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When It Comes to the Bidens, Journalists and Social Media Are Deaf, Dumb and Blind by Larry C Johnson

How would social media and the so-called mainstream media react if a Russian site popped up tonight with a video of Donald Trump in a Moscow Hotel room engaged in voyeurism as two hookers rain a yellow shower on the … Continue reading

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What was it you said about “Peak Oil?”

"U.S. crude oil futures turned negative Monday for the first time in history as storage space was filling up, discouraging buyers as weak economic data from Germany and Japan cast doubt on when fuel consumption will recover. Physical demand for … Continue reading

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Trump moves to unite the Middle East! (irony)

Teevee coverage of the recent events in the ME has been predictable.  Those who hated Trump continue to hate him, etc.  A few observations: 1. I had hoped that Trump's decision to kill an Iranian general engaged in a diplomatic … Continue reading

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“The Truth about Oil and the Iraq War, 15 Years Later” Commentary by The Virginian

(article by Gary Vogler) 'The oil agenda I discovered and experienced was to supply Iraq oil to Israel. The players were the neoconservatives in the Bush Administration, their favorite Iraqi – Dr Ahmed Chalabi and the Israeli government. One of … Continue reading

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“Iraqi Government Confirms Cooperation With Syria, Iran And Russia …” – South Front

  "The Iraqi government has officially confirmed a cooperation with Syria, Iran and Russia to secure the Syrian-Iraqi border. According to the Iraqi Interior Ministry, there is a cooperation between the four countries on this issue.  The Iraqi media also … Continue reading

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Bad news for the Gulfies and their Israeli friends.

  If new incremental costs per barrel for US shale oil are as low as described in this article the political power of the Arab States of the Gulf is markedly reduced.  It should be remembered that shale is only … Continue reading

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The West and Ukraine − and the wars within (FB Ali)

Poor Professor Petro! A professor of politics at the University of Rhode Island, he was selected by the US State Department as a Fulbright Research Scholar in 2013 and went to Ukraine on a year's affiliation with a university in … Continue reading

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Maddow, Isikoff and Corn explain the Iraq War

 "MADDOW:  At the top of the list for Bremer is oil.  BREMER:  I had been told we had to get the oil going because it was  an oil-dominated economy.  This was fairly straightforward.  Unless you can  get the oil going, … Continue reading

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“Study: Oil speculators dominate open interest in oil futures” Ruth

"Using data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the authors state that the previous claims by the commission that speculation wasn't influencing oil futures markets were based on inappropriate analysis. The authors present new evidence that speculative trading is … Continue reading

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Crude prices are driven by investors.

"The 15 percent drop in oil prices since the end of June was the longest and steepest decline so far in 2009. Prices had been rising since February, more than doubling from lows hit near $33,as traders started to price … Continue reading

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