Why not just release Hunter’s cesspit hard drive, all of it?

By my count there are at least ten cloned copies of the hard drive of the “Laptop from Hell.” Someone tell me why this mess has not been posted online for the masses to fuss and argue over. pl

Hunter Biden laptop repairman rips DOJ’s ‘blatant double standard’ after Trump raid: ‘He’s beyond reproach’ | Fox News

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9 Responses to Why not just release Hunter’s cesspit hard drive, all of it?

  1. strateshooter says:

    In all honesty , if the rumours are true , I think the laptop has not been dumped because it is illegal to disseminate porn , especially child porn

    • Fred says:

      That hasn’t stopped Pornhub, though Visa is going to stop processing payments for them after getting sued successfully by a victim.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      See my other comment. You are 100% right.

      Since I once reviewed science fiction stories I will venture the twisted reasoning involved. Hunter told papa about his many corrupt doings and that they were documented. Papa didn’t have his meds yet that morning and suggested: Tell you what – you say the incriminating evidence is on a laptop? How about you film yourself doing … , ….. and …. with …..s and …s and interlace the files of those films with the files of incriminating evidence? They will never release something that perverse – never. So we’re in the clear!

      And obedient, conscienceless, depraved eternal boy that Hunturd is, he did as he was told.

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    I looked through a fair amount of it back when the story broke in late 2020. Enough to make you avoid meals for the rest of the day. Your question why not? would answer itself if you had seen a few of the files then viewable.

    I would describe what I saw if not for the proverbial women and children. Sorry, I was born and raised in the neanderthal era when we never dreamed that nine year old children would be counseled for sex change operations. Also before 367 cops could watch and do nothing while 19 school children were shot to death with their full awareness. And way before the Hopey Change era of Presidents installed by a billionaire Chicago family with a member who was a transexual Lt Colonel in the fearsome new gay armed forces. Yes. Hope and Change. We never guessed it meant sex change operations for kids, but as Richard Nixon used to say: I didn’t go to Harvard.

  3. Dolores O´Neil says:

    Because it highly likely contains info regarding the business of Metabiota with Pentagon related to biowarfare so that the US taxpayers know what is really done with their money and why they have suffered such economic, sanitary, moral and at all levels national debacle accelerated during the past two years?

    The issue of the porn videos is to have an alibi to not release its content…

  4. TV says:

    The laptop is in the hands of the FBI.
    The FEEBS and the DOJ are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democrat swamp.
    Never see the light of day.
    And please, no one tell me about the “brave dedicated” FBI agents distinguished from the patently corrupt and dishonest management.
    If you work for the FBI, you’re guilty by association.
    You willingly carry out illegal actions, usually ineptly given the FBI track record.

  5. mcohen says:

    Distraction and smoke screen by hunter the hunted.
    Trump on the other hand just played his best hand.

    • Robert C says:

      Played his best hand? Garland just dropped a dime.
      BDS runs deep here…Biden derangement syndrome.

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