You did it! Not me!

One of these guys pooped on a White House floor. Some have suggested that Joe actually did it and can’t remember. It has been suggested that we need a DNA test in this matter.

My theory is that the dog was expressing his true feelings concerning the Harris/Biden Administration. pl

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  1. Jose says:

    Adverse reaction to the Chinese anal COVID test which are a perfect metaphor for the Bidenista Administration.

  2. Deap says:

    Call in the Pet Psychic and get to the bottom of us. Yes, we do have them in California – they tell you what pets are really saying. For a fee of course, and no way to corroborate their testimony.

    She would probably conclude the poor dog was just trying to cover up the bad vibes left behind by the nefarious prior WH occupant, and simply used the handiest means available.

  3. Fred says:

    “the dog was expressing his true feelings”

  4. Fourth and Long says:

    Some have small hands, some incontinent hound dogs.

  5. The Twisted Genius says:

    That rug really tied the room together, did it not.

  6. akaPatience says:

    There’s also the recent biting incident –

    Oprah sits down with Major and Champ:

    • Deap says:

      Oprah has cornered the market on perpetual motion.

      She can use those exact same clips now and insert anyone or anything, and still make it look like her usual searing and intimate interview. Good one. She turned herself into a serviceable and universal hologram. Another Oprah cash cow franchise.

  7. Deap says:

    Maybe the dogs are sensing separation anxiety, now that Arizona Senate will be using Jovan Pulitzer’s ballot analysis technology to audit the 2020 ballots.

    Perhaps the pooches know their days left in the Whitehouse as First Dogs are now numbered. Or they picked up an Oh, Sh*t anxiety attack from the current closeted occupant. Maybe this also explains why Jill Biden suddenly shows up in California trying to habla espanol, border state to Arizona and all that, just to keep an eye on things?

    Are the 2020 election walls going to close in, or will we finally put the 2020 chapter to rest. Only fair to finally scour the bowels of that notorious election night travesty. Let’s do it.

    Be truthful, what is the greater national crisis: undoing the 2020 election, or letting Kamala Harris become POTUS?

    • Deap says:

      Arizona final POTUS 2020 vote count: 49 % vs 49% (Networks called very early)

      Biden: 1,672,143
      Trump: 1,661,686

      Senate Race close too:
      Kelley – 51%
      McSally – 49%

      How will this stack up after the ballot audit? Both ended up being very long counts.

  8. optimax says:

    Major bit someone else at the WH. He needs to be placed in a less hectic home with less liberal owner.

  9. Fourth and Long says:

    I’m not qualified to speak too expertly on the subject of pets and their owners but at times I think I’ve noticed correlation between temperaments and behaviors. Yes, it’s tenuous. Pets can be gifted, inherited from relationships and grown up from when they were irresistibly adorable puppish youngsters — which is why though I’ve often noticed curious similarities of appearance between dogs and their owners out for their walks, I don’t comment on it. Did a soon to be ex spouse or girlfriend foist off a puppy on a husband or Beau, thinking “jokes on you dear, wait till it grows into a mature bulldog and its resemblance with you becomes unmistakable — ha ha!”

    Remember that wonderful humanitarian LBJ and his two pet beagles he would abusively and quite publicly pick up by their long ears and twirl around on the White House lawn for the press corps of a gaping, staggering and very wondering world? Ever take a look Lyndon’s ears? Not to mention jowls and his Bassett-hound eyes seemingly evolutionarily as crafted as those ofvdomesticated dogs for instant sympathy and pity? Oh I’m a loving good puppy dog, please master and widely assembled nitwits give a bone or biscuits?

  10. walrus says:

    Col. Lang,

    There is a simpler answer. The Bidens dog knows it is the Alpha Male in that family and acts as such, defecating to mark its territory and biting anyone who challenges it. President Joe is at best third in the pecking order after Jill Biden.

    You can’t fool a dog about who is in charge and it isn’t old Joe.

  11. Eric Newhill says:

    The dog may have some kind of abuse/stress syndrome and is acting out as a result. Remember when crazy old Joe told the story of how he broke his ankle? He said he came out of the shower “buck naked” and was chasing his dog in order to catch it and pull its tail and he tripped over the rug.

    Me thinks that the Biden household is not a psychologically healthy environment.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      I’m leaning toward this interpretation – abuse. Maybe it’s a very old dog and or a sick dog, because this behavior is rare in breeds like the one pictured. In which case elder abuse is endemic there. Or maybe Joe is kinky and gets his dogs from the hidden concentration camp commanders-in-training of lovely west Ukraine where his ethical son Hunter Burismoed himself into the clover. A guard-dog for such a camp, wrenched out of training and into the lovely peace-loving Democratic party White House which sits behind miles of fenced barbwire for armed uniformed sunbathers of .. what .. Army, National Guard? Fido, in between romps with buck naked tail pulling Joe (no, not tail gunner Joe) and sleepovers with son Hunter whose nude pictures of himself, found on a laptop, masturbating with a young beautiful apparently Asian woman (forgive me Lord, I actually began typing Oriental, but caught myself) who though it wasn’t to be determined if she too was masturbating, did very distinctly seem to be doing something very affectionate with her feet involving … . Well this is far too long, but what with tailpuller Joe, aka “Buck,” and Hunter, the looming barbed wire fences in the near distance resembling confusingly enough the surrounds of a Ukrainian camp for guard dogs where for all we know he was unmercifully kidnapped as a puppy by Father or Son Biden (of which we know nothing at all) – well I’m tempted to make a call to the ASPCA, but I won’t because their ACRONYM needs to be ASPCAACAD, where the final ACAD is And Cats And Dogs – why? Because I’m pro diversity and pro inclusion and I thought the beginning A for Animals was suspiciously inclusive at the expense of diversity and it seems to exclude bisexual housecats or are they to be understood to be mere lowly good for nothing animals too?

      • Eric Newhill says:

        LOL. Tail Puller Joe.

        However, I don’t like your addition to the ASPCA. What if a cat identifies as a dog – or an aardvark? I think we should avoid any mention of species. It is potentially offensive to trans-specied individuals.

  12. exiled off mainstreet says:

    I agree with Col. Lang’s theory, but the shit should be analysed so we can discern whether the theory that Biden is so demented that he took a dump on his own carpet can be verified by a DNA test and full examination of the provinence of the feces, i.e, whether it was canine or human.

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