Wokism has no effect here.

A victim of wokismo

Some ass wrote today to describe Gordon Chang’s piece as “dumb racist talk.” In the world of the Spanish Inquisition come upon us again that may work to intimidate and silence but not here. Such talk will just get you banned. pl

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  1. A. Pols says:

    I was excoriated recently in a restaurant by a young woman overhearing conversation I was having and then feeling “empowered” to confront me as racist. The conversation involved reflections on the demographics of crime, which we all know are all too real. The country is awash with “woke” idiots who feel it their right to engage in such errant behavior. I lived in Italy for a year back in the sixties and they had a word for such people….”maleducato” or in her case “maleducata”

  2. Deap says:

    Colonial America put “common scolds” into the stocks on the village square.

  3. exiled off mainstreet says:

    I agree totally. I think we need to resist all of this crap. I am proud of my family and the accomplishments of family members, and I’m sick of the Spanish Inquisition which actually favors reverse racism. Not many societies have succeeded by proscribing their most successful members. The fact the military is going along with anti-racist management is another danger sign. No regime attacks its own praetorian guard without serious negative effects.

  4. Sam says:

    “Racist” is when you have no argument. Gordon Chang a man of Chinese ancestry criticizing the Chinese communist party is “racist”. Beyond silly but an effective tool for the fascists to silence critics. When is “enemy of the people” going to be used by the national security apparatus? Not too far at this rate…thought crime..

  5. Shako says:

    Thank you. Throw the dumb wokes into the gutter where they belong. I have never met a “woki” who can hold an argument supported by the facts. Their knee jerk default is to resort to cheap name calling, which highlights the lack of intelligent or original or even interesting thought.

  6. A. Pols says:

    These days we have all kinds of “unearned” things. Unearned virtue by simply signing on to a belief system and that means you are “virtuous” even though in real life you may be a schmuck. And then there’s “unearned wisdom” by which you become wise by speaking “truthiness” like a trained parrot. One cannot win an argument with an idiot who will simply rebut everything you say by impugning you personally and/or by claiming your supportive data is untrue and racist.

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