A few thoughts


1.  My gums have healed nicely.  I had NY Strip steak and eggs with grits for breakfast this day at Bob and Edith's Diner.  That was about $15.  A good day.The temperature in the back yard is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and my chipmunks have come back to the surface.

2.  Trump ought to consider trying to get GM to sell or lease Lordstown to General Dynamics as a place to build some of the Army's new family of vehicles.  The place employs 4500 people from all over that part of Ohio when at full capacity.

3.  A border closure will hut Mexico badly and might force Mexico to impede these migrants but the back-pressure from businesses in the US is going to be very tough to face up to.  Cutting off aid to Central America won't do much.  We have been funding CA economic development since 1960 with n0 visible effect.  The local elites just soak up the money.  That is unlikely to change.  The elites are glad to see these people leave.  They are a distraction from the process of stealing American money.  Since the Congress will not change the asylum law, we have no choice but to build a barrier system strong enough to keep a lot of them outside the country until the poss arrives.  The Democrats want open borders so that a flood of illegals can be voted eventually after they are disguised by things like motor voter laws.

4.  Trump should follow the advice he is getting and de-classify and disclose every single thing that Barr, Mueller and Rosenstein can manage to do.

5.  The Deep State villains in the US and the UK should be pursued and punished.  pl

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