations are groundless.


    • CelticFreckles says:

      Rittenhouse has a right to complain about the representation that he received from his attorney. I know you people on the left love to jail people and impeach people who think differently than you do and without legal merit.

  3. Marcia says:

    I was on Parler in late 2019, early 2020 before it was shut down. Lin Wood was on there as well. We were all looking for answers to what was going on and the Q hysteria was nearly peaking. In the heat of all that and people looking for truth and hope in the midst of the election fiasco, Lin Wood drops “Epstein is still alive.” How would he have known that if he wasn’t on the inside? Well, of course, that’s what he wanted us to think. It was BS, of course, like a number of totally unfounded things he says. He should not be put on a pedestal just because he is a Christian and can quote scripture. He is a man with flaws and is dangerous because he does not see them. I hope he gets out if the way until we get our country back.

  4. Marcia says:

    I may have my years mixed up…COVID has made years seem like decades. It had to be late 2020, early 2021…

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